Fallen Down

The ground beneath you, harder than stone
The sky above suddenly reaches new heights
You're on the floor with suffering pains unknown
And there seems to be no help in sight.

And here I am, reaching out to you
Wanting to help you relearn how to stand
And you stare at me with those sweet eyes of blue
Again I offer a lifesaver; again I offer my hand.

But for some reason you reject another try
But for some reason you'd rather suffer
But for some reason you'd just rather die,
But baby, oh baby, you're so much tougher

Than what you allow to think of yourself—
Take it from someone who's watched you grow
Now take that strength from your back shelf
It's there… believe me, lovely, I surely know.

I would never feed you a lie to make you smile
I would never tell you a story to keep you pleased
Together we've walked over a million miles
Even with both our brains being diseased…

I've been in the rut that you've fallen to
I've looked up at the sky without any hope
I've felt like dying—you know that it's true
When misery and hopelessness dare to elope.

I outstretch my arm and I beg you, oh Lord above!
Please take my hand and give yourself another try…
You get to your feet and away from me you shove
You run away suddenly and I ask myself why…

I come to the conclusion that I can't assist
You in this new stage of recovering your life
And so I slowly crumble as I cease and desist
Trying to protect you from the agony and strife

I watch you until you disappear from me
And then slowly it begins to pour down rain
From my eyes as I view you continue to flee
Oh God, you're running right into your pain…

I lie on the ground and wish to be buried alive
I drown in my tears and choke on my cries
I hope that without me hopefully you can survive
I hope that without me, your pain you defy.

I look up at the sky with that feeling lost
Not knowing what to do any longer
Knowing that I'd give up whatever the cost
It'd take to see you stronger.

So run away as fast as you may travel
If that's you need to be okay again
Even if that causes me to simply unravel…
I know your happiness would come in the end.

I don't care what it takes for you to heal
Just so long as you can stand upon your feet
My own hurt and sorrow can be easily concealed
And maybe one day when I see you on the street

You'll be that strong amazing person that I know
Lives down deep within your troubled soul
You'll smile at me and I'll get to see you glow
And maybe that smile will fill up that hole

That's bore itself deep within my heart
That's broken my spirit and caused me to falter
But I'm not allowed to be falling apart
When your condition is so terribly altered…

So I'll turn myself away when I want to collapse
I'll plaster a smile on and tell myself it all is okay
And when it feels like something inside me snaps
I'll remind myself of why you had to go away…

To make yourself stronger and make yourself better
Until you could stand and walk once more
Even though we could no longer be together
You're still the one I'll always adore.

So please don't forget me as you venture alone
You've fallen down now but you can learn to stand
You'll overcome all this misery and pain unknown
And you'll make it to a better land.

And that's the day that I'll be happy as well
Knowing that you're going to be alright
And happiness within me will swell
When I can see your blue eyes shining bright.