Michael Hikaru was a child with strange upbringing. He came into the lives of two unsuspecting people on a peculiar day as they were on the beach. It was a beautiful day and the skies and water were clear, the perfect day for swim. But since it was in the middle of March; winter just ended and the port wasn't being used today. The only time the port is ever used is when tourists want to visit the island. As they were heading back, they heard crying, "Don't go over there Krystie." Krystie was five years old and a highly curious little girl. She ran against her mother's wishes, her brunette hair waving as she made her way to the pier, "There's a boy here. Mother, look, a boy in the water!"

She quickly dropped her book and ran to see if Krystie was imagining things. But it was a major coincidence that she should stop her book on this page:

Unbeknowngst of fate she wrapped

up her beloved son in a tight warp

with love in every fold. Tears trickled

down her cheek as she lay him in a basket

and sent him away, wishing he'd have

a better life.

Sure enough Krystie was right. A boy drifted from the seas in a basket. Karen looked around to see if anybody was about. She picked up the boy and cradled him in her arms, "I always did want a son." She smiled and he smiled back. She picked up her book and thought it was funny that it was a major coincidence. You can call me superstitious, but that was too weird to be considered a mere coincidence. The book was shut, but it had no title. It was a collection of journal entries. As they walked back to their house, a note fell from his wrappings, Krystie held onto it the whole way home smiling and humming a joyful tune. "I'll have to heat up some milk for you now." She said as she entered the door to her house.

"Mother, I found a letter. It fell from his blanket."

"Thank you:

This is my son, Michael Hikaru.

He is very important to the world. Whomever

finds him, take care of him. The Crystal is his

birthright, a pendent that shows who he is. As a

prince of Arcadia. Our country was attacked;

I had no choice but to send all of my

children away, as much as it pained me.

But I am now, surely dead. Take care of him,

raise him as his own and don't tell him of his

heritage. Unless fate decided to the resurrection

of our kingdom, and they choose him. You'll

know if for some reason his crystal begins to glow,

then the path will be set and the way shall be open.

- James & Joanne Hikaru

So, your name is Michael. That's good to know, at least it doesn't sound to foreign to not be a name used around here." She slightly chuckled.

Michael grew up, not knowing of his past just as planned, but he had a slight feeling that he didn't quite belong. Most of his time was staring at the ocean, watching the waves roll in and out; expecting something to happen to him. He went to school like everyone else, he was a natural born genius they said to him. He is now sixteen years of age, two years until the boy becomes a man. As Michael began his morning routine before going to school he just stood at the pier gazing into the heart of the sea, loosing himself.

The school he attends is a uniform school, the school's dress code for the men; slacks, white button-down, black tie, and a blazer that represents their school year. For twelfth years; black, eleventh; brown and tenth; blue. For the females its the same, but the slacks is a skirt that goes down to your knees and the blazer is sleeveless.

"Mike, are you coming or not." Timothy, around Michael's age who seemingly came to the city the same way. By a mere trick of fate they became friends. He has short yellow hair, slicked back and bright emerald green eyes.

Michael glanced over at Tim, "Yeah I'll be there." He took a deep breath and began to walk with Tim. "Your tie. You've never been good at that." He fixed Tim's tie.

"Why do you have to do this to me."

"You don't want the headmaster to have your head, do you?"

"I guess not. But people might think there's something between us."

"Isn't there? We're best friends after all."

Tim sighed, "That's not what I meant."

"Then what do you mean?"

"Forget it."

Michael tucked the tie into Tim's blazer, "There, all finished."

"Yeah, but now I can't breath." Tim tried loosening the tie.

This was the only high school in Omaru, Japan. Aside from Tim, Michael has one other friend; Riku Masamune, and a girl that he's in love with. But her father won't allow it, he'd rather watch Hell freeze over before she sees her with him.

"Michael! Tim! Don't let father see you otherwise that'd be your last tardy you'd ever receive."
"Suzaku." Suzaku has light brown hair and dark eyes. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail style, "How many times do I have to say that I like your hair being straight?"
"Well," She put her hands on her hips, "It's my hair!" She paused and turned around, "Quickly!"

Everyone spoke Japanese here, since they're far from the city where most of the English speakers are, but some English does get around. But Japanese is more common here. The town's population is only three-thousand.

They quickly entered the glass double-doors. Windows surrounded the building. It was very modern for it being a town full of history. The school itself was over three stories tall, but the first floor has all of the class rooms, headmaster's office, and teacher's lounge. The second floor is the custodian's floor with Junior classrooms. And the third floor has the dorms for those that stay on campus, and the cafeteria.

"Michael Hikaru." A deep voice boomed down the hall, "Late again I see, and you made my daughter tardy."

"Headmaster Sakamoto, aren't you late for a meeting?" He replied cockily. Everyone called him Sakamoto, Ken Sakamoto. But the one thing that is strange, the name doesn't show in the town registry as Michael found out snooping in the library for a good book, he figured it must be a fake. But he sure is as wrapped in mystery as Michael's birth is. He had his theories about him, but he mostly kept to himself on them. In the detective novels that he's read, it's best to keep your guesses to yourself until you have evidence to confront your target. Ever since Michael enrolled, they've always had a slight rivalry.

"I would've said that I saw your bald head from far off so I couldn't see the time." Timothy said quietly and chuckled to himself.

"What did you just say Mister Lloyd!?" he was furious at the insult. Nobody had the gall to say that to him. "Just for that, you're suspended from leaving campus! Same goes for you..." He glared at Michael. "As well."

"You can't do that to us!" Timothy stomped his foot, "We don't even have dorms here."

"That can be arranged." Sakamoto smirked. "You will sleep in the custodian's room."

"What about our families?" Michael questioned.

"I'll send word to them. Now, go to class or you punishments will be far more severe." He looked at his daughter, "For you my daughter, you need to stop hanging out with this group of miscreants!" He looked at the three of them, "Now go!" they all sighed and slumped while walking to their class which now was almost over. If it wasn't for the headmaster they would've been only five minutes late too but since it's only homeroom it's not really that important. Homeroom only last about twenty minutes at the latest depending on the announcements given and the schedule.

As Michael sat down, "Damn he pisses me off!" He shouted and everyone looked at him strangely. He looked around nervously at all of the stares.

"Is something the matter Hikaru?" Shiraki asked gently. Shiraki was the most beautiful teacher that ever graced the school. She was blond with green eyes. Her hair was straight but at the sides past her ears were curls and she wore half-moon glasses with red frames at the bottoms. Her teaching blouse was unbuttoned slightly so that she could breathe with her breast size which she preferred to being squeezed by her clothing. Her skin was a perfect peach color which to everyone's eyes she was like a goddess. Her body was perfectly put together by angels and her lips perfectly formed. Every time she bowed when greeting and in the opening of class every male student smiled and felt in love. Every time she did, Suzaku looked at Michael and felt jealous of Shiraki.

"I'm fine." He stood up and bowed. "I'm sorry for causing a disturbance." She bowed back out of courtesy as a way of forgiving him. He sat back down with a giddy smile and looked over at Suzaku who sat in the back of the classroom and winked at her. She just looked back at him with a menacing glare. If looks could kill, there wouldn't be a female teacher left in this school. Though her father doesn't like it, she tends to hide her true feelings for him.

The rest of the school day went smoothly, but Michael and Timothy couldn't leave to their dismay. They went into the custodian's room where beds were set out just for them. But the room was hot because of the boiler and there was a musty smell of mildew that emanated from the walls by the boiler making the place smell like dirty shoes. The taste was awful too, when you enter the room your mouth instantly dries out and you have to constantly blink to keep your eyes from turning itchy. "I don't know about you, but I'm leaving. I can't stay in here." Michael put his shoulder-bag down and went into the hallway for some air.

"Where are you going to sleep?"

He smirked and brought his hand up, wiggling his index finger. "My own bed of course." he winked.

"But you'll be expelled!"

"I won't get caught, believe me."

"Don't leave yet. Not until the headmaster leaves."

"Why not?"

"He'll check on us before he goes. Plus, the nurse owes me a favor. I'll use that favor so that you can get out safely."

"Do you mean Haru? Nurse Haru? Your crush?" He smiled.

Timothy blushed, "It's not like that!" He snapped back.

"You know," Michael thought up a devious lie. "She has a crush on you too so be open about it, okay?" He winked.

Timothy turned beet red. Maybe it was due to the boiler, but if you had put a tea kettle on his head, it'd boil. "She does." His eyes widened and he slid down the door that his back was against in a daze.

"Another reason I can't stay here. It's my birthday tomorrow."

"In that case I have to go with you. We'll be expelled, but you have to be with your family."

"I'm also supposed to go see that documentary with Suzaku tomorrow as well." Michael sighed, "And my mother is sick." He added but little did he know, the events that were about to unfold would change him completely. This stunt he's about to pull, is going to be life changing. Maybe it was good, or maybe it was bad. But he had to do what he had to do because he needed to. As much as Michael seems laid back, cocky, lazy, and shallow, he has a heart of gold; he's very caring. But him caring too much is what makes him naïve. His naïveté will be his downfall, maybe for all of us as well.

As Timothy said they crept out in the late evening. The nurse sleeps at the school, so it was a good and solid plan. She only sleeps at the school because she doesn't have a home of her own. She lowered a rope for them earlier that day and they used that to get outside. "Want to sleep over?"

"Sure, why not." Tim sighed. "If he already told our parents, my dad would be furious if I snuck out of school. Tomorrow is a Saturday and your birthday, so yeah I'll go with you."