Once upon a time, in a forest, lived tiny fairies. They were not taller than a human hand and inhabit the branches of a very old and large oak.

It is said that those fairies controlled the weather in that region using tiny drop-like jewels they were guarding preciously.

One day, huntsmen that were chasing a dear with their dogs happened to pass near the sacred tree. The fairies, annoyed by this disturbance flew near the dogs and horses to throw acid powder in their noses. At that point, one of the huntsmen got caught off guard and fell. The others managed to stay on the back of the furious beasts but literally got carried away by their steeds.

So here was the poor human encircled by hundreds of little fairies looking at him with murderous eyes. One could say that this guy has no luck! He was young, still in his middle twenties.

He got up and ran but soon tripped on a root making the fairies laugh. The president of the fairies (because there was no queen nor king nor nobles, which got killed during the revolution) suddenly asked the man who he was and what he was doing here. He was a noble's son, fifth in line (he was most likely to never succeed his father) and had been up until now hunting with his brothers. And why the heck was he talking with fairies?

The fairies got in a sphere-shape-like assembly to discuss what to do with him since he didn't know the existence of the jewels, unaware that he was listening to the entire conversation.

Few suggested to just let him go, no one would ever believe him anyway.

Some suggested chasing him in the woods until he lost his way and mind.

Most suggested to eat him, it's been a while since they last got fresh meat (although a little chasing would be a plus).

Earring that, the man panicked; I mean, they were now discussing about the way to cook him! He thought about running away but he couldn't even since his life has been in danger; hadn't he tripped just five minutes ago? So he said the first thing that crossed his mind: He was immortal and no harm could be done to him without suffering the consequences.

The fairies all turned toward him and, considering that they were looking past him with blank stares, he knew that they hadn't bitten the bait at all: He was dead meat. Only a miracle could save him now. So he did the only thing he thought of; he prayed.

Suddenly, a storm started because the fairies weren't working on controlling the weather! But they didn't seem to care.

Suddenly, one of the dogs that had lost his was when they got attacked came back! But they just powdered its nose again and it once again ran away.

Suddenly, the brothers of the man reappeared! That at least caught their attention.

The elder brother asked his younger brother to be returned to them. So the president of the fairies came to him and asked if they could buy their brother (it's not every day that you catch fresh meat, damn!). The elder brother asked gold in exchange. So the president fairy snapped his fingers and the horse the prince was mounting was now carrying lots of gold as well. The elder prince got away satisfied, not knowing that this gold will turn to ashes once he got out of the forest.

The second asked for a love potion, because he was madly jealous of his elder brother who got the attention of all the girls because of his nice features. He wanted to snatch away his wife's love to punish him. So he got away with a bottle full of magic liquid that he didn't know worked for only an hour.

The third son wanted his father's throne. He asked for a gun that wouldn't leave marks on the shouted body which would enable him to kill his father and elder brothers. With another snap of the president fairy's fingers, he got away with a gun not knowing that it made a hell lot of noise when used.

The fourth son was humble. He wanted to become a savant. He was wise and kind and, all the more reason, he was continuously bothered by his little sister who liked so much both him and his girly-faced younger brother. He knew that if he was to come back without his body (dead or alive), she would make his life a living hell.

So he claimed, while pulling his sword out, that he wanted this weapon to be able to kill dragons. The president of the fairies was outraged that he wanted to kill only such pathetically weak creatures. The fourth son asked which were, in their mind, the most powerful creatures in the world. They answered that it was certainly demons. So the fourth in line son asked for his sword to be able to kill demons as well as every creature weaker. So, with a snap of the president fairy's fingers, it started to glow and sparkle.

The prince suddenly slaughtered the fairies ten by ten until none was left.

The two sons then got near the oak to get sheltered from the heavy rain that was still pouring and they discovered the weather jewels.

It didn't take long for the wise to discover the function of each stone and he also discovered that they neutralized each-other when they were all together.

When they came back home, it was a complete mess because the elder son was storming about having been robbed outside the woods. His wife was crying over the corps of the second son that was lying dead. And the third son was being carried away by guards, one holding the gun he used to kill his brother. Their father was just holding his head in his hand, wondering why his children were like this while his wife, the queen, was consoling a now less sad to-be-queen.

In the end, there were enough jewels to make two necklaces for the two younger princes' to-be-wife. A third for their mother, who was always reminding them how much they should be thankful to her-who-had-given-them-life. And a fourth one (the heaviest), for their younger sister who would have been too jealous if she hadn't got one and would have given them too much trouble for the rest of their lives.

If sometimes later the weather was changing unexpectedly, it was certainly because of the moods of these four women.

Moralities, because they are still some: Don't try to be smarter than you are. Don't try to trade with fairies. Don't go near huge oaks. Don't go into the forest with peoples who don't care about you. And never marry someone with too much temper.

A/N: Hi there! I hope you enjoyed this little fairy tale. This is actually a repost of a story I had submitted in DeviantArt. Hopefully, I corrected some mistakes. Don't be afraid to tell me what you think about it!