There was nothing to be said for or against Lily Rogers. She was a perfectly normal, perfectly invisible person. Everything about her was washed out, too pale to be thought of as pretty. Her nearly white blond hair was always pulled back in a pristine ponytail, and her gray eyes were framed by harsh black glasses. She was of average height, and a little on the skinny side. In short, she was a boring individual. She stayed in the background, and liked it that way.

Whenever Lily was in the background, she could draw and daydream to her heart's content, without being bothered by questions or odd looks. The teachers hardly even noticed her anymore, acting as if she wasn't there when they asked questions to the class. Even her own mother seemed to glaze over her. And that's exactly how Lily wanted her life to be like. Drawing and dreaming was better than facing what was out there. Harsh, cruel reality. People and their judging, cruel ways. Lily wanted no part of it.

She did want love, however, as all young girls do. Every now and then, whenever she'd glance up from her sketchbook and focus on things around her, she'd see them. The couples. It was a girl and a boy most of the time, but other times a girl and a girl. A boy and a boy. They would kiss, brush hands, or maybe hug in the hallways at school. Lily wanted that more than anything in the world. She hungered for it desperately. She wanted to be touched, held, kissed, loved. That wasn't for her, however. She knew that. She wasn't fit to be a girlfriend, or even a friend for that matter.

Even so, she began having dreams about boys. They weren't sexy dreams or anything like that, but just romantic ones. She and a boy sitting on the beach together, her head resting on his shoulder. A boy kissing her on top of the Eiffel Tower, or some other romantic spot. Though the dreams themselves would change nightly, the boy never did. He always stayed the same.

He wasn't handsome, really, he was more beautiful than anything. His skin was a soft cream color, almost too pure to be real. Chestnut brown hair fell into his warm brown eyes. These eyes stared deep into her soul, full of love and understanding. He was tall, taller than her at least, and muscular. Not so muscular that he was huge, however. He was perfect, even down to his name. David. Something about his name comforted Lily. It was harmless, of course, her dreaming and fantasizing about David. He was just another character he'd made up in her mind, after all. He wasn't a big deal, just a figment of her imagination. She carried out her life for quite a few months after dreaming David up, quite normal and unaffected. But strange things began happening soon enough, very strange things. It all started on the first day after Christmas break, the beginning of the new semester.