A/N: This is based on Kuroshitsuji, my favorite manga and anime. It's quite similar and I am quite ashamed by that but it was really interesting to write.

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Slavery was common, it was fact.

Noble people used slaves, it was natural.

Then again Eric Westfall was not a normal nobleman's son.

Eric Westfall was a beautiful boy of thirteen. Dark brown hair framed his rather feminine face, his long bangs pushed off to his right side. He had large midnight blue eyes which seemed to shine like gems, illustrating maturity and wisdom. He was rather short for his age, making him look more girlish. And his slim figure and porcelain skin did not help him look anymore manly. However looks can be misleading.

Eric was a very intelligent boy and illustrated maturity beyond his age. Ever since he was born, Eric was forced to become the perfect heir of the Westfall family. Therefore he was rarely allowed to go out and was forced to study. Imperfection resulted in punishment. Therefore by ten years old, Eric was quite emotionless due to the punishments.

And Eric never used slaves.




The Westfall mansion was full of activity as everyone got ready for the party which was held at every end of the season. The season was the time for miraculous events to enjoy the rare nice weather of summertime in London. The sun was shining pleasantly and a small breeze blew as the many slaves of the Westfall mansion got ready for the party.

The great rose gardens were checked twice for any contaminated buds, the halls were checked twice for any dust, the glasses for checked twice for any fogginess. But the decorations were something that caused problems within the household:

"How many times did I tell you that I wanted the decorations in bright colors?" Robert Westfall shouted at the slave who was in charge of the decorations.

"I am terribly sorry master… But yesterday you insisted to make all the decorations black and navy blue…" the male slave said softly, his head down low.

"Are you contradicting your master, slave?" Robert shouted again as one of Robert's favorite slaves slashed his whip onto the slave's back.

"Ahhhhhhh!" The slave crumpled onto the ground with an agonizing scream. Then between pants the slave muttered, "I-I a-am so so-sorry mas-master…we wi-will fi-fix it imm-immediately…"

"Of course…" Robert muttered with distaste, "fix it immediately and you shall receive more punishment after the party is over."

Then he turned to a random male slave and ordered, "You! Have my son get ready for the party and when he refuses insist him that you do so, or else you shall be punished as well."

The slave's eyes widened slightly for being ordered suddenly, the master's threat scaring him slightly. But with a quick bow the slave left the room.




Eric was reading in the library at his usual spot next to the window. Eric resented parties and he really wanted to find ways to avoid it but he knew that his father and mother will never approve. He allowed himself to release a sigh as he continued to read his book. Then a sudden knock on the door forced him to tear his eyes away as he watched a male slave, around eighteen years, approach him. The slave, like all the others wore a simple pair of brown pants with a loose brown frock. However the women slaves wore brown dresses that only reached their knees. All the slaves' feet were bare and the ones who worked in the mansion only allowed baths.

The slave who came into the room quickly bowed and said, "The master sent me to have you get ready for the party, young master."

With a sigh, Eric quickly closed his book and set it aside. He looked at the male slave as he answered, "I understand so please tell my father that I will be fine by myself."

But the slave did not move as he replied, "But young master…the master insisted that I help you get ready…"

Anxiety was slowly sweeping into the slave's eyes, if Eric refused his offer then he shall get punished and the punishment of the Westfall household was unbearable.

Eric sighed again as he grumbled softly, "And if you do not help me then you shall get punished yes?"

"Yes" the male slave answered honestly, his head never rising.

"I guess I have no choice then… Why don't you raise your head?"

The slave slowly did and for the first time, he set his eyes upon the young master. The boy was absolutely beautiful and the slave couldn't help but gap at him. Even though the slave had been living in this manor for some time, he never really set his eyes on the young master properly. Since the young master did not like to be pampered, almost all the slaves except Robert's most favorite ones ever set eyes on the young master face to face.

Eric had one leg dangling from the edge of the seat while the other knee was bent, his head placed onto his knee as a headrest. Then with an angelic smile he asked, "So what is your name?"

"M-my name?" the slave stuttered foolishly, his eyes never leaving the beautiful boy in front of him.

Eric gave a slight nod as his midnight blue orbs stared at the slave before him.

"My name is Julien."

"So Julien" Eric said as he stood up, "Will you help me get ready?"

Julien gave Eric a slight nod as he led Eric towards his own bedroom. Julien knew that somehow this boy was different and he was determined to find out why.




Upper class parties weren't just ordinary parties. They were parties to play with the slaves by torturing them or by doing sexual activities.

There were more than fifty slaves in the Westfall family and the many ladies and lords chose the different slaves of their liking to do as they please for the night. And tonight, there was a big entertainment as the guests were to watch one single chosen slave to be tortured to death.

Even though the children were sent home for these adult entertainment, Eric was forced to stay and watch these "entertainments" and this was his father's indirect way to punish him for not acting more like a noble. In a highchair, Eric sat next to his mother with his head gracefully leaning into his fist. Throughout the evening, he was touched, groped and pinched by nobles and ladies alike and Eric was sick of it. And the clothing he wore did not help him much either.

Since Eric was still thirteen, he wore a dark blue suit with matching shorts. Fabric made out of a lighter shade hugged his hips while he had a ribbon of the same color wrapped around his neck. He wore high-heeled shoes to make himself look taller with black high-knee socks.

And with a small scowl on his face, he watched the stage.

Then Robert arrived on the stage with a brilliant smile plastered across his face. Robert wore a black suit, tailored finely with expensive silk. His nicely polished black shoes shined from the flickering chandeliers as his midnight blue orbs flickered with amusement. And Eric was the exact copy of his father. The same frame, the same hair, and the same blue orbs.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" his voice echoed throughout the large hall of the mansion. The hall was turned into a large theater in a matter of minutes after the children had left. So many chairs aligned the large hall, the stage standing before them. The ladies and lords sat in those chairs excitedly, waiting for the entertainment to begin. Fans fluttered, skirts rustled, voices murmured; and over the noise Robert spoke confidently, "Welcome to the Westfall mansion… Tonight we have prepared you some enjoyable entertainment."

Then with a flick of a hand, one of Robert's favorite slaves arrived on the stage with a struggling Julien who was blindfolded. Then he was forced onto his knees as Robert lifted Julien's chin with his gold embroidered cane. The audience's voices rose as they excitedly examined Julien on the stage.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! This young slave of eighteen years has been in our household for nearly three years. He is an absolutely handsome young man with sunshine blond hair, beautifully structured face, and startling green eyes of the deep forest…" Then Robert quickly slipped off Julien's blindfold. The audience gasped at the sight of the beautiful man before them.

"Such a waste…" Eric's mother muttered from her chair as she stared at Julien with hungry eyes.

Disgusted, Eric glared at the stage before him, anger firing in his eyes. Why that slave? Eric wondered as he continued to glare at his father who had a mischievous smile on his face. Then Eric suddenly knew what his father's intention was. His heart beat quickened and his breathing intensified as he continued to peer up at the stage.

Ever since Eric met Julien, Eric wondered why his father had threatened the slave. Even though his father had sent slaves to help Eric he never punished the slaves if Eric ever refused. But the anxiety and fear from Julien's eyes alarmed Eric greatly and he knew that today was an exception. And now he knew why… It was an indirect way to punish him; punishment for not acting more like a noble. His punishment for not using slaves for their purposes and refusing the gifts of many of the nobles and ladies who favor him. Another form of punishment, a punishment using emotions, a punishment Eric was not used to.

Then Robert gave his most favorite slave a slight nod to have the torture begin. The slave smirked slightly as he approached Julien with a whip in his hand. The audiences held their breaths in anticipation as their eyes never left the stage before them. In the meantime, Robert watched from the side of the stage with his twisted smile. The slave lifted up his whip and with a whack the whip descended upon Julien's back. Julien screamed in agony as more hits continued to descend upon him, each one more unbearable then the last. And Eric watched this unfold with clenched teeth, his whole body shivering from anger to absolute rage.

However after the tenth hit, Eric had enough. Eric suddenly stood up, startling his mother. His father noticed his movement and gave his son a knowing smile as Julien's screams continued to fill the hall. But none of the other guests noticed the boy as they continued to watch the slave before them get tortured with glee and excitement.

"Father!" Eric shouted with all his might, his dark midnight blue orbs filled with rage. "I shall brand that slave as mine!"

The most favored slave stopped his torture as he glared at the boy in the audience. However Robert looked pleased as he walked towards the center of the stage where Julien put himself into a tight ball. Blood oozed from his back, his shirt in rags. His whole body shook from the agonizing pain as tears and sweat rolled off his face, arms, and body.

"What did you say my son?" Robert asked his son with a pleasant tone.

Eric raised his head and his eyes locked with his father's, the same midnight blue shade as he shouted confidently, "I shall brand that slave as mine father! You know I have the right to use slaves at this time of age, am I right?"

The audience started to whisper amongst themselves as they watched the scene unfold. They were disappointed that the "entertainment" was disrupted but it was true that the boy had a right to brand any slave as his.

"Yes you can Eric… Would you want this slave?"

"Yes…" Eric muttered with a slight nod.

Then Robert smiled in triumph as he spread his arms towards the audience, "Ladies and Gentlemen! This is wonderful news to know that my son is at last interested in adult play!"

The audience laughed at Robert's remark as Eric blushed slightly.

"Therefore this slave belongs to my only son, Eric Westfall!"

The audience clapped as some of them looked disappointed that the "entertainment" was over. Then the guests started to stand up as they started to pick up more drinks and slaves for the night. The party was still far from over.

After the guests had moved out of the way, Eric moved towards the stage with confident strides and climbed onto the stage. Then he stopped in front of Julien as he peered down at him. Robert, Eric's mother, and Robert's slave was long gone and the guests were enjoying more timely "entertainment". Eric forced himself to smile at the slave before him as he felt his pride slowly crumbling. Eric promised himself that he will never use slaves but somehow his father had tricked him. He closed his eyes and released a slow and comforting sigh. When he opened them again, he reached his hand towards Julien and asked softly, "Julien is it?"

Julien nodded half-heartedly, his whole body tired from the abuse. But he forced himself to look up at the young boy who had saved him, the boy he was bounded to. And there he was, the beautiful boy whom Julien have gotten strangely attracted to. Julien couldn't help but compare the boy with an angel, an angel sent from heaven.

"Please take good care of me Julien…" the boy whispered, his hand still reaching out towards him.

Graciously, Julian took Eric's hand. Then with a slight moan he whispered, "With all my life I shall take care of you, my master…"

You, my only master…




For the very first time he was born, Julien had a proper bath. Even though the gashes on his back were absolutely painful, the warm water soothed him. Then after cleaning himself, he dried himself and changed into a nicely tailored black pants and polished black shoes. However, a shirt was not given to him, so he left the bathroom of the young master's bedroom with his upper body bare.

Julien found the boy sitting on the bed with a book in his hand and when he noticed Julien come in, he placed the book to the side and motioned Julien to sit next to him. When he sat down next to the boy, he noticed that he had changed himself into a nightshirt which reached up to his knees, the sleeves of the nightshirt long. Also Julien noticed that the boy had an aid kit in his hand.

"Master?" Julien asked curiously, "Why do you have a first aid kit?"

Even though it seemed like a harmless question, Eric flinched slightly. But he continued to open the first aid kit and took out some bandages and medicine for Julien's wound. "I just have it" Eric replied simply as he moved to rub the medicine onto Julien's back.

"Master… I should do this myself. Let me…"

"It's alright Julien…" Eric whispered as he continued to rub the medicine, "I am quite skilled with this."

"Where did you practice this master?"

However Eric did not answer as he started to wrap the bandages around Julien's body. Since Eric was short compared to Julien, Julien helped out with the wrapping. When they were done, Eric tossed Julien a white dress shirt and a nicely tailored black jacket.

"What should I do now master?" Julien asked, as he finished changing into his jacket. Eric looked at him in approval and answered, "Nothing, I shall call you in the morning but for now you are dismissed. Oh and you do not have to "entertain" any more guests tonight…"

"Of course master…" and Julien stood there awkwardly, reluctant to leave.

Eric raised his eyebrow, the book again in his hands. "Well? Are you not leaving?"

"Well master… I umm…"

"Please do not call me "master" at least call me by my name…"

"I cannot do that…" Julien said, his hands gripping the ends of his jacket.

"Fine…Then call me "young master". You are older than me and it feels utterly strange to be called "master"."

"Yes, young master…" Julien said with a smile. But he still stood there as if he had something to say.

"Julien… Please speak your mind. I reassure you that I am not someone who enjoys punishments…"

"I wanted to tell you young master…thank you for saving me."

Eric stared at Julien and actually "saw" him for the first time. He noticed his light blonde hair which flickered under the candles. His startling green eyes shined brightly in the dim light. He was tall and slim but Eric knew that Julien was strong despite his appearance. Then Eric gave Julien his angelic smile as he said, "You're welcome Julien. And see you tomorrow morning."

Julien smiled back as he bowed, "Sleep well young master…" Then he left the room silently. But as soon as Julien left, Eric's smile fell instantly. Abandoning the book on the bed, he placed his face into his hands as he bent his knees. Eric knew that his punishments from his father had risen to a new level and he really wasn't sure if he was ready for it. And now that he had a slave he called his own, he knew that his father's punishments may involve the slave…

Even though Eric was getting used to his past punishments, he really wasn't sure if he could handle the new ones. And for the first time since his first punishments, Eric was afraid for his sanity…