I told you this wasn't good-bye right? I'm already back! As I told you before, this is the side project I did while I was writing All I Wanted. BTW if you're reading this and you don't know what All I Wanted is, go read that. Haha it's the story that got me started and, by the reviews, I'd say it was a pretty good story.

This story isn't going to be nearly as long as All I Wanted and, in my opinion, it's not as good as All I Wanted. I'm not saying it's not a good story because I think it totally is, i'm just saying don't expect it to be as good as that one. But don't expect it to be horrible either because I think it's pretty good. And hopefully you will too :)

Like I said, this was a side project and i'm currently thinking up new ideas for a big story like All I Wanted. If you have any ideas at all, let me know! :) I'd love to hear what you think. Well, here's the prologue for The Promise! Hope you enjoy! :)


My name is John Barrett, which is a name no one will probably ever remember. I've known Rebecca Wilson since I was eight years old. We met in third grade on a field trip to the art museum. We were in different classes but we were among the other third grade classes that had been chosen to go on the trip.

I had seen her around school before- in the cafeteria and after school waiting for her mom to pick her up. I had never talked to her before; she came from a rich family while I came from a poor one. I guess I was afraid she wouldn't talk to me because I was a poor boy. My dad ran out on me and my mom when I was little and my mom had to take on two jobs just to get by. Thank God I was an only child; one mouth to feed was enough for her and I seriously doubt we would've made it had I had a brother or sister.

Rebecca's father was a successful lawyer while her mother stayed home and took care of her. She was an only child and she was considered a miracle. Don and Riley, her parents, had tried for years to have a baby and had three miscarriages in the process. So, when Rebecca finally came, it was safe to say it was the best thing that had happened to them. I had seen their house multiple times from the road while I would play with my friends Josh and Luke. I would stare at it, wishing I lived there instead of the two-bedroom apartment where I really lived.

It was a huge three- story, white house with a wrought-iron gate that surrounded the whole place. There was a callbox at the front gate, which was run by a man waiting inside to see if it was safe to open the gate. Rumor had it that the Wilson's had two elevators and a bowling alley inside. Of course, I didn't know; I had never been inside.

Anyway, back to how we met. All of the classes were across the street from the art museum getting ice cream. It was crazy- all of our teachers were trying to order for all of us and they were just as flustered as the cashiers taking their orders. When we received our ice cream, we were supposed to stand off to the side in the grass and wait for everyone else to get theirs.

Rebecca had gotten hers right before me and, as me and my friends were walking over to the grass, I saw Bruce Sparks, the class bully, go up to her and push her down, knocking the ice cream out of her hands. He laughed at her, saying that her rich pig of a father could buy her another one. Who knew that kids could be so mean at eight years old?

I saw what happened and saw that she had started to cry. I went over to her and helped her up off of the ground and helped her get the dirt off of her dress and out of her long, brown hair. After that, I gave her my ice cream cone. She smiled at me and we were inseparable for the rest of the day, and have been ever since then. We became best friends and I couldn't believe how wrong I was about her.

I had thought that, since she was rich, she would be snobby and mean and wear those hats that have the feather poking out the top, like her mom. She turned out to be the complete opposite. She was the sweetest and funniest person I had ever met in my life. And she never wore those hats I was talking about. Sometimes she would come out and play with me, Josh and our friend Hayley wearing a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt, much to her mother's disappointment.

I guess it's safe to say that neither of Rebecca's parents liked me that much and clearly didn't want her hanging out with me. Her mom was the worst. Sometimes, her mom would call my mom, saying that I was corrupting Rebecca and that I was too bad an influence on her. She always tried to stop us from hanging out, but we figured out ways to see and hang out with each other. We've had all of the same classes throughout elementary, middle and now high school since third grade. Now that we've gotten older, she lies to her mom, telling her that she's going to hang out or sleep over at another friend's house- a friend that her mom actually approves of- when she's really coming to hang out or sleep over at my house.

Her mom eventually finds out and expresses her disappointment of me all the time to Rebecca, but Rebecca ignores her. Of course, we don't hang out all of the time. Rebecca takes piano lessons and has since she was six. She also takes dance and yoga classes twice a week and, now that we're older, she's started touring a lot of college campuses. Her mom pressures her about where she's going to go to college while her father is away on business eight months out of the year.

I never would have imagined all of the pressure she has to endure from her parents and sometimes when we hang out, she starts to cry and I end up holding her, telling her everything's going to be alright, when I have no idea if it will be or not.

So, that's the story of how we met and how we grew up together. We're now seniors in high school and I'm now eighteen, Rebecca's seventeen. Ten years later, we're still as inseparable as we were when we were eight years old. We've grown to be best friends and I could never imagine her not being in my life and I'm pretty sure she can't imagine her life without me either. We've been best friends for ten years and I doubt anything in the world will change that. Well, maybe one thing. There's something I've never told her. I've never told her that I am completely and undeniably one hundred percent in love with her.

Oh shoot. Another love story. I think they're the best! By the summary you can tell what's going to inevitably happen so it's kind of an adventure story too. I like the idea of it and hopefully you'll like it too! First chapter should be up purty soon! :)