The crystal Healers Destiny

Prologue: 10,000 years before

Written by littlelampshade.

Ecklai's last sight of his people and their home was the sight of pure destruction, homes burnt and splintered. Burnt, bloodied and disfigured bodies littered all over the village ground. Children crying for their lost mothers, mothers crying for their lost Husbands and so on. Each one of them so full of loss, sorrow and betrayal that it wounded the old god more than his own guilt and physical wounds given to him by the one he hated more than anything, Kalmay the succubus stood over the wounded god's body with a sharp toothed smile that used to make any man melt, her seaweed like hair flowed in place of what used to be as gold as the rays of the sun and her mangled blood stained and rotting skin and bloated body that used to be as smooth and curvy as a newly made battle horn.

"You seemed to have lost Ecklai, and you have proven to me and my sisters that neither man nor god could resist that of a well-crafted woman." Kalmay spat, her voice full of nothing more than pure venom.

"Kalmay, you disgusting wench!" Ecklai exclaimed

"And who are you to call me a wench, you love sick dog." Kalmay hissed

"This was between you and I, Kalmay, why did you get my people involved?" Ecklai shouted

"Any of those who worship you are to become a natural enemy of mine!" Kalmay replied

"Just because they chose me over you?" Ecklai asked

"Yes, why you? What is it that you have but not me?" Kalmay cried

"A heart, maybe." Ecklai exclaimed

"A god getting cocky, now that's something that you don't see every day…hmmm….Maybe instead of me doing the polite thing and killing you straight away, maybe I shall just devour you and let you see your pathetic world though my eyes." Kalmay hissed

Suddenly her jaw opened as wide as the god's own body and devoured Ecklai whole where he watched the rest of world through the eyes of a demon until her death but even then her curse was too strong. So there he lays on display where millions of humans see him through their own eyes as nothing more than a museum display…