(A/N: Alright guys, this is technically just the prologue. On the actual story, I'm on chapter two already. I'm handwriting it, so I had to look out of the journal as I typed it into this. And I wrote it in cursive originally. Go me! XD

Anyway...the plot for this is a little more complex, I think. But I still have a soft spot for this story...So, enjoy!

Oh, for those of you who don't know, No, Jyle did Not come from this story. Jyle came long before I even had this idea. If you guys like this story, I might explain the names then. But not now.)


I looked up from my textbook as one of the office assistants led a new student into the room.

I perked up when I saw her.

She was brunette. She had shoulder-length brown hair that was cut in layers. She was shot and skinny, and she wore bright colors.

"Ah, class, this is Shadkhen. She's going to be a new student here."

I knew immediately it was love at first sight.

I couldn't stop looking at her.

When she finally looked around the room, she seemed to be looking for someone. Her gaze seemed to pause on me, and I could feel my heartbeat speed up. Then she looked away.

I looked to see who had caught her attention now.

Jyle Haskins.

I recognized the look he was giving her, but he wasn't going to win that easily. No, I was going to make her mine.