Author's Note: READERS! I need help with a couple of things. One, this story is currently titled as Mermaids. I'd like it to be called something different but I don't know what. Two, I need a name for the school in which is half underwater, half above water, so please R&R and state which name you would like for the title of the story and the title of the school. I'd like it to end with Academy in the name for the school.

These stories usually start out about the same. This story in particular is about a girl. A quiet girl. Her name was Marina Harbor. She doesn't like her first name so she calls herself Marie. Her name means "star of the sea" and that she was. She has mousse brown hair, green eyes and a glowing tan. She lives with her adoptive mother Elaine Skylar. The lived right on the beach in a pretty pastel purple beach house with white windows and a balcony facing the ocean and accessible roof to grill out on and lay out. Elaine doesn't like sand. Marie could never figure out why they lived at the beach if Elaine hates the sand so much, but she wasn't complaining. She was 13 almost 14 years young and absolutely loved where she lived.

Elaine was kind of crazy and whimsical but she couldn't ask for a better adoptive mother. She was always painting or sewing or doing something creative and crafty. There whole house was plastered in paintings on canvas throughout the hallways. Blown and painted glass were distributed among the tables and countertops. Handmade soaps in the shapes of starfishes, seahorses, and seashells were placed neatly at the sinks and bathtubs in the bathrooms and each room had a mural painted on one wall. The kitchen had a beachy diner painted on one wall with green tables and pink and yellow plates and glasses. The bathrooms had beach and sunset themes. The living room was sailboats and anchors but it wasn't just one wall, it was all four. Laurel, Elaine's real daughter, had various sea shells painted beiges and browns and light pinks painted on one wall. Marie's room was painted with seahorses and dolphins and many other colorful fish swimming among corals and sponges and kelps. When she daydreams, she daydreams about swimming in that scenery, touching, feeling, and seeing those things in real life.

In Marie's room she had a dolphin comforter made neatly with matching pillows and a handmade quilt made with patches of various shades of blue folded at the end of the bed with her pastel yellow back-pack and surfboard laid across it. On one wall of her room is her vanity dresser that held her jewelry box, picture frames and her sea life lamp that lit up the room in blue and had fish pictures swim across the digital screen. Her dresser had two 5x7 frames resting on it. One frame held a recent photo of Elaine, Laurel, and herself posing for a family photo. The other held a woman holding a baby and a man. That was Marie with her real parents as a baby. They were both killed in a car accident when Marie was a toddler. Marie kept their last name instead of taking on Elaine's and Laurel's.

Laurel and Marie haven't always gotten along that great though. She is a year younger than Marie but thinks she is four years older. Elaine tries to stay out of both of their arguments unless they get bad enough that she feels that she needs to intervene. A lot of times when they argue, Laurel ends up locking herself in her room and Marie storms out to the beach at night and will stay there until morning. Marie feels that Elaine loves both of the girls equally though and is fair with both. She had seen some of her friends mothers play favorites with siblings, leaving one of more child out or loving them less than the others. Marie was very fortunate and thankful that Elaine was not like that. She was thankful that her and Laurel were treated equally and that she could go to Elaine for anything she had on her mind.

But again, these stories usually start out about the same. And this story in particular is about a girl. And that girl is Marie. And her life was about to completely and totally change. She's 13 almost 14 years young. She has mouse brown hair and green eyes. Her life is just beginning; beginning to unfold into a long and beautiful adventure that even she does not know about yet. Marie Harbor is not who she thinks she is.