There once was a duck.

And this duck was a rather interesting duck, you see. (Well, obviously it would be an interesting duck if there is a story about it.)

Now, this duck was so interesting not because his magnificent plumage nor his glowing dappled webbed feet.

No, this duck was interesting because he had a gimpy leg. It was bent out in a right angle that made it both painful and difficult for him to walk around. So he sat on the shore of a pond where he grew up.

Humans who saw his unfortunate position gave him spare crackers and crusts as they walked by each day. And the duck soon deduced that if he stayed in one spot by the pond he would get as much food as he wanted.

Naturally, because he never moved, the duck began to grow fat. But no animals that lived by the pond would approach him; the duck was callous and cruel. He would gobble up all the crumbs that lay around him without sparing any for the baby ducks that were shepherded around by their tired mother or for the diligent woodpeckers or the old hedgehog.

Resentment filled the air and soon the duck was left well alone.

Until one day.

A fox, driven to starvation for her family, saw the fat duck lying in plain sight, basking in the golden rays that made its way through the tree branches. The fox's mouth salivated in hunger as the sharp knife of hunger stabbed at her stomach.

She looked to the sky as if to gather its energy and without another thought dashed from the thicket to have her meal.

The duck, who heard the racket, jumped up onto his wobbly legs in fright and waddled agonizingly to the pond to escape the fox's jaws.

However, as the duck took his last step to the edge of the pond, his legs broke under him. His legs weren't used to carrying such a weight.

"Help!" he cried out in bloody murder.

But the nearby animals just watched.

And as the fox reared upon the duck, the duck screamed out into the sunny afternoon,

"Ah! T'was not my handicap, but the girth of greed, that brought my end."