"Never Mind, i'll find someone like you. I wish nothing but the best for you two; Don't forget me, i beg. I remember you said, 'Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead'." That moment, i couldn't tear my eyes away from his. His perfectly blue eyes; The ones that i loved, and saw everytime i closed my own.

As i finished the song, everyone clapped, except him. Instead, he just got up and walked outside. Without second hesitation, i got up, left my guitar on the ground, and went after him.

"Jake!" he turned back to look at me; Tears clouding his eyes. "Sky.. just.. just leave me alone, okay?.. i.. i broke up with you because of this.. you're too clingy. I mean.. Sky! Wait! Come back!" I didn't even let him finish. I ran, and ran; outside the school, ran until i couldn't run anymore. After i couldn't take anymore running, i collapsed on the ground. A couple minutes later, I opened my eyes, and not to my surprise, found myself laying in front of Jake's house. I sighed, picked myself up, and walked home.

After i got home, i went directly to my bed. I slept for hours, just wishing time would stop, and the earth would just swallow me whole.

When i woke up, i checked my phone, and had 6 missed calls, 2 new voice mails, and 30 text messages. All from 'Babe'.. i'll pay you 10 bucks to guess who that is.. Jake of course. I read them all, tears building up as i did. Most of them read something along the lines of, 'Sky, i'm sorry.. please, call me back.. we really need to talk.' And the other ones just read stupid stuff like 'i didn't remember you to be like this, holding a stupid grudge..' or just 'Sky, please. Call me. Please.' I sighed, and erased them all, one by one.

I heard the voice mails, which both consisted of, 'Sky, i've called like 5 times.. pick up. Or at least call me back.' I took a deep breath, and decided to call back. I swear, the line didn't even finish ringing once, before a very worried sounding Jake answered, 'Sky? Where are you? Why didn't you pick up? Are you okay?' i sighed, and answered back, 'yes. Home. I was sleeping. And i think so.' I heard him breathe normaly again, and he said, 'okay.. can i come over?' i shook my head, but than realized he couldn't see me, and said back, 'uh.. i really don't think that's a good idea right now..' he sighed, and said okay, before hanging up.

I decided to miss a few days of school, and just stay home relaxing.

It was Thursday afternoon, and it was pouring.. there was lightning, and thunder and all. I was chilling at home, watching old disney movies on the couch, when i heard the doorbell ring. I sighed and paused 'Snow White', before standing up, and opening the door. It was Jake; he was soaked, his face a blueish color.. which i was sure wasn't very healthy. Did he seriously walk all the way over here? 'Jake? What the hell are you doing here? And why are you so wet?' he shuddered a bit, and said 'can i come inside?' i nodded, and stepped aside.

'Sky.. can we please talk? Please?' i looked down at the floor, and bit my lip. I looked back up at his face, and nodded slowly. 'look.. i know i broke up with you.. i know, that i broke your heart.. and i also know, i broke all the trust you had on me..' he said, stuttering a bit, cause of the cold. '..but, i also know, that you still love me. And i know, that you really haven't gotten over me yet..' he continued, and with every word he said, i looked down, and tears kept building up. 'but.. i know that i can't get over you either.. that, no matter how much i try, at night to go to sleep, all i hear is your laugh, and i dream of you every night.. and, and everytime i close my eyes, all i can see is your face..' he said, and i looked at him, he was on the verge of tears too. '..look, i know you probably hate me, and that you really don't want to hear what i have to say.. but if i didn't say this sooner, my head was going to explode.. and-' i cut him off; pressing my lips against his.

He was clearly shocked, but a couple seconds later, he started kissing me back. I pulled away, and looked down at the ground. He hugged me, and i didn't care that he was soaking, or that this was my favorite shirt.. i hugged him back, and heard him whisper against my ear, 'i love you Skylar Clayderman.. and i promise, as long as i'm alive, i won't ever be stupid enough to let you go again.' I felt myself smile; and whispered back, 'i love you too, Jake Johnnson..' i pulled apart, and smiled at him.. 'hey, did you actually walk 11 miles all the way here?' he shrugged, 'it seemed important.. and romantic.' He said, smiling back. 'no.. it's stupid..' he chuckled, 'hey, that's love for ya'.. makes people do the stupidest things ever.' I grinned, 'Yeah. I can see.'

Right then and there, i knew everything was going to be okay between us again..