Xalamont was in a large room with someone large and towered more than seven feet tall. He wears blood red clothing and has a large scepter with an hour glass inside of the crystal ball on top of the scepter, "Chronus, our master is on his way."

"Which master?" His voice was deep and sounded like thunder when he talked.

"Magus, or better known as Mageal."

"He has gone by several names, he even went by the name of Merlin in England."

"But, no one knows his real name?"

"That was forgotten with time."

"So what are you going to do? Michael freed her, the one who was powering your generator."

"And who is Michael?"

"He is the King of Arcadia."

"And what exactly is he doing on an alien planet to him?"

"He seems to just want to go on adventures instead of being a ruler."

"Well you're far from your master's call too."

"Oh he thinks I'm on official business. Little does he know that I'm a triple-agent. I work for who ever I feel like. I even helped James out."

"I'm pretty sure that there's a hidden reason."


"Then why don't we go see that shall we?"

"How?" Xalamont questioned

"By going through time."

"I think I'll pass. Besides they'll be here any minute now."

Samuel opened up a flap on his right arm. His clothing was his armor. "Wow, strangely what we did stabilized the core. This planet is now stable enough to collide with your planet. Now, the real question is where would this planet land."

"What's the percentage of it being in the Mortal Realm?" Luke asked.

"About six."

"I'm sorry everyone..." Xio began to cry.

"What's wrong?" Michael felt concern for her. He felt like Xio could be his daughter and would raise her as his own.

"Ever since I was little, every time I entered the chamber of the core, everything went out of control."

"Little?" Everyone questioned.

"Well, I'm not as old as I appear to be. I'm cursed and can't die. My life has been a curse. My only purpose is for destruction. This planet almost died..." she began to cry.

"Well, that's because you don't know how to control your abilities." Samuel comforted.

"You know about my abilities?" she hiccuped.

"Well, yes. My father had the same abilities. Since I am of Hikaru blood, I lack the abilities, but they treated me like their own. It runs through the Stone family."

"The Stone family? I wonder if Crystal is part of the Stone bloodline."

"Well," Luke started, "It's hard for me to explain. Garth married into the royal family, the opposing clan to the Stone family. So even if Crystal did share the ability, it wouldn't be all that powerful compared to a pure blood."

The conversation came to a halt and they continued to walk the seemingly never ending staircase. There were murals on the walls, it looked like a kid made them, but the drawings seemed aged even though only a month went by since Samuel left to get Michael. At last after a half-hour of walking up the stairs there was a light. They entered a pure white room, with white pillars. Everything was white, but with some detail in a black and blue. The sound of clock ticked and laughter echoed the halls. "Welcome to my domain. You are trapped in time, for I am known as Chronus." everyone ignored his remarks and tried to move onward, "Stuck? Only I can allow you all to move further. But I'll give you you're freedom, only if you trade Xio for it."

"And what if we say no?" Michael shouted.

"Well, I am the master of time. So I can go back in time and stop you all from taking her."

"Well, then we'll just keep on rescuing her."

"Michael, please." Mageal put his hand on his shoulder, "There is no use arguing with Chronus. But I can help you stop his time, or trap him in his own dimension."

"So, magic is the only way."

"Well since it's only him, I can help. But if he resurrects the order, then there is no stopping him."

"Is that your weakness, master?"

"Well, not really. It's just more of an annoyance."

Chronus appeared at the top of the staircase, "Still frozen?"

Mageal began to chant slowly in an inaudible tone. What he mouthed was, "O come to me the force of gravity and the spirit of water. Trap mine enemy in a force to reckoned with," then he shouted, "Bubble!"

"What was that?" Chronus asked as a bubble of water trapped him. He began cursing but couldn't be heard. He shouted every spell he could, but to no avail he was trapped.

"We should leave. I'll come back here when we all safely return to your castle, Michael."

"Right!" he nodded in reply.

"Sapphire, do you have a ship in the vicinity?" Ark asked.

"Yes, I do."

"Good. I'll teleport us there. Everyone, think of that ship!"

"No, wait! Alaya is waiting for us at the entrance to this cave. We promised her that we'd go to her place." Michael said.

"Alright," Ark sighed, "if that is what you think is best." Ark chanted and they appeared at the entrance.

"How was cave?" Alya asked.

"It was fine, we rescued the princess."

"Alya happy. Now we party. Me take you to big sister."

Everyone followed Alya to a giant tree. The only tree that seemed to be left on the planet. The tree was well over three-hundred feet tall. It was also filled with life.

"I don't think that I can climb that..." Michael shuttered.

"What do you mean?" Luke asked.

"Well, I'm scarred of heights."

"But what about being in an airship?" Sapphire asked.

"Well, that's different."

"No worry, pull branch here and you get higher." Alya showed an example and she was flung to the top of the tree house. She landed like a cat.

Everyone followed her example, but forgot to land like a cat and fell through the roof. Michael took a deep breath and froze as he was about to pull on the branch, but thankfully a basket connected to rope was lowered so he could be taken up safely. Ark flew to the top of the tree instead of taking the branch.

Michael took a deep breath and stepped in the basket. As he rose higher and higher it got hard for him to breath, so he just held it. He jumped inside of the house and breathed a sigh of relief, "Thanks for that."

"No problem." Luke smiled.

From the lifestyle of Alya, the house was actually quite nice. Books lined the shelves on the east wall. But to everyone's surprise, there was running water and electricity in the tree-house. Alya decided to give the tour of her home; the main room that everyone was in had wood seating, especially next to the bookshelf. A small chandelier hung from the ceiling. In the southeast corner there was a hallway that led into a dining area. There was an average, beautiful, and tamed looking compared to Alya, "This is sister, her name Scelene."

"Now Alya, you need to speak properly. That uncouth tongue will get you nowhere."

"I don't understand half what she says."

"We do have guests now, good thing I made tea."

"Thank you." Michael smiled.

Xio looked at Michael then to Scelene, I must stop this at once... Must think of something.Xio fell to the ground holding her ankle and began to bawl, "Michael, I twisted my ankle flying off of the tree branch when I landed. Can you hold me?"
Michael smiled, "Sure, I can hold you. Would you like to sit on my lap when I drink the tea?" Xio nodded in reply.

Tea was served and Xio sat comfortably on Michael's lap, "So Michael, what do you do?" Scelene asked.

"I'm the king of Arcadia. But I prefer to go on adventures."

"What's the relation between you and that girl?"


"Don't you dare make a move on my man!" Xio screamed.

"My, you seem like a silly girl."

"You know, we must get going." Mageal said, "An enemy is approaching."

"I feel it too." Ark said.

"It must be Chronus." Mageal growled, "He must have gotten out of the barrier."

"What does that mean?" Luke asked.

"He can use magic now... If we leave this planet at once he can't use his magic on us. All he can do is make clones of us."

"Well, there isn't much hope for this planet." Scelene said, "Do you mind if we go with you?"

"I guess my rocket ship will carry us all."

Ark and Mageal exchanged glances and began chanting. Ark's wings surrounded everyone and they teleported to Sapphire's rocket ship. He ran inside the ship and ignited the engine, everyone went inside "Three... Two... One... Blast off!" he shouted and they sped off into the endless sea of stars.

"So this is what I've been reading about? It's better than I've imagined." Scelene said with a dreamy gaze in her eyes. With her gentle blue eyes they reflected the stars like a painting.

"It is beautiful, isn't?" Luke asked.

"Luke, was it? I think that it'd be nice if you grew out your hair."

"You really think that? Truth be told, I was thinking of growing it out."

"I think that you'd very handsome."

"Good, I get Michael all to myself!" Xio blurted.

"Did you say something?" Michael asked.

"Oh nothing." Did I actually say that aloud? How embarrassing.

"Well, quit yer yammering. Samuel just sent me a message that y'all are on yer way."

"Is that Garth?" Michael asked.

"Yeah, he's in broadcasting range."

"Tell him that I'm sorry."

"Did you get that?"

"When ye get back, you'll have Hell to pay. You know how worried Crystal has been?"

"My sincerest apologies."

"Samuel, hit the red button to the left of your seat."

"What will happen?"

"Everyone best buckle up, y'all be in for a real treat."

Everyone listened to Garth's warning and then Samuel pressed the button. Everyone was forced backwards and stuck to their seats, eventually the rocket came to a halt and everyone's hair was messed up. "What was that?"

"Now you can land."

"Land?" Samuel questioned.

"Look outside and you should see the castle."

"So, you installed a warp drive. Very nice, thank you."

"No problem, all you have to do is input the coordinates and you'll be able to hop across the universe in a jiffy."

"I guess I should activate the landing gear now."

As they began to enter the castle Garth stopped Michael and punched him with a force strong enough to knock him to the ground, he then put his hand out to pick him up. Michael batted the hand away, "What, so you can punch me again?" Michael touched his cheek and there was blood on his fingertips.

"No, it was so that I can take you back inside."

"With force?"

"I wanted to show you what you've done. Crystal has fallen ill and there is nobody with her blood type."

"I guess she was frail to begin with, how is that my fault?"

Garth picked up a lance, "I'll kill you for that remark. Draw your sword."

"Fine gramps." He grabbed his sword and unsheathed it, "I'm not going to go easy on you."

"I have more battle experience than you."

"Well then." Michael put his right hand out and wiggled his fingers, "Come at me."

Garth charged at Michael, but a shot was heard. "Break it up!" Tim shouted, blowing the heat from his gun.

"But, he deserves a good beatin'." Garth growled.

"I'm sure he does, but can't you find a more civil way of setting things straight?"

"All I did, was rescue the Princess of Rahmurah from a Volcano, almost beat Chronus, and saved two women from certain death."

"See Garth, Michael is a hero."

"Well, he still made Crystal bed ridden."

"I was going to see how my fiancee is doing. But you distracted me." Micheal put his sword back in it's sheath. Garth marched into the castle and went into his garage. Michael and Tim walked towards Crystal's room. "Crystal?" Michael knocked.

Crystal coughed, "Come in."

"Tell Teah to make some tea."

"Alright." Tim nodded.

Michael opened up the door, "How are you feeling."

"This is the same disease my mom had before she died."

"So, you're not going to live?"

"I might-" She coughed, "have much time left."

"Can't you just heal yourself like I've heard you can?"

"I can cure cuts and bruises. But I can't cure sicknesses."

"If there was someone with pure blood from Rahmurah, I may have a chance to live."

"Well, I have the answer to your prayer then. It so happens that I brought back with me, Princess Xio."

"The original! But she should be dead by now."

"Who should be dead?" Xio appeared seemingly from nowhere hovering over Crystal with her hands on her hips.

"Who is this little girl?"

"This is-"

"I am Xio, and I am no little girl. I just choose to have this appearance."

"Xio, would you mind giving Crystal a little bit of your blood so that she can be cured?"

"I don't know... It all depends on what in it for me." she blushed, "I guess I'll do it anyway." Xio reached for a knife that one the nightstand.

"Wait!" Michael stopped her.


"Let's try doing this the official way."


"By summoning a doctor." Tim walked into the room with a steaming cup of tea. Micheal smiled, "Perfect timing."

"What now?"

"We need you to go fetch the doctor."


"There should be a doctor in the church. If not send a summons for him."

"Alright." Tim sighed.

Tim made it to the cathedral, it was almost as tall as the castle but not as long. He entered the double doors, sure enough the doctor was there, "Sir, Michael wishes to see you at the castle."

"Our Lord Hikaru?"


"Lead the way."

"What seems to be the problem?" The doctor asked.

"We need a blood transfusion." Michael replied.

"And who is the donor and who is the patient?"

"I'm the donor."

"A little girl?" The Doctor scoffed, he was mildly amused.

"I'm not little!"

"Come this way doctor." Michael led him to Crystal's room.

"Are you sick?"

"Just a blood disease. Xio can cure it with her blood."

"Ah, I see." The Doctor opened up his medicinal bag and brought out a syringe that had two needles on both sides. He inserted each of the needles into their arms and began the process. Xio cringed as her blood went into Crystal. Micheal fainted due to the sight of blood. "I see the king is hemophobic." Sid put his stethiscope on and began checking the heart rate of the paitents, "You both seem to be fine. So no abnormal effects. Xio, you'll need your rest now." He said in a tone that you would normally use on a child, and she glared back. "And Crystal, you take it easy. Full recovery in a few days." The doctor left the room stepping over Michael, since he was blocking the doorway. He tugged on Tim's arm, "Get Luke, and meet me outside." he whispered.


"Just do it."

"Okay." He nodded. As Tim left to get Luke, he pushed up on his glasses and smiled.