Chapter One: The Vision

Written by Crystalclear125

10,000 years later…

Thursday afternoons were always incredibly busy for Colette Simmons. Mind you, it was her own fault after all; she insisted that all her clients were to be seen around about that time as she didn't like to spread them out. It looked strange also considering the rest of the town was calm and peaceful where as she was always the one rushing around and looking quite the fool.

"Good morning Richard" Colette said cheerfully, waving to the owner of her favourite store "Crystal Haven"

"Good morning, my dearest Colette and what can I do today? Go on take your time for I've got crystals from far and wide!" Richard replied happily

Richard Epine was a kind, bubbly young man roughly in his late twenties with light hair and eyes, he also wasn't the most colour co-ordinated guy you could ever meet, for instance today he was wearing a purple polo shirt with camouflage shorts and black trainers and just like Colette, he was a rather experienced crystal healer and collector, although he stopped using his powers after he was thrown out and disowned by his family and the rest of the community from his former town, thus, to avoid anything like that from happening again he simply decided to open his own shop and sell crystals to other people rather than use them himself and in all honesty it was only thanks to Colette that his business had survived this long for this town also, shunned anything such as crystal healing.

"Alright" Colette thought aloud "I'm receiving a visit from Wayne Jonson so, I will be needing a large piece of rose quartz and a medium sized piece of obsidian…oh those two are just perfect" Colette said looking at a big and beautiful lump of rose quartz whilst holding a middle sized, pointed piece of obsidian.

"Is that all? Right, that'll be seven pounds please" Richard smiled as he placed the crystals in a blue and white paper bag.

"Thanks Richard, I'll see you soon" Colette replied, as she was about to leave the shop, she heard what sounded like a child sobbing quietly and was surprised when she saw a small girl about nine years of age standing a little way behind her.

"Mummy? Mum where are you?" the girl sobbed

Concerned about the safety about the child Colette walked up to her and put her hand on her shoulder. "Hey there kid, what's the matter?" she asked softly, before the girl could answer, someone burst through the shop door and it became quite obvious quite quickly that it was the child's mother.

"What the hell are you doing? Get your hands off my daughter this instant! Keep your hands to yourself you freaky little demonic freak, I don't want my child growing up to be anything like you!" the woman yelled pulling her daughter away from Colette and storming out of the shop.

"Are you ok? Don't worry about people like her, you know your intentions were good and that's enough. Will you be alright on your way home?" Richard asked placing a concerned arm around her shoulders. Colette pushed him away instantly. She was tired of being treated like an outcast and being called horrible names all because of what she was and what she did for a living. "I'm fine. Just let me leave in peace" Colette snapped as she practically ran out of the store.

Colette was just an ordinary human being just with an ability to heal others using the powers of crystals – she never understood the reason for people's hostility towards her, ignorance. That's what her mother called it. Crystal healing is an amazing thing and it is a true blessing to be gifted with such talents. The ability to heal using crystals was something that ran through Colette's family – it should be something she should be proud of, but how could she when there was people like that woman in the shop in the world?

"Alright I had better start preparing for Wayne's arrival rather than worrying about what happened today" Colette thought as she began laying a small table, suddenly a rather disturbing image came into her mind…

A young man was standing in the middle of the road, crying loudly and frantically searching around for something when suddenly out of nowhere came a large explosion…

Colette gasped. "What in this earth was that?" Colette's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. "Must be Mr Jonson, I'm coming" Colette called as she walked up the hallway and opened the front door.

"Afternoon Colette, I came to continue my healing?"

"Ah, yes of course, everything is ready and waiting for you Mr Jonson. Please come in and make yourself comfortable" Colette smiled and pointed in the direction of the living room.


Still with that vision in her mind, Colette soon followed, sat herself down and finally began with the healing.

"So, how have you been doing since our last appointment?" Colette asked

"Yeah fine, nothing much has happened at all actually. Hey, are you sure you are an experienced crystal healer, or are you just a con artist?" Wayne replied

Colette just laughed. "No, Mr Jonson I can assure you that I am not some random con artist and that you will be healed eventually, but as I have said at the start, you yourself must be open minded and believe in the power of the crystals otherwise this is pointless as it will not work"

Wayne said nothing. Instead he just sat with his head looking down at the floor below.

"Mr Jonson? Are you alright?"

Wayne let out a sinister, cold laugh and grabbed Colette's throat tightly.

"You woman…are a monster and we all know that monsters have no right to live!"


How did you like the first chapter? Please don't take our story literally as we know nothing about crystal healing or if there even is such a thing so please this is just a story and is NOT to be used for any kind of actual reference or anything else but for entertainment. Thanks.