This is really sad but I actually don't have much time to write a full chapter of Bounded. And I really really want to but the time… So today at school I wrote these small excerpts from first person perspective of three of the characters. It's really short and nothing much but I believe that it shows each of the character's goals, troubles, and feelings…

Eric Westfall:

I was always afraid. Always.

My father was cruel, unpredictable, unforgiving.

I live everyday to never break so I have learned to become emotionless.

Never show love, never show fear, never show sadness. Just become emotionless, and simply live through the day.

Live alone and never trust another so I wouldn't get hurt once again.

So I live with my emotionless mask, as myself wither slowly into nothingness.


I am always afraid for a someone.

My young master, a child yet an mature adult. A child which holds a big burden on his small fragile self.

I was never someone who minded other people's business. I simply minded my own but as for my young master…I need to break that mask.

He is stubborn but I am stubborn as well. I will break it and break it until it crumbles.

So young master…

Shall the games begin?


I was always afraid for my freedom.

I am bound to Robert for a promise and now I am afraid if I can ever be free once again.

And now something else is holding me back and strapping me to his chains.

The young master…

I can call him a curse, a duty, a treasure; and all of those would have applied.

But I am not the one to protect him.

So freedom or the young master…

Which one will I choose?