Chapter Two

The morning passed by much too fast for my liking. After my mother's comment on my lack of... proper traits we barley said a word to each other. Breakfast was especially awkward, I sat across from my mother playing and slowly eating my food while she stared at me.

I did let her do my makeup like I promised though; she added color to my cheeks, lips and eyes. When she was done I didn't ever recognize myself anymore. Never mind fancy clothing, this was more than enough for me. There was a pink tinge to my lips and cheeks while the lids of my eyes were coated in a coppery-brown color, the lashes long and dark. This is what models in magazines looked like, I thought to myself.

"There, now you look perfect." My mother takes a step back away from me and smiles, the smallest sign of pride showing in her eyes.

I can't reply to her at all, not even able to say thank you, I'm too stunned at my reflection.

She misjudges my astonishment for uneasiness and starts to reassure me, "You look gorgeous Eden, any man would be lucky to have you as his life partner. As for the makeup, I didn't do much, you're skin is already flawless so all I had to do was add a little bit of color here and there."

I still am unable to speak, sitting there staring at my reflection. Finally, after a few minutes of pondering I find that I am able to speak again, "Mom... I can't believe how... different I look."

There is still caution written all over her face.

"Sorry, let me rephrase that... I can't believe how amazing I look." I'm not trying to sound full of myself or anything, really. I'm just trying to reassure her now that I am okay and that I am, under the circumstances, happy.

Her face lights up once again. "Okay, come with me," she grasps my hand and leads me into the living room where we sit down on the couch, "Lets just go over what's happening one more time..."

"Mom, we've already done this over thirty times!" I slouch back into the couch, not bothering to argue any further with her.

She notices my slouch and takes is as surrender. "Well today you will be chosen. The marriage will be arranged at a later date after you and he are acquainted better and I have met his parents... Tonight he may try and sleep with you, but I would try and hold off for a little while."

"I'm not going to sleep with him tonight, how easy do these guys think we are?" My raised tone matched the frown on my face, I'm sure of it.

"You do know that your... information is given out to all the potential buyers, right?"

"My... information?" my nose scrunches up. I'd never heard about my so called information, whatever that entitled, being handed out in pamphlet.

"Your birthday, grades, family history..." her voice lowers immensely, "status."

"My stats in what?" I rise out of my slouch and lean in towards my mother, my jaw locked in a stubborn line.

"...virginal status," she smile cheaply. My brows knit together while my eyes bulge out of my skull, I can feel the shock on my face.

"What... why the hell do they need to know if I'm a virgin or not? It's none of their business!" I feel violated already. "And how do the people who make the pamphlets, or whatever the information is on, know if I am one or not?"

"Calm down," she rubs my upper arms, "its only normal procedure. Virgins allure different types of men than non-virgins do, especially if a man is looking for an unspoiled woman."

"Unspoiled? You make it sound like I'm a piece of meat or something."

"You're not at all honey, just like I said before, some men have special expectations. That's just how it is. And as for how they know whether you are or not, do you remember that medial checkup you went to about a month ago?"

"Yes... oh!" The doctor had checked me up to make sure that I was healthy and able to be a mother. I had passed the test. "I remember now," a deep red blush rises to my cheeks, "Is it bad? That I'm a virgin, that is."

My mother is shaking her head before I'm even done speaking, "No, no, no. There is nothing wrong with that at all."

All of a sudden the phone rings and my mom is up and racing to get it. "Hello?" ... "Oh! I'm so sorry, we'll be there right away!" She hangs up the phone.

"We're late Eden! We have to go!" She yells, grabs her purse and then races to the door. I am still sitting on the couch. "Eden!" she bellows, motioning me to follow her.

Suddenly I spring into action and I am up on my feet following my mother to the door. Before closing it I turn around and look back into my home, this is the last time I'd be in this house as free woman. The next time I would set foot in this house I would only be getting my things and then leaving for good. I would be a ruled woman forevermore.