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Chapter 13

He woke up the next morning and his body was still in major pain. He woke up at around seven and he ignored the pain in his body and got in his truck and drove to Wilmington.

Wilmington was two hours away and he couldn't drive fast enough. When he knew there were no police around, he went ten miles over the speed limit. Though Wilmington was two hours away, he reached it in an hour and a half.

He didn't know where Rebecca would be so he drove to Noah's house. He pulled in the driveway and went and knocked on the door. He waited for a few seconds until Noah opened the door. When Noah saw him, he immediately smiled and laughed and hugged him,

"Holy crap, John, we thought you were dead." John smiled and pulled back,

"Not quite."

"What happened man?" He sighed,

"I killed him. I had too; if I didn't kill him, he would've killed me and found you and Rebecca and killed you too." Noah looked away,

"He really did betray us, didn't he?"

"Yeah, yeah he did."

"Jeeze, that's crazy." He nodded and then asked the question he needed the answer to. He cleared his throat,

"Noah, did you save Rebecca?" He looked up at him,

"Oh, man, I'm sorry I forgot; of course I saved her." John breathed a huge sigh of relief,

"Where is she?"

"I think she said she was going to the park; she's been staying here since we got back yesterday. She's been in her room the whole time and this is the first time she came out. She cried the whole way home and she's been crying ever since. I practically had to drag her out of that cabin and the only reason she came with me was because I told her you told me to get her out of there. She's read that letter you wrote her fifty million times, man. She hasn't stopped talking and asking about you." He looked down and couldn't help but smile slightly. He looked back up at Noah,

"I have to go find her." Noah nodded,

"Of course, of course, go ahead."

"Thank you for everything; I couldn't have done this without you."

"No problem, now go."

John smiled and ran back to his truck and headed to the park.

He couldn't drive fast enough and, when he finally reached it ten minutes later, he threw his truck in park and got out. He ran through the park, knowing exactly where she would be.

When he saw her sitting on the bench, he stopped and stared at her. She was sitting sideways on the bench, with her knees drawn to her chest. She had her arms wrapped around her legs and her head was down so she didn't know he was there. He took a deep breath and started towards her.

It was still cold outside and she had on a pair of jeans with a gray sweater. She had on gloves as well and, as he stopped beside her, she still didn't realize he was there. He stared at her for a second before he put his hand on her shoulder.

"Please, just leave me-" She said as she looked up.

When she looked up and saw that it was John, she froze. Her eyes were red and swollen and they simply stared at each other for a minute until she finally whispered,

"John?" He smiled, getting tears in his own eyes and nodded,

"Yeah, it's me."

Tears suddenly started to flow from her eyes as she stood up from the shock she was in and threw her arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around her, tightly, and picked her up off of the ground. He could hear her crying and he held her tighter. He finally heard her say, through her sobs,

"You're alright." He pulled back and put her down and put his hands on her cheeks and smiled,

"I'm fine, I'm right here." Even though she was crying, she smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. He held her tightly again and said,

"I'll never leave you. I'm so sorry I let all of that happen to you." She pulled away and looked at him with a curious expression,

"What do you mean you let all of that happen to me?"

"I brought you to that mountain; I couldn't stop those men from taking you."

"Exactly, you couldn't stop them." He looked down and she brought her hand to his face,

"John, you saved me. You were the only thing that kept me going in there. There were three of them and they shot you." She looked down and then looked back up at him,

"And you still came for me. Not once, but twice." She smiled,

"You're amazing." He smiled and then turned serious. He stroked her cheek gently,

"I love you, Rebecca. I love you so much." She smiled, tears falling from her eyes,

"I love you, too, John, I've always loved you." He smiled and stroked her cheek again before he leaned towards her.

He had waited for this moment since he was eight years old. As he leaned towards her, she closed her eyes and leaned towards him as well. The years he had spent waiting for that moment couldn't have prepared him for when his lips finally met hers.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down closer to her as their kiss deepened and he wrapped his arms around her waist. They kissed for a few minutes before she pulled away and put her forehead to his.

"Promise me you'll never leave me again." He smiled and kissed her again,

"I promise."

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