The Cat


Michael Johnson

I loved it as the cat swayed it's tail back and forth as my hand drew near. It was quite memorizing like a metronome. Not many people think this but I believe cats have some sort of mystifying power. I vowed not to sleep, well that's what I thought as the tail hypnotized me, I will follow the cat all around the house, always keep my eye on him. The cat's name, I named it, Cat. I told my classmates in the second grade about what I found out, and sadly they laughed at me. I will prove to them, one day.

I am now in the fifth grade and Cat died, I never proved my theory, Mommy bought me a new cat, I named it Pharaoh, it's an Abyssinian. I thought it was a clever name considering it's origin is from Egypt, though I could've named is Moses or Anubis, but I chose Pharaoh. I still pursued my thought pattern. I will be famous for this one day.

One day at school a girl, that I like, Elizabeth asked me if she could come over. I will show to her my theory when she does come over. I spent all day, waiting until the bell rang, like in those movies and shows. The clock couldn't go any faster, I gazed at it, the teacher Miss Sparkxs whacked her ruler on my desk, "Pay attention! It is your turn to speak." "About What?" I asked. "We're reciting Hamlet." "Which part?" She sighed and was about to say, but then I was saved by the bell. I ran out of the class and a waited by the busses.

She walked over to me with her hair swaying from side-to-side, like the cat's tail, and she smiled, "Which bus?" "Number twenty-three." I said it too fast, I don't know what it is my heart is telling me. We both got on the bus, and out of the blue she said, "I believe you." "You what?" "About the cats having some power. I read that it's common bad luck to follow a cat and another bad luck form is a black cat crossing your path. Witches use black cats as pets and other reasons and they're also worshipped in Egypt, as gods." her glasses almost fell off and I caught them, she thanked me and at that moment, that was when our eyes truly met, "Will?" "Yes?" "You're drooling." "I'm sorry." The bus came to a halt, "Well this is our stop." Pharaoh walked through the cat door to greet me, "I taught him that." "What's it's name?" "Pharaoh."

We walked inside, "William!" My mom snuggled me to embarrassment, "You should've told me that you'd be brining a girl over. I would've made more snacks." "Yeah, we're going to study for the final coming up." Elizabeth said. "Well that's a good thing. He does need to bring those grades up or I may just get rid of Pharaoh. He obsesses over that cat and studies it all of the time. He is not normal." "Thanks, mom. We will study hard. And would it be okay if she stayed the night?" "I'll have to call her mom first."

We ran up the stairs and Pharaoh followed. I showed her everything Pharaoh could do, and when he was asleep I gently put my hand behind his tail and it moved, over and over again. Pharaoh began to growl ever so slightly, we both laughed. Mom called up the stairs, "Elizabeth, telephone!" she ran down the stairs and talked to her mom on the phone. Elizabeth walked up the stairs, "I can spend the night." "Cool, I could show more things about Pharaoh." "No, we need to study. We've played enough." I nodded in agreement, and we did our homework.

I became top student, thanks to Elizabeth and in the seventh grade I asked her to the school dance, she said, "yes". Every weekend a group of friends, mostly comprised of girls came and visited Pharaoh. The boys still make fun of me, but I just rub off their taunts. I started my very own school group and Pharaoh was the mascot; It was of course a cat group.

Half of the class joined and many more after that. They mostly wanted to see and play with Pharaoh. Eventually we proved, even to the bullies, that cats do in fact carry some sort of power.

Elizabeth bought an Abyssinian and it mated with my cat. Elizabeth and I eventually married and we have children of our own. We have several cats, and we then started a cathouse, a home that houses cats and puts them out for adoption. We find lost cats and raise them as well.

We lived happily ever after to the end of our days.

Whenever you see a cat treat it as a friend and it'll befriend you as well. Always help out any animal you find, who knows maybe the animal you find may have some sort of power like cats do.