So things just didn't turn out the way we always dreamed they would be

All the hopes that we shared faded away untill there was only you and me

We fell short in the race, as we looked into our eyes and threw it all away

Nobody wants to feel the hurt, and you thought it was better of this way


I faintly remember those times where even I had my doubts about us

I didn't think those times would ever come, but I guess we do what we must

All the nights we spent talking untill the sun was rising and I was falling asleep

Now they're not the same these days, just memories I've sworn myself to keep


I guess I should be broken

I guess I should feel empty

But that's not the way I live my lfe

And that's not the way I want you to remember me


The story started out so simple yet ended in a mix of feelings

And untill these dying days we never gave up to our misgivings

Thinking back on all those days spent hoping for a brighter tommorow

But even at the worst of times I won't linger in an endless sea of sorrow


I look into a mirror and ask the other side what did I do that went so wrong?

And then I start to learn that some things that aren't meant to be last so long

Before they unwind themselves and show us that dreaming can be dangerous

So now when life tries to tear me down, it forgets that I have nothing left to lose


There was a hurt inside me

There was a pain that held me tight

But I wouldn't let it hold me for long

I won't give in, I won't lose this fight


And in the end, all that matters is we made it through

We did it together even though there's no me and you

Things could have been worse but we managed to stay strong

And you'd be suprised to know that is not another break-up song


I hold my hands out high and I look out to the edge of the horizon

This is where I'll make my stand, now as lonely as the sun

But don't think it's a bitter ending that I'm leading you into

I tried my best but now it's time to move on to something new


If there's a message hidden somewhere in this symphony

It's that no matter what happens, you should never give in to misery

You're gonna get hurt in this life, and there's nothing you can do

But you'll make great memories along the way, and they will save you


Don't let a broken heart get in the way of brand new dreams

Love is never easy, my freinds, and it's never what it seems

We take a stand, we take a hit, life is all about the ups and downs

And despite what you may believe, it's not as hard as it sounds


Follow your heart, and you'll find your hapiness

Even if there's some break-downs along the way

Just remember that you're giving yourself a promise

There's always a smile hidden inside every new day


I've cried some tears, and I've felt some fears

I've been broken down, and I've been chewed out

But now I'm standing here, and my conscience is clear

I gave the journey my best, but I didn't pass the test

But broken hearts will heal, and they start to see what's real

I gave you all my love, but I didn't give you enough

But you'll never fade away, because you showed me the way

You taught me how to grow, you taught me to believe in a thing called...