Wonderland's Gone

It began with
Our childish delusions
Of Forever.
A shy kiss, held hands -
(We were so young
Too young to understand the meaning of Forever)
- and a whispered promise.

We didn't know any
Tender words or
Anything, really...
But you'd smile and -
(Your smile could melt the sun, you know?
Well, I'd melt the sun for you, babe)
- and everything would be fine.

I remember
The first break up.
That was the first time
I cried over you -
(I never told you
How much your words hurt)
- But it wasn't the last.

Time flies
And we grow older.
We learn tender words
And we learn about the world -
(We learn of death and war
And things we don't like to think about)
- And sometimes wish we hadn't.

I guess all things must end,
Day must fade to night,
And you know, as well as I,
That children grow and change -
(I should've known that our childish love
Wouldn't evolve with us)
- And promises can be broken.

Your eyes
Tell a story
Of Us and Then and Beginnings
But your words -
(Always so eloquent, weren't you?
You would write this so much better than I)
- are of You and Now and The End.

Were we always
Destined to break?
To shatter like
Fragile, fragile glass -
(Are we another tragic story,
In a tragic, broken world?)
- in our burning Wonderland?

Children can't imagine
The pain of heartbreak,
The atrocities commited
In the name of Love -
(Nor how many days
You spend crying over them)
- And we won't tell them.

I wonder,
If we could have a dance
Before Wonderland burns
And before we -
...We're not thirteen anymore...)
- Before we fall apart.

Indulge me
My last request
Before we walk away,
Before the final, last kiss -
(I'll try not to cry, this time
'Cause there's no going back anymore)
- Before the last goodbye.

We'll throw it away
And forget it all.
Wonderland will burn
When Forever ends -
(We understand now that
Forever is a wonderful dream)
- And then Wonderland's gone.

Our Wonderland's gone...