A random one-shot about a girl and a boy. I'm not exactly sure how it'll turn out but it is a romance story so, enjoy! Read On!

He leans in to kiss her. Her heart leaps. Her first kiss and it's him, the guy of her dreams. She leans in, but she never gets to touch his lips.

"Tristan!" his mom calls. She smiles at him, nodding at him to go. He smiles sheepishly and runs into the house. They're only fourteen. She runs home, unsure whether to laugh or cry. She had been so close. So close to him. She runs to her room with out even saying hello to her brother, father, mother, and sister.

"Hi, Lydia. What's up?" her best friend, Sarah, asks. She smiles as she relays her tale.

"No way! Get out!" Sarah screams, excited for Lydia.

"I can't believe he likes me," Lydia whispers. "I've loved him since third grade. I never even thought he looked at me." She can almost hear the smile in her friends voice as she replies.

"Of course he does. I've caught him sneakin' a peak at you more than a couple times. You're gorgeous, girl!" And, many people think she is. Her luscious pink lips, platinum blonde hair, and baby blue eyes just add to the small hints of a gorgeous body beginning to shape itself. She is a perfect contrast to his perfect tan, dark brown hair, and sea green eyes so deep she feels she cam lose herself within them. He has the beginning of a rippling six pack and girls throw themselves over him.

"But, so many girls look at him. Out of so many, why me?" she asks, still shocked by today's events. She shakes her head, a small smile forming on her lips, almost touched by his.

"Because he's known you forever," is Sarah's reply, also the truth. They're mothers have been best friends since middle school. Lydia just smiles and lets her friend carry the conversation, talking of her boyfriend Brian, her workaholic father, and loving mother. She replies with small sounds of agreement at necessary times, still imagining how it would have felt to feel his lips on hers.

Three weeks later and they're in the same spot, and he leans in once more. Finally, after years of her longing, his lips touch hers in a long, loving kiss. It is gentle and slow, he never pushes too far like many of the boys she knows would. They part, both smiling and breathless.

"Tristan?" she asks, loving the sound of his name leaving her lips.

"Yes, Lydia?" he replies, and she almost swoons at how he says her name.

"I think I love you." She smiles, a bit. She's afraid of what he'll say.

But, she needn't worry for he smirks and says, "That's funny, because I think I love you too." She leans in this time, and rejoices as her lips meet his for a brief amount of time. It is over too soon, but she is glad to feel them at all. So, when he has to go in for dinner, she once again runs home to tell Sarah, who provides an even more excited reaction than before.

In three years, they have a steady relationship. They've been together since that day when they were fourteen, now both juniors in high school, seventeen. His kiss still makes her heart beat fast, and the sight of her is enough to make him smile. All the girls still drool over him, more now than ever, because his six pack that was developing has developed nicely. But, she trusts him.

And, all the boys watch her like cats and she is a mouse, hungrily. They try to get her to leave him, but she knows they don't love her like she does. She knows they only 'love' her for her body.

"Leave him, Lydia," they say. She smiles and declines politely.

"Tristan's no good for you. He'll leave eventually," they say. She smiled, shakes head, and walks away. Sarah has come to know them as Lydia-and-Tristan, never one without they other. Sarah supports their love, and will not ever tell her that he is no good for her. Lydia walks to Tristan's house after school to hang out.

"Hey baby," he says, that same smirk he's always had on his face. She smiles.

"Hello darling." She stands on her tiptoes and touches her lip to his, but pulls back quickly, knowing it'll irritate him.

"That was short," he says, smiling, knowing the trick immediately. She grins.

"Come get more," she replies shortly. He wraps his arms around her waste and lifts her up and kisses her long, slow, and deep. He makes it last as long as he can, loving every minute of her lips on his. He sets her back her feet, his eyes lit up, shining like fireworks. They sit on the bed and talk about anything under the sun. Hearing his voice is enough to make her love him more. Each and every day.

He walks across the room to the radio he has on his dresser. He turns on a song that makes her heart ache.

"Let it rain.

Let it pour.

She don't love me anymore…"

David Nail's lyrics flow across her skin, making her fell horrible for him for whatever might've inspired this song. This radio station plays all day in his bedroom, the country station. They are in Texas after all. He looks at her and smiles, sits next to her on the bed. He looks at her odd, and she knows it's his jealous side showing. She kisses him to reassure him, but it's not enough. He still looks at her, suspicious.

"Do you still love me?" he asks, serious as a heart attack. She looks at him, letting all the love she feels for him flood onto her face.

"What do you think, Tristan? Look at my face and tell me," is all she says. He shakes his head.

"I don't know."

"I do, Tristan. Did I ever tell you when I started to have a crush on you?" He shakes head.

"Third grade," she says. She stands up, her temper flaring. She feels he should know how much she loves him by now.

"That's not enough!" he shouts. "Why did you look so upset when that song came on? You were looking at me, like you had something to tell me!" She shakes her head.

"That song makes me sad because it is sad! Not because it applies to me and you!" she shouts back. He begins to pace, a sign of his frustration. He got so jealous over the stupidest things, and she had a horrible temper. He won't talk to her. She gets mad, and stalks to the kitchen to grab a Wal-Mart bag.

"What're you doing?" he asks, worried now.

"I'm leaving. And I'm bring my stuff with me!" She grabs the purple bikini she keeps in his bottom dresser drawer for when they swim in the pool out back. She grabs anything she may have left there, a hat, a jacket. No clothes, though. She's never spent the night. She turns to walk out and he grabs her arm. She shakes off his hand and walks out of the house without another word. He sits on the bed and listens to the song finish playing.

She returns home and cries out her frustration on the phone with Sarah, who listens without saying a word. When she finally falls asleep, she doesn't dream of him that night.

She wakes up to find he hasn't called, or texted. She frowns but gets ready for school. Sarah picks her up as usual. She steps out of the car to find her friends walking over, without him. She frowns and asks her friend Jessica if he's there. She nods and points to where his car is parked across the lot. Lydia walks over there, but he looks up, sees her, and walks over to his friends. She begins to get angry and promises herself that she won't apologize first, she's not in the wrong. While that may be true, his pride gets in the way and won't allow him to apologize.

A couple months later, and she begins to cry, knowing that it's over. She sees all the boys with their "I told you so" looks and ignores them. She makes another promise to herself: she will never love anyone else. As he realizes she's never coming back, he swears the same.

A few years later, and she's twenty three, she's kept to her promise. She is a pediatrician, successful. All the men stare as she walks down the street, but her eyes don't even glance over them. One day, a man walks through her doors, with a little girl. It's Tristan. He asks her assistant if he can get in to see Dr. Bowry. She nods and Lydia walks out the door. His beautiful green eyes meet her blue ones and she sees the last time green met blue: the day he walked away from her. He smiles politely and looks uncomfortable. They walk into her office.

"Is this your daughter Mr. Montgomery?" Tristan shakes his head.

"No, my kid sister," he replies. She withholds a sigh of relief and asks what's wrong with her. She listens and gives the girl an examination.

"She has an upper respiratory infection. A couple days rest and some cough medicine would work just fine," she says. He nods and walks away, and the tears well up. He's walking away again. But, his sister was the last patient of the day so she follows him to the door after he picks up his sister's prescription. The girl looks like a miniature version of him.

"Can I talk to you, Tristan?" she asks, whispering. He nods reluctantly and turns to the little girl.

"Hey, Lily, go wait by the car, 'kay?" The girl smiles at him.

"Okay, Tristan." She skips off. Tristan looks at her and she examines him. His eyes are the same as ever. So are his lips, his hair, his build, his face although his chin is less round and boyish. She looks in his eyes. He looks in hers.

"I still love you," they both blurt at the same time. They smile and he picks her up like he used to and spins her around before finally planting a kiss on her lips. His lips taste the same; feel the same. She smiles against them and knows that once more he's hers. He sets her down and they intertwine their fingers, never wanting to let go. They've been without each other too long, neither looking at anyone else. They walk out to the parking lot and they reluctantly part ways so she can drive her car. She follows him home, still smiling, lips still tingling, and knowing that she is home, and this is where forever starts.

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