Okay, none of you were being nice and voting on the stupid poll, so this is what we're doing instead. These are the first chapters or prologues or whatevers of the stories I'd offered as options for you to choose from.

Please review the ones you like and want me to continue. Otherwise, I just won't post them.

When/If I continue any, they will be their own story, not just left in here. If it's a oneshot, then I'm just going to list it here and you can mention it in a review. Because I obviously can't just post the whole oneshot in here or anything.

To those of you who care, I have finally got the beginning of chapter 9 for my LIKE story to flow smoothly and everything. It's not quite how I'd wanted it to go, and I'll admit there's a bit of supernatural shit that got thrown in, but it's more-or-less similar to the usual chapters...except I kind of accidentally started writing it a little more like the way I ramble/talk. It's still okay though! I swear!

Now, choices for oneshots:

Keegan/Devin sequel - will be a oneshot. Focuses more on their relationship.

If you specifically want to see something between them, tell me. Otherwise, it will be a scene of my choice.

Jared/Scotty - probably their first date or something. None of you, with the exception of Tigeress33565, should know these two yet. They're from the StOJ story that will be on (Tigeress33565) and my joint account, known as Paradise in Bluerock.

Okay. That's that... Any questions/comments?

Then review, and I'll answer. :D

- JyleLover924