Dancing Snow Angels: Hi everyone this is two piece poem that is also on my deviantart account. Please read, review, and enjoy.

((Little Girls Point of View))

A music box plays on the window sill,

Playing an eerie tune.

A little girl lying in bed holding a knife,

Waiting in the gloomy dark.

Screams fill the night,

As the music box continues to play.

That same little girl is now standing still,

The little knife still in her hands.

Walls are now painted red,

Bodies decorating the floor.

The little girl runs out of the house,

And into the night.

She is now free from abuse,

Free forever more.

The little girl gives an eerie smile

As she continues to listen to the little music box on the window sill.

((The only Survivor's Point of View))

A small music box sat on the window sill,

It played a creepy little tune.

A young child sat alone in the dark

Holding a pair of scissors in his hand,

Waiting nervously for he knew what was to come.

Shierks and screams fill the night air,

The little music box still playing its little tune.

The wall was painted heavily in the color red,

Bodies decorating the floors and halls.

The boy still holding his scissors,

Shaking with fear as he knew he was next.

A shadowy figure strides into the room,

Preparing its finally attack.

She lunges toward the boy,

But instead of killing him,

She knocks him out.

For he has done no wrong to her,

And she left as quickly as she came.