Listening like my heads wrapped
in blankets words hitting seconds late washing
over and slipping through
dropping down into that pit corpse
bloated from thick heavy paste I've gulped
down hoping it'd pass that mark and start to fill that
chest cavity

I have at nights
that gapes without the morning meds
that swell with water to find the edges
curve and curb, laying in the dark
I want
to eat
a heart. Or open up and beg some love
from somewhere sniffing out that
sour taste that hangs around and coats
the sides, drips like paint inside
my cave
Someone's tongue to fill at least one
hole tonight, alone it aches
whichever way I roll. However hard I
squeeze shut my eyes and empty
my mind, whatever pill
I throw down it
so I cut my thigh above the vein,
inch my blade slowly through skin
and wallow in that throbbing mess