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"Would everyone kindly look to the front, please?" I was in my U.S. History class now, and I hadn't been paying attention. Somehow, that voice cut through my dream world, and I looked up apprehensively. Our principal, Mrs. Greene, was standing in front of the class with her hands clasped in behind her, looking stern. Then again, I don't think Mrs. Greene ever looked anything but stern. More alarming than the fact that she was in our class, however, was the boy standing beside her. I could already hear the girls whispering about him.

He was very tall, with shaggy black hair that covered his eyes. I could see the muscles under his black t-shirt, which he wore with a simple pair of dark wash jeans and beat up Converse. He looked unbelievably normal. But somehow, I knew he wasn't. Almost as if he could hear me, he moved his hair from his eyes and locked eyes with me. Everything seemed to stop. They were flat black, almost lifeless. The corner of his mouth turned up at my face of shock, and I looked back down at my notebook, my face burning.

"Class," said Mrs. Greene. "This is Alexander Leonard. He's just transferred from New York and I expect you all to give him a very warm reception, okay?" The class nodded. Unlikely. He had made the mistake of looking at me first instead of Gracie Pickett. That didn't bode well for him at all. Or you, a small voice whispered in my head. I glanced at the clock. Good. It was time for lunch. As if on cue, the bell rang before the boy could even find a seat.

I was the last one out, as usual, and started my walk to the cafeteria. Someone stopped me, though, grabbing my arm. I turned in surprise and saw him. Alexander, the new boy, was holding onto my arm. Didn't he realize he was committing social suicide? Or was he just that naive? Either way, I was too shocked to pull away and just stared at him.

"I'm Xander." He said, smiling at me. "Sorry for catching you like this, but you looked like a fast person, so I thought I'd have to catch you on the way out or you'd get away." The black eyes sparkled as he smiled, looking a bit less scary. I smiled back hesitantly. How had he known I was really fast?

"Lily," I said. "Lily Rogers." Xander smiled at me and let me go, starting to walk me to lunch. I felt the need to make conversation as we walked, biting on my bottom lip. "So," I glanced at him, tucking a piece of stray hair behind my ear. "Did you like New York?" Xander chuckled, as if it was some big joke. He ran his hand through that black hair and my stomach flipped. You have a boyfriend, something whispered inside my head again. He's not real! I shouted at myself. David was just imaginary. It took me a minute to realize Xander was talking, and I blinked, giving him my full attention now.


David followed behind Lily and Xander, glaring at Xander. He was going to jeopardize everything he had been working on with Lily. If Xander hurt her, he would have David to answer to for it. Then again, he wouldn't exactly see David. Not unless David wanted him to see. And while David could see that as a good advantage, he would much rather see the look on Xander's face when Lily's Guardian punched him in the nose.

He chuckled at that, then became serious. It was a great honor to be Guarding Lily, and he shouldn't take it so lightly. I can't help it! He thought, crossing his arms. She was beautiful. It was too bad she kept her blond hair in a ponytail most of the time. It looked so nice when she left it down. And those wretched glasses. He wished her mother was able to get her contacts. Maybe I could make that happen, he thought. Hopefully he could. Gracie Pickett's teasing was getting worse, and Lily had almost Awakened today.

It had taken him all of his strength to keep Lily from either bursting into flames, or accidentally killing Gracie. Gracie's Guardian, Hester, had nearly taken off his head for the close call. He didn't understand why the other girl had a Guardian. Of course, she did have Hester for a Guardian. Maybe that's why she was so...ugh.

Xander and Lily were sitting at the table now, totally alone. David wished she wouldn't sit with him. She was already an outcast as it was, and with the newest, hottest boy in school sitting with her, people would start to notice her instead of just ignore her. He hated that. He felt so bad whenever Lily was teased. She wouldn't show it on the outside, but she was hurt by it. He could tell. It was all there in her head.

David glanced around, hoping to see a new face. No. He and Hester were the only Guardians in this school. That wasn't rare, really. What was rare was that he and Hester were both in the same school. Normally, there was one Guardian for every one hundred thousand children, and somehow Gracie and Lily had gotten mixed up or put in a different group or something.

Lily was talking avidly to this stranger, and it was making David slightly jealous. How could she be talking to him like this? She was talking to him almost as much as she talked to him. Almost. Not quite. And he didn't like this boy. Something about him put David on edge. David glanced over at Hester. She looked disconcerted by the Xander boy as well, whispering in Gracie's ear to try and get her to stop talking about him. Gracie wouldn't be fazed by the voice in her head, however, and David didn't have to be her Guardian to know that. That girl was stubborn. Sighing, David looked back at Xander.

Who was this boy?