Superorganism by ff_b

Randy had taken his date, Electra, for dinner and a movie, and had even succeeded in bedding her afterwards, much to his amazement! Throughout the entire evening, the woman had seemed polite but strangely detached, even during the act of love. Randy wouldn't have kicked her out of bed for eating crackers, however, and would certainly take sex however he could get it...but this girl failed to exhibit enthusiasm, enjoyment, or even regret afterwards. Her performance was dutiful, and nothing more; she had a strangely disconnected quality.

As they rested in bed following relations, Electra regarded Randy dispassionately, and told him that since mating season was over, his presence was no longer necessary, and would indeed no longer be tolerated.

"What is this, some kind of joke?," laughed Randy. He had handled rejection often, but this transcended that easily.

His date and short-term lover regarded him calmly. "Males are necessary to mate with new queens," she remarked. "After mating season, males are superfluous, and are disposed of," Electra continued matter of factly.

"What the hell?," blurted Randy.-"What's this all about?," he demanded to know.

"It is as it is," stated Electra. ""Do not look to ants for moral behavior. That is a human construct that is irrelevant. I operate on instinct, and in the interests of the colony. The insemination has been successfully accomplished, and you are now without further purpose." Having said that, Electra's flesh began to split, revealing six jointed, chitinous appendages that ended in claws. She spat formic acid into the face of Randy, effectively blinding him and beginning to dissolve his flesh. As he screamed in agony, mandibles protruded from Electra's mouth and began to tear strips of flesh from the doomed man's body. The consumption of that resource was logical and efficient, and would ensure that the animal protein it represented would not be wasted.

Males, you see, are good to serve two kinds of appetite. Anything beyond that was a construct of no use to the colony to whose members alone she answered. Ants, whose history dated back more than 100 million years, saw no reason to tamper with proven success...