The Oddest Lesson Learned

Somethings they tell us can be sought,

Some dreams they tell us are lost, some not,

Move on they tell me, and seek your desire,

Yet their hands have held me and my arms have grown tired.

Teased with their prodding, and held by their bonds,

I sat there and dreamt from twilight 'till dawn,

Dreamt of the world they told me to see,

Dreamt of a future my heart could not beleive.

Then one day a voice told me by my side,

That to search for one's happiness is a journey I've denied,

For in each decision made there is another regret,

And the strength needed for us to stand is a lesson we would soon forget.

Yet with this sour news came a strange sense of peace,

And with a freedom I was consumed and my soul was at ease.

My bonds no longer held me in a world that was never there,

And the pain that had consumed me had long since disapeared.

And before me

Was a world

Where a new future

Would be unfurled,

And there as I let go

The pain had changed, and in its existence, overflown

To beauty