What is Human

In my Mind is light

My Heart tells me darkness

My Soul is splitting

I say I am light

But I think darkness

I have thoughts

Ruling the world

Enslaving the human race to my selfish desires

But on the other side

I fear my dark half

I want my light to envelope my whole being

What am I?

It varies day-to-day

On some days I am good

But on others, evil

On the outside I'm good

But on the inside, a monster lurks inside of me

Sleeping, awakening, surfacing

My blood boils with rage when it awakens

Is that what makes me human?

To be human is to be neutral?

Sometimes I succumb to my dark side

It's what makes me wish to be…

If I could, I'd bask in Holy

Rid the darkness inside of me…

I am the knight who fights for no one but himself

No team, but me.

I have no reason but to continue what I am here to do

Maybe I should use the darkness to my advantage and fuse it with the light

Become fully neutral

It's a humans dream

But a Light Warrior is what I want to be

A Holy Knight

But that dream is naught to happen


I am human