Prologue ~ The Tides of War

In the beginning when the world was still young, the world as we know it was larger. Not many know this but Angels, Demons, Elves, and Humans lived alongside each other. Humans were born naturally wicked, but good at heart with strong amounts of courage, and the knowledge of what's good and wrong. Though most of them fight over power, because they want to rule the world. They wanted to be kings of kings, and lords of lords.

Angels governed the world by giving lawful and good rules. They assist the Humans whenever they stray. Humans stray quite often you should know, so the term Guardian Angel came to be. In some tribes of men it is not uncommon to have an Angel in their group. Sometimes an Angel may show true potential and become a king amongst that tribe. But mostly they're there for guides. Though nowadays they hide while we search for them to show us an answer. But most who go out looking, their journey ends in naught.
Demons corrupt and tempt every mortal they lay their eyes on. They take up the shape of a Human (or anything pleasing) as a disguise and trick them. You can say that they are like fairies or nymphs in a book because of their cunning behavior. Demons go to tribes that have no Angels in them. That thus starts a war between the tribes. They call that war a tribulation. Also in other words a battle against good and evil.

Elves are in charge of controlling nature and living creatures; Wild beast, farming animal and woodland creatures. Elves look like Humans but with one distinguishing feature, they have pointy ears. Though, there are two species of Elves; they're small and almost look like fairies to us commoners. They love to play tricks on unsuspecting travelers, but aren't evil per-say. The other variation is the one I described before the latter.

Mortal men did have magic, but all that knowledge was wiped out in a blink of an eye in the first unrecorded World War. The Angels took that magic because of The Lord thought that men would become and think that they were better than he. God wanted to rule and gain the respect of everyone, so he took the magic from Mortal Men. The only ones to keep magic of his creation were the Elves. Elves stay away from Mortal Men and hide in the shadows. But while they sleep, the Elves come out of hiding and help with the crops to ensure a good harvest. They order the beast to gather so that the men can hunt. So they didn't entirely distrust the Humans, they just feared that if they were spotted that they would be captured, killed, and sacrificed. Though, since human parents hardly trust their children, Elves can be spotted by them.

The Elven elders became known as Wizards, they cut the point off of their ears to have more of a rounded look to them, so that a mere mortal wouldn't know the difference between them and Wizards.

That war that took place split the world in half, dividing everything. In that war as the various tribes that had Angels band together to fight the tribes that had Demons. They clash shaking the very fabric of their surroundings. The war ended when the Elves became angered. Humans ruined the forests to get fire for their feasts, making weaponry, though with the fire they torched the forests scattering the creatures that roamed there. All of the Elvish homes, razed, the forests were razed and the Elves were spotted. As the Elves thought, the Humans retaliated. But one tribe, who the Elves favored, aided the Elves. They called themselves Arcadians. They were the most righteous of the Humans. The Arcadians mostly had a band of Angels and their leader was a most worthy pick, her name was Aisling. Aisling was a given name to her because she was their hope, their dreams, and future. But as poetic as it sounds, the tribe they were fighting to aid the Elves was none other than her brother, Daemos. He was a brute and a natural fighter, but he wasn't the sole pick for successor. Before they created their own tribes all Humans were part of one tribe who thought only to preserve their people and land. Aisling's golden hair flowed as she defended the seemingly helpless Elves, "Why art thou here!" or so it sounded to them at the time, she beckoned. But all they really do is grunt and make vocal sounds. Humans haven't gained the knowledge of a purified language. Daemos gave no reply, as he was a mute. She knew exactly what her brother was up to. He didn't need words to communicate. But Elves communicated quite well, in fact after the war, they taught Humans the skill of language.

Aisling bought the Elves enough time to gather up all of the manna that they could to send their foe away. Though, they next time that their descendants fight, will be the end of this land. After Daemos went back home the Elves came out of hiding and began to teach Humans. The Lord said to them that their time is nearly up. But that doesn't mean that they'd perish. But to be excommunicated from the Humans. He made an island that they could live in, but some chose not to live on that island. And if they have an important task they can leave. That island's name was Orius, the Isle of Origin as it was called.

A couple millennium later, Elves were still among mortal men, but they time drew near when the fighting would continue from where it left off...

It was now in the age where cities and kingdoms filled the lands. The king of Arcadia now was Adam. Adam Hikaru who's name means the 'First Light' or in another sense the 'The Dawn of Light'. He would be the father of all good in the land, or so the Elves named him. The Elves came up with these names and taught the Humans well. Most Elves don't live in the forest any more, they live in cities with the common folk. So that the Elves don't completely vanish from the face of the earth they began to breed with the Humans. So with them being a mixed race, more against The Lord's wishes, the Humans were once again doused with the gift of magic. But not all humans (thankfully). It was like a virus that only a few select bodies could accept. So not so much a virus, but a blessing in disguise.
Besides Orius the other countries that existed were Arcadia which thanks to Aisling became the Elves most favored nation. Arcadia in it self was a kind of magic. Everything glistens with the beauty and awe. A fountain lay in Arcadia's Castle Town, which was named after the very kingdom. But it wasn't very pure, there was some cases of poverty. But which city has no poverty in it? It was like a normal city, around the town square's fountain were shops and eateries. The farther you got in town were the housing districts, and also but closer to the shopping district was the theater district. The town was surrounded by a cobblestone wall, it seemed like an impenetrable city. Beyond the wall was the pride and glory of Arcadia, the castle it self. The castle was on a hilltop overlooking the city like a Guardian Angel, always watching. The central tower had a wing-like structure on both sides, they called that tower Alexander.

The castle looked as if it pierced the heavens with her central tower that was in fact a lighthouse so that all can see her glory. Other than a central tower that lay on the rooftop of the castle near there were guard towers that you need to go through to get to the lighthouse. The doors were made of wood, an ancient wood that the Elves donated. Each generation added to the castle to have their own sanctuary. What Adam added was the lighthouse to symbolize a beacon or a ray of hope.

In the once beautiful luscious land of Mephisto, it became a barren wasteland, an ashland if you will. All of the rivers were replaced with molten lava, all of the trees bore no life on them. It was a country in shadows where no sunlight shone. The ruler of this desolate land was none other than Clythe Alexander Vankchos Junior, but his preferred name is Vailin. Vailin's castle looks as if it were made from onyx, which it was.

Adam Hikaru set off at the crack of dawn on his white horse with a golden mane. The horse galloped across the drawbridge that the knights lowered for him and as he left their sights the raised it so no intruders could set foot in the castle. Adam has dark hair and calm blue eyes and he wears haute couture, crafted by Angels for protection, but looks to be like average high-class clothing; A dark-green long-sleeved shirt with golden stitching, white pants that looks like an off-purple, long brown boots, a blood-red cape, a crystal which is the kingdoms' symbol and a long sword with a blue hilt that has a ruby encrusted in the tip of the hilt tucked behind his bag. He caries a brown leather adventuring-bag which has rations, a sleeping bag, a pan, an axe, and a map of the world. As dusk approached he found a shady cove to set up camp. He poked at the fire and began thinking about the pregnant wife he left at the castle to worry about his whereabouts. Eden Hikaru was the princess of the former king, she wed Adam and thus he became a noble. would be the next to ascend the throne since she had no other brothers. Though Adam had a brother named Levitz Lovequist who became the duke of the town, Orak which is in the Arcadian boarder near the mountains. Why Eden chose Adam was because he saved her life. She went on her daily ride and Adam happened to be there to save her. She was approaching a cliff, her horse became mad and fell off, Adam jumped off of his horse to catch her hand, "Are you all right?" was what he said to her, but she fainted. So he pulled her up to to safety and rode to the kingdom. Since then her father, since there were no suitors, betrothed the two.

In the morning he began to continue his journey to Orius to seek counsel with the Judge of War. The Judge's job is to set all of the rules of war and what can and cannot be done. The people of Orius like to keep tabs on every nation. But the time of the Judges is nearly over.
Adam arrived to the forest that surrounded the city, three days after he left his kingdom. All of the trees looked as if they were made of crystal, they gave an eerie glow. It was like a defense mechanism so that invaders would get lost. Adam dismounted from his horse and left him behind. As he set foot in the forest he met with cloaked men with bows loaded with arrows pointed at him, "I seek counsel with his Lordship, Clythe Alexander Vankchos."
"As you wish, Lord Hikaru of Arcadia." replied with a sarcastic sounding tone that he only presumed to be the leader of the guards. He lowered his hand to signal to the rest of the guard to lower their bows. Adam's suspicions were cleared then, he was their captain, "Bind him and cloak his eyes." Adam looked at the Captain as three guards held him down. As Adam fell to the ground, "It's for our protection. My deepest apologies." After Adam couldn't see anything any more and his hands were bound together with rope, one of the guards used that as a leash to guide Adam. After what seemed to be a short distance of walking the sack over Adam was removed and the rope was cut.

"What's the meaning of this?" Boomed a deep male voice.

"He wishes to seek counsel with you." Replied the captain.

"I meant why was this man treated like a prisoner?"

"Just a precaution, sir."

"This man is a king, treat him like so."

"But he could be an imp-"

"Are you disobeying or arguing with me? You know the punishment, Captain Vazard."

"My deepest apologies." He bowed.

"Leave us!" The Judge stood up, "And take your men with you and go back to patrolling." Without saying a word the captain signaled for his men to follow him. As they were out of sight, Adam looked at The Judge, his eyes still weren't focusing. "My deepest apologies for the way my men treated you. Your eyes wont focus for a while; that sack they used is drugged so that prisoners can't see their fate." Through Adam's eyes, it felt like he was in the presence of a god because of the golden light behind Clythe Alexander Vankchos. He has long blonde hair and looked to be in his thirties, but as we all know Elves have naturally long lives, so a more accurate guess would be around three-hundred. He has dark eyes of an unknown color, they change all of the time depending on how he is and they also change on command, but as of now they are a bright blue. But sometimes during a mixed feeling they are a mixed color He wears dark red robes and a blood red cape encrusted with grand jewels. It was truly a kingly robe, but only for parties and decoration. It was like a robe that you'd wear to a masquerade. Clythe has a narrow face and pointy ears. "You can stay the night. In the morning your eyes will be readjusted." He clapped his hands and two servant girls showed up. Take James to the guest quarters.
"Yes my lord." The bowed.

Everyone looked the same, clothing wise, female slaves wore white silk dresses and the male slaves wore black robes. The lower class wears green robes, middle class wears blue robes, high class wears purple robes and Clythe wears a red robe same with the the rest of the members of the board. No one wears shoes unless they leave the forest, when they do they also wear human clothing to blend in with the rest of society.

The two that guide Adam wears the red robes as well, "Right this way, sir." A river snaked through the the town, at the sight of Adam everyone hid in their homes.

Humans and Elves don't normally get along because of different points of views. Orius wasn't part of Elfheim, but they were once upon a time, but the ones that live in Orius were cast out for having a different view. Elfheim is on the Arcadian boarder and the country of Orius has no surrounding towns or villages, just wide open spaces and mountains. The Elves in Elfheim are short while the ones in Orius are larger because they bred with Humans, that was one of the main reasons they got kicked out, so the Elves of Orius have been fearful of Humans hoping to be accepted back into the Elfheim.

They arrived at a large stone structure, "This is the place. Make yourself comfortable and a slave will bring you some clothing and food."

"Thank you." The left him and Adam decided to go in. Inside are bookshelves lined with countless document from the Angels and Demons on how the world should be run, but on Gaia there are no books, Humans there do as they're pleased. Several animals roam free on Gaia, big and small alike, on some parts of Gaia are dinosaurs, but they don't go where the Humans are. The undocumented war took place on Mystgaea not Pangaea, that was the very war that Adam Hikaru wants to prevent.

The clothes that were given to Adam are white robes. White robes are a special robe that only guests of great importance gets to wear, it doesn't even look like the silk dress that the female slaves wear. Adam changed his clothing and waited in the main hall waiting for Clythe. After an hour he finally showed up with a small boy with dark hair and amethyst eyes, and a beautiful woman, with a gentile face and blue eyes and silky golden hair. Adam can only suspect that that is his wife and son, "My boy's name is Xalamont and my wife Erazabel."

"Why waste your time with this pitiful Human?" Xalamont hissed.

"He is a dear friend, that's why." Clythe paused, "It is true that I should hate Humans too, but he's here on a noble cause."

"What's your name?" Xalamont asked.

"Adam Gabriel Hikaru."

"I just asked for your name, not the full name."

"Honey, could you take Xalamont to the dining hall?"

"Yes." She smiled. She sounded like an Angel, "It was nice meeting you, Adam."

"What you're trying to prevent is inevitable, mankind will perish and only those with magic will survive. All mortals will burn in the very air they breathe." Xalamont cautioned. After saying that his mum dragged him away.

When they were out of earshot Adam said, "He sounds dark for such a young age."

"He has quite the imagination, I know. But I have to love him as he's my only child and will be."

"You don't plan on having any more?"

"Sadly, no. But if I do, then I do. My wife will die if she has another, so I can't if I want to be faithful. I know I'm a Half-Demon but I want to remain good-natured, but I do have a blood lust once in a while, but I try to control that."

Adam was baffled at that confession, a demon, I thought he was an Elf. "Well down to business."

"I know you want to prevent this war, but sadly I hate to be blunt, but my son is correct."

"So there's no way to avoid an all out open war. This world will perish, according to the prophecy."

"That's right, you could say that your trip her was for naught and you should have been preparing for the decisive battle."

"I already have."

"Stay the night here, and warn your country in the morning. I'll give you the fastest horse we have. Make it a gift and keep him in your family for generations to come."

"Wouldn't it die in a few decades?"

"It's Elvish bred so it has the same lifespan as the Elves."

"All right, thank you. But I really must get going. I spent enough time lingering."

"I'll send you a slave to keep you company if you wish."

"I'm fine. A meal wouldn't be bad though."

"All right. But our slaves are top grade, do you really reject that?"

"Yes. just send her up with a plate of food, I'll be fine."

"All right." Clythe grabbed a bell from his pocket and rang it. A young woman with dark gray hair arrived and calm green eyes.

"Yes, my master?"

"Fetch him a plate of food, please."

Adam coughed, "You sure are nice to your slaves."

"Naturally, if you want good service then you have to be nice in return."

"As you wish." She bowed and left. Clythe and Adam walked into the main hall, Ten minutes later she arrived with a fancy plate of food, it was like food back in Arcadia.

"Thank you." Adam said to her.

"No problem, would you like anything else?" She batted her eyelashes in a lustful posture.

"No thanks. I have a wife and she is at home who is bearing a child."

"Certainly." she bowed.

"Well Miki, you may go now." She left without a word, "I should go to my chambers, rest well and I'll send someone to wake you up for an Elvish Feast before you leave."

"All right, thank you."

"It'll be unlike anything you've ever seen before." Were his last words before he went to bed. In his food was a sleeping drug to keep him longer.

In the morning Miki woke Adam up, "It's time for the festivities."

She led Adam outside, there were lights strung up throughout all of the the trees in the town square, tables with an assortment of food. Clythe greeted Adam, "Welcome, welcome." he handed Adam a glass filled with wine, "Enjoy yourself, it's a party."

"Thank you." he took a sip of the wine, and began to walk around and conversing with everyone and gathered information. Mostly on the history of the Elvish race and the origin of Orius. The Forest Elves of Elfheim average about two to three feet, and the ones in Orius range between five and six feet. They both share the same characteristics; pointy ears, long hair the normal colors are yellow, blue, or pink and range between different shades of those colors The ones in Orius mostly have yellow or pink whilst the ones in Elfheim have blue.

The afternoon came and Clythe walked up to Adam, "It's nearing the time your supposed to be leaving. If you don't leave soon Vailin will attack your country."

"All right" He nodded, "I understand."

Clythe led Adam to the stables which were behind the town hall. Inside was a majestic looking white stallion, "His name is Maverick."

"That's a noble name."

"For a noble cause too. I wish you Godspeed."

"Does it hurt you to say God?"

"No, only if I were a true Demon. But I am only half."

He hopped on the horse and the horse sped off towards Arcadia. The only thought that went through his head was, "Have my country be safe." He arrived in the nick of time, Vailin's troops marched throughout Arcadia. When he got inside his wife Eden was giving out war commands, "Eden, you should find a safe place to go to keep that child safe."

"I'm glad your back." She replied with a smile, "But it would seem that we are severely outnumbered."

"All the more reason to keep you safe. Take the horse I brought and go into the Mountain Sanctuary." He took of his crystal necklace and handed it to Eden, "I may not make it out of here but the Hikaru bloodline will forever flourish." He hopped on his horse that got him to Orius

"I'll go then." She left with a passionate kiss to keep forever in her heart, and rode off into the sunset, she cried every single trot the horse made.

Adam whispered, "Until next time." He rode into the armory and put on his armor and marched off into the heat of battle, slicing and dicing his way to Vailin, "Why are you here?" he demanded to know the answer. Vailin wears golden armor, so it was quite easy to spot him. The only thing you could see of Vailin

"War is a natural thing. Your country is of light and mine is of darkness. Two sides of a coin." he replied smoothly and cool.

"Quit speaking in riddles!" he barked.

"I see you've gone to see Clythe. Did you know that he originally came from Mephisto?"

"Of course, he's part Demon."

Vailin quickly stabbed Adam while his guard was down, "This is what you get for talking with thine enemy, instead of confronting."

Adam held his wound, luckily for him it wasn't a fatal, just agonizing pain that could drive someone mad and wish that they were dead, he began to gasp for breath, "Then why didn't you kill me?"

"Because of the simple fact that I want to watch you suffer and see the defeat of your pitiful country." His eyes began to glow red and he began to laugh manically.

"While I still draw breath, my country is not dead!" He began to regain his strength and began to attack Vailin.

Vailin blocked the blow, and Adam's sword flew out of reach, Vailin put his sword against Adam's neck, "Any more brilliant ideas?"

Adam gulped, and decided to dupe Vailin, "What's that behind you?"

"Is there something there?"

Vailin turned around muttering something not in a mortal language, and Adam drew Vailin's sword and beheaded him, "Death was behind you, you bastard." Adam fell to the ground, he felt free. But something worried him, the end of the world as he knew it was about to be over. The prophesy of the destruction, Xalamont's voice echoed in his head, "What you're trying to prevent is inevitable, mankind will perish and only those with magic will survive. All mortals will burn in the very air they breathe." That thought is what worried him. Adam barely got a look at Vailin's face; It was the face of a young man with baby-blue eyes with short red hair. The body disintegrated like it was acid leaving his armor behind, "See you in Hell!"

Clythe appeared next to Adam, "Well done, but it was all for naught."

"Yes, what Xalamont said bothers me."

"Well luckily you were magic born, so you won't burn in the very air you breath." He chuckled.

"I was?"

"Yes you were, though you are an eighth Elf, magic still flows through your veins."

"And my son?"

"He'll survive if he's born before Eden dies."

"That's reassuring." The sky darkened, but it wasn't the moon nor the sun that lit the sky, but something sinister. Adam remembered that Vailin muttered something, "Is that bright light demonic?"

"Yes, but who muttered the spell is beyond me."

"It must have been Vailin. When I duped him he began to mutter something."

"So he's the Earth's destruction."

"How many days do we have?" The cries on the battle field and the clashing of swords and the shots of arrows were extinguished and gasping was heard in it's stead.

"I'd say about five to seven days."


"Because that kind of magic has to travel all the way from Neflheim, the Demonic Realm." Clythe explained. Clythe shed a tear and whispered, "Good bye, my first son."

"But Mephisto is on this planet, isn't that Neflheim?"

"There is a gateway into Neflheim through the Ginnungagap, but it's cleverly hidden. The real Niflheim is in the vastness of the cosmos, no mortal can reach there in his lifetime. But since the meteor is from the Demonic Realm it can reach us in our lifetime."

"You confused me. But basically means we're all going to die no matter what we do."

"That's right. It saddens me to say that."

"What about the power of the Angels?"

"They may be able to do something about it."

"Then I guess I have to pray."

"It'll take more than one prayer, the whole world would have to pray unless God feels pity for you all."

"We'll just have to wait and see." Adam sighed, "I'll tell everyone, even the soldiers of Mephisto; Love is the most important thing right now, make peace with yourself and everyone around you."

"That seems like the start of heartfelt speech. I'll be seeing you." Clythe disappeared and that was the last anyone saw of Clythe Alexander Vankchos.

Adam didn't say goodbye to his country but he left various traps and treasures behind for his descendants to find. One hidden at the entrance to the Mountains of the Rising Falls, his only clue was the crystal holds the key. Deep in the Murky Isle of the Damned miles from anything he hid a magical artifact, a potion that does random effects. He hid Vailin's armor in the Royal Graveyard. And finally an artifact that's close to home in the Secret Library in the castle he hid his sword, only a Hikaru could wield the blade. When he got back there was only one day left according to Clythe, it was the sixth day. He decided it'd be best to spend it with his family. When he got back his wife was giving birth to his son, "Well the Hikaru bloodline will continue after all." He smiled.

"Where the Hell have you been!" Eden screamed.

"I was leaving gifts lain throughout the lands and I marked them on my map."

"Gifts! Why would you do that?"

"It's almost there." The wet nurse told her in a comforting voice, "Just a little more."

"Would you like any help?"

"You've done enough." Eden sighed, one baby popped out, "You came back." and another surprise was on it's way, a girl.

"What would you call them?" The wet nurse asked.

"There's two!" Adam and Eden shrieked with excitement, "The boy is Edward and the girl is Sarah." Eden said, and those were her final words.

"So my wife died during childbirth, I'll give the announcement." That evening all of his subjects gathered outside the castle, "My people!" he called out, "I have sad but happy news. Eden, your queen, has died, but out of death like the Phoenix life came out of her in your prince and princess, Edward and Sarah. Tomorrow the meteor in the sky will collide, unless we pray to God to make it avoid a collision. I know not many of you are religious, but do it for me and for the future of our kingdom, our world, and for your loved ones!" Cheering was heard, and sound of clapping hands, "Thank you. I'll be in my castle in prayer with my knights and my servants. And love is the other thing you should cherish whilst you draw breath." The crowd still cheered, "Thank you all again." Adam turned and went into the castle, he gathered his knights and maids and began to pray to God to stop the Meteor.

In the morning Adam placed his crystal around Edwards neck, "Maybe in the next life will I truly have a family." He walked to the pier and watched the last sunrise, but as the sun began to rise, Adam thought his eyes were playing a trick on him, there were two moons and two suns, the world was being pulled apart, Pangaea and Mystgaia, Gaia and Terra became two different planets but the links severed except for what everyone calls, in the modern age, the Bermuda Triangle, the Dragons Triangle, Easter Island on Gaia and the Mountains of the Rising Falls on Terra. The meteor split up and hit various parts of the worlds, but no major damages occurred, most of the damage took place on Gaia splitting up most of the continents. Adam fell of the pier due to an earthquake and floated to south. He floated for days and came on an unknown shore, he also had amnesia. But as he was having a journey through the water, cries constantly followed him, "Your highness!"

A scientist found Adam, "My, my, who do we have here?" He checked Adam's vitals, everything seemed fine. So the scientist brought him to a castle where Queen Ann ruled in here husbands stead.

After a few days the scientist woke Adam up, "Where am I?" Adam said lightly, his voice was very rash.

"You're in Mephisto. My name is Quinn Ulasa." The scientist replied. He wears a yellow lab coat and has light green eyes and square glasses, "What's your name?"

"I can't remember." A light shock filled his head, "Adam, Adam Ghast. I too am a scientist."

"Very well, I can use an apprentice."

So Adam gained the new identity of Adam Ghast and lived as a scientist for the remainder of his days serving the royal family of Mephisto. Vailin was Ann's husband so she had to raise Prince Vincent by herself, Adam helped her out and became her husband. Mephisto didn't go to war with Arcadia while he was in rule. That knowledge passed down to the descendants. So war didn't take place, this could be world peace. What we all strive for. But nothing good lasts forever, there will be someone to rise to power, and that day isn't that far off.

The two worlds are now in two different realities, only time will tell when the worlds become one again... But I should say that some of the mortals that fell into the cracks of the worlds became part of the Mortal Realm to never return.