Haunted Vengance By: Breanna Holbrooks

It was two years ago when I was taken by these creatures and I wasn't even given a reason why, just taken from my family in the middle of the night. I was just sitting in my room reading a book about Lycans when someone crashed through my window and landed in front of my bed. I dropped the book and ran for the door, but who ever had crashed through the window didn't come alone and that's who was blocking my only exit. Before I could scream for my father I blacked out after being hit on the head with something. When I woke I was in a strage room made of brick and there were bars on a wooden cell door and I had bars for a window. As I tried to get up I felt weak and I had a huge head ach, when I got the energy to move I walked over to the door and looked out. I could see nothing, but a tall man standing outside the door and I could hear someone coming down the steps, shortly after I saw shadows coming down the hall.

"Your highness." Said the man bowing.

Then a tall, pale, muscular man came into sight, he was wearing a long black drench coat, black jeans, and a black t-shirt, as for his shoes they were these old boots. But as for me I wasn't wearing any shoes, I was in my pj's; a pair of old sweat pants and an old t-shirt that my mom got me at a swap meet. The shirt was a Ravens t-shirt, tattered at the bottom, with the neck a little torn, and a few sizes too big for me, yet comfy.

As he came closer I could see his face a little better and he had four scars across his face that started up at his eyebrow and ended on his cheek like someone had scratched him in a fight. He came down alone with a torch in his hand and looked at the man standing in front of the cell I was in and twitched his head to the side and the man moved. As he walked in he smiled and I saw that he had fangs; that worried me a little becuase I had never seen someone wear fangs. I mean except for Lycans and their K-9's, but they only came out when they morphed not when they were in their human form. What was this guy?

"I hope your trip was pleasent." The tall fanged-man said.

I stood there in silence.

"You are probably wondering who I am." He said putting his hand on his chest.

I nodded my head still silent.

"Well, I'm Alexander, Prince of the Vampires." He said.

My head jerked up when he said Vampires. Alexander took me from the cell without another word and took me to a strange room with brown cloaks all around. Next thing I knew I felt something poke my neck and it felt like a thousand needles going into my neck at once. The pain was unindurable, I screamed at the top of my lungs from the pain. When the pain stopped I fainted and fell to the floor as every thing went black, I awoke a few hours later and felt my neck and when I looked at my hand I saw blood on my fingers.

"Please let this be a dream, please let this be a dream." I said looking around the empty room.

"Oh, I asure you this is no dream." Said Alexander from behind me.

"What have you done to me?" I yelled at him.

"I made you into a Vampire of course." Alexander said walking up to me.

"Why?" I asked clutching my hands into fists.

"I need no reason to turn people." He said then he left without another word to me.

Three years had gone by and I had finally gotten used to being a Vampire, but I still read about Lycans in my alone time. Alexander (or as I called him Fang face) would always go hunting for them and bring back three or four at a time. I hated what he had turned me into so when he would go hunting I would practice my sword play and I swore one day I would kill him and have my freedom back. As Alexander was out hunting I went down to the Lycan cells to get my fighting partner. His name was Damian and he was a century older then me, but I'm only 21, you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at me because the damn blood sucker turned me when I was 19. When I got down there it was unusually quiet because bout this time the new arrivals would be trying to get out.

"Hey, Lawrence." I said leaning against his cell door.

"Kris, what are you doing down here?" He asked coming close to his door.

"Getting Damian. What's going on? Why's it so quiet?" I asked.

"The new arrivals, they escaped early this morning and died because of the new collors." He said pointing to blood soaked collors on the wall.

"New collors, what do you mean by new collors?" I asked walking over to the wall of collors.

"Alexander had them made that way if any of the new arrivals got out; silver would be released into their blood stream and they would exsplode." Lawrence said in a silent tone.

"Did Damian go with them?" I asked as a tear came to my eye.

"Yes, but he wasn't wearing a collor so he got away with two others that weren't wearing collors either." Lawrence said putting his arms through the cell door.

I came over to him and cried tears of joy that Damian finally got out after eight years of being locked up. Now it was my turn when Alexander went to sleep that morning I grabbed a sword and stood over him, the sword over the center of his chest. I kicked his side and he woke to me over him with a blade ready to plung into his chest and pierce his heart. I told him that since he stole my life from me I was going to steal his life from him. The thing was it wasn't like me to kill someone so I kissed the cross around my neck and I raised the sword and drove it down into his chest, after I twisted it he froze in place. I opened the certains and watched him burst into flaims, before the other Vampires could smell the smoke I went down to the Lycan cells and freed the Lycans. Lawrence unlocked their collors and they ran into the woods. Before I left I went to my room and grabbed a gun, the bullets, and my crossbow, and started out in my drench coat, combat boots, purple t-shirt, and a pair of jeans. As I came close to the door I was stopped by some of the Vampires that had taken me three years ago. I couldn't reach my gun so I used the dagger that was attached to my hip. I killed the first one, but the other one got me by surprise and pushed me out the doors. I stood up and held my dagger trying to get him before the sun came out. I cut him three times and he got me across the face, I reached for my gun and shot him with the last bullet that was in it. He burned as the bullet went through him, the bullets I had contained Holy Water, so that gave me some time to run before he started burning.

I got into the trees and hid behind one because my face was dripping with blood, the scratch started below my left eye and ended at my chin. I would have a scar on the left side of my cheek till someone finally killed me. After the bleeding stopped I had a stain on my shirt and I was miles away from any town, so I started jumping through the branches of the trees 'til I got to this town. I covered the blood on my shirt and walked into the town, the kids that were at the front gate looked at the scar on the side of my face then returned to playing. I walked through the town with a bag full of weapons slung over my shoulder and pretended that it was a bag of personals. I walked into the town square and sat down looking at the bloody scar on my face in a puddle at my feet. My left cheek hurt along with the whole left side of my face, nobody stopped to see if I was okay, except one little girl wearing a red dress. Her hair was in pigtails and her dress was the color of blood, she had a little white ribbon tied around her waist, and a little hankercheif in her hand.

"Hi, my name is Sally." She said in a squeeky voice.

"Kris." I said looking up at her.

She stood in the same spot just looking at me.

"How did you get that?" She asked pointing to my face.

"What this?" I asked pointing to the scratch mark on my face, "I got it from a very mean man."

"Here." She said handing me the small cloth.

"No thank you Sally." I said giving it back.

Her mother came by shortly after and pulled Sally away from me because she saw the scar on my face; she showed a little sympathy. She handed me a peice of cloth and walked away with Sally's hand in her's. I walked out of the town square and to an old house a mile away from the middle of town. These people knew nothing of what happened in the castle, the only thing they knew was that the children could play near the gate without fear because they heard from someone that Alexander was dead. I stayed in the town to protect the people from the Vampires that would be looking for me to kill me because I killed their leader.

Chapter One:

Eight Centuries Later.

It was a normal day in town and the people still kept their children away from the gate because the fear of a new Vampire Prince coming made the people fear the forest. I knew that who ever it was would be weaker than Alexander. Nobody knew that I was a Vampire they just knew that I came in when a Vampire was in town frightening the children or came close to town. I hadn't seen nor heard a Lycan in eight hundred years and Damian was the only Lycan who would speak on my behalf, plus I'm the only Vampire he's ever trusted. I left the town to look for a rabbit to drink from because I needed the energy. I was walking through the forest when a rabbit came across, it was your normal white rabbit so I drank from that and left it for the wolves. And no not the Lycans, I had more respect then that. A rabbit normally lasted me up to a week depending on how big it was. After I had my weekly rabbit I started back to the town, but I went through the trees as always and landed in the town square. I started back to my home when a little one grabbed my leg. His name's Timothy, bout 5 years old he's a relative of Sally's that's all I can remember. Some of the kids (the brave ones) would call me Shadow if they caught me in town and Timothy was one of the kids who called me Shadow, because none of them knew my real name.

"Shadow, Shadow, come quick." Timothy said out of breath pulling on my coat towards the gate.

"What is it Timothy?" I asked looking down at him with my hands in my pockets.

"It's my sister, she's hurt." He said still pulling on my coat.

"Which sister?" I asked because he had twin sisters. One's name was Marie and the other was Tally they were about a year younger than him.

"Marie." He said now pulling on my hand.

"I'm coming." I said as he ran out the gate.

We ran towards where his sister sat holding her leg, she was sitting near the old oak tree. The one they started growing when I got here. I kneeled down next to Marie and took a look at her leg, I rubbed my thumb where she was holding and felt where the bone was broken. I sighed and turned to Timothy and Tally.

"Do I want to know why you three are out here?" I asked putting my hands on my hips .

"It was Timothy's idea." Tally said pointing at her brother.

"I don't care whose idea it was, children aren't allowed out here periode without protection or an adult by their side." I said turning back to Marie.

"My leg hurts, Shadow." Marie said still holding her leg.

"I know sweetie, lets get you back to town and to a doctor. Now as for you two get back to town I'll take Marie back and get her to the Doctor. Go now." I said kneeling next to Marie.

Timothy and Tally started back towards town and I wrapped a piece of cloth around two sticks to Marie's leg till I could get her back to town.

"Marie, you're normally so careful, what happened?" I asked tightening the cloth.

"I tripped over this." She said holding up a collor.

I saw that collor in her hand and my heart dropped.

"We need to get you out of here, now." I said picking her up.

"Why? What's the collor for?" Marie asked as I put her on my back.

"I can't tell you right now, I'll tell you later." I said holding her legs as she held onto my back tight.

I started leaping off trees to go faster towards town, but I saw someone hiding behind a tree and I pulled my gun from the holster on my leg and got it cocked so I could shoot it at any Vampire that got in my way. Marie said "Shadow" and I turned to her not knowing my fangs were out, she saw them and held my neck tighter. We started to approach the tree and I saw moon white eyes standing out in the darkness and I knew that no Vampire had moon white eyes. So it had to of been a Lycan. I slowed down and got to the ground and a familiar face come from behind the tree. It was Lawrence.

"Kris is that you?" He asked in surprise.

"Lawrence, damn how long has it been?" I asked hugging him.

"Eight centuries. I haven't seen you since you helped us escape." He said hugging me back.

"I know. How are you, ya old Lycan?" I asked giggling.

"Haha, very funny. I'm fine and you?" He said letting me go.

"Bout the same I guess. Dealing with intruding Vampires." I said still holding Marie on my back.

"So, who's the kid?" Lawrence asked.

"Oh, I'm so rude. This is Marie, Marie this is an old friend of mine." I said putting an enphasis on old. I mean wouldn't you?

"Nice to meet you." He said.

"What have you been doing the last 800 years?" I asked.

"Looking for the Lycans Damian escaped with." He said in a whisper.

I sighed because knowing Damian he got as far away from this place as he possibly could.

"Hey, Marie fell over one of those new collors and broke her leg." I said handing him the bloody collor.

"Really? No one could get more than four feet without blowing up from the amount of silver pumped into them from these." He said holding the collor.

"I know, but the thing is it's empty, see no silver in the collor." I said pointing to the empty plastic on the bottom of it.

Lawrence looked at it and pushed his hair back because no Lycan could withstand the amount of silver that was put into these things. He said good-bye and ran back the other way and I took Marie into town to the Doctor because of her leg. When we got into town I carried her to the only Doctor in town and got her a cast. After she got her cast she wanted answers and let me tell ya she isn't like her twin because if she wanted to know something she bugged you till she got the information she wanted. Just like Sally. I took her home and she asked her mother if she could come over to my home to spend the night, which she was going to because my story was a pretty long one. I was sitting in my living room listening to the T.V. with the fireplace going reading a book when I heard a knock on the door. I closed my book and set it aside and walked over and saw Marie with her over night pack and her crutches. The thing was I had only enough food for the weekend and it was something mortals ate I drank blood, rabbit and deer of course. I let her in and she sat on my couch and waited for me to come sit and tell her my story. Marie made herself comfy and I got her a juice box that I haven't had since I was her age. I sat down in my chair when she started drinking her juice.

"So, how much do you want to know?" I asked holding a coffiee cup of blood.

"Everything." Marie said lifting her casted leg.

"Um, ok. Well, it all started in the year 2011 and I had just turned 19 my life was ok because I was still going to school when I was taken from my room by Vampires and I was brought here by these two Vampires. When I was growing up I always loved reading about Lycans and I still do. When I woke I was in a strange cell that was frightening to me and I had the biggest headach, I walked over to the door I saw nothing, but a Vampire guarding the door and than another Vampire came down with a torch leading the way. I stepped back from the door as it was opened and a tall man walked in. He was tall, pale, with a few scares on him, I thought that it was all just a bad dream till he started talking then I saw fangs where his K-9's should've been. As you can imagine I wanted to wake up, but normally I would have by that time, I did not so he took me from the cell and walked me to another room. I saw nothing, but brown cloaks and as I was looking around he bit me here on the neck." I said showing her the punkture wounds on the left side of my neck.

"Did it hurt?" Marie asked.

"Extremely, I blacked out for what felt like a few hours and later I found out it had been three days and I had this burning in my throut. Later I had found out that it was my thirst for blood, it was all explained to me that if I did not feed than I would diewithin a few days. I was trapped with that Vampire Prince Alexander for four centuries and I had only one friend. His name was Damian and he was a Lycan far older then the one you saw we had plans to make a hybrid, we would bite each other and go from there or do something else. It was something we needed to do to blend the blood of our kind, but he excaped long ago without my help and I haven't seen him since." I said leaning back.

"Do you miss your family?" She asked putting her empty juice box on the table.

"Very much, but they died long ago." I answered holding back tears.

"Tell me about Damian." She said picking her casted leg up and looking at me.

"Well, he tought me the sword play I know now and he was a good friend." I said still holding back tears.

I thought of Damian and how we could have changed everything with our plan, but he had others to care for other then a silly little plan of a Vampire that was turned by a terrible man. Even if he was the Prince, but there was still the fear of a new Prince and he would be coming for me soon enough and without Damian or any other Lycan by my side I would be dead within minutes. I held my head in my hands and tried to hold back tears that had been wanting to come out for centuries, but I held them back because tears were a sign of weakness. I took a deep breath through my nose and pushed my hair back hiding tears.

Chapter Two:

Marie looked at me and she looked tired so I got her set for bed and she slept on my couch. I held my knees close and laid my head on them and watched as she slept, but there was something about her that reminded me so much of myself when I was her age. I just couldn't put my finger on it; as she slept I walked around looking for a book to read and every book I had in my home I had read a million times before. I walked back and forth the bottom and went up and down the ladder looking at old books that I had read time and time again, but there was one book that would always be my favorate. It was a book of poems that Damian and I read after fighting, he would sit against the bars and I would sit on the other side and he would read the poems to me. At times he would reach his arm through the bars and play with my hair as he read them to me. I never knew what it was, but Damian was always with me when I had a bad day or when I needed him with me. Now I needed him with me and I wanted this stupid war to end and I wanted Vampires to be out of the picture and out of the way. I knew the possible penalty for killing the Vampire that had made me the way I am, but it didn't happen so I figured that who ever was left was still keeping me a Vampire. There were two penalties for killing the Vampire who turned you one was dying yourself and the other was living without the oppritunity for killing yourself or others killing you. I knew them very well because when I was stuck with Alexander I watched as he killed the ones who turned others and he would watch from a crystal ball at how the people would slowly die or try and kill themselves because they hated what they were turned into. Tears started flowing down my face as I opened the book and saw that there was writing on one particular page; it was a poem Damian had read to me over and over again. I didn't know the name of the poet, but I knew I liked the poem.

"You shine like a diamond even in the moonlight. You shine brighter than the sun in the sky. Your love is the light that guides my life and its you that keeps my blood moving through my veins. To live without you would be a heartache if I would even have a heart left. You are my heart and if you were gone it would be as well. Can I make you stay or will you leave? If I have to I'll beg and plead."

The poem reminded me of a time when I was loved by someone that I didn't want dead. Damian was one of the few lycans that trusted me and I trusted him; I walked back over to my chair when I saw someone at my window and they were tapping on it. I grabbed a gun from my table and walked over shinning a flashlight at the figure; opening the window a cloaked figure jumped in so I cocked and aimed my gun at him before I heard his voice I had my finger on the trigger. It was Lawrence and he was holding the collor in his hand and it was still empty. I put the book down and he sat down on a chair far from Marie and close to me; my heart dropped and I looked up at him.

"What did you find out?" I asked holding the collor in my hand.

"I found one of the Lycans that left with Damian and he said that this was Damian's collor and he pulled it off just at the silver was being released." Lawrence said as I looked up at him confused.

"I thought you said that only the new arrivals got these things?" I asked sitting up.

"Well, Damian got one just before he left and tore it off before the silver completely entered his blood stream." Lawrence corrected himself.

"Anything else?" I asked a little worried.

"You're not gonna like it, but um, Alexander is still alive. He's gone and put a price on your head and will do anything to make sure you're dead." Lawrence said in hushed tones.

I sat up in shock and looked at him and looked back on the day as if it were yesterday.

"But I shoved a sword through his heart and watched him turn to ashes in the rays of the sun." I said trying not to wake Marie.

"Well, either his successor has taken his place or he didn't die. Either way someone put a price on your head and you should be safe for a while." He said as if he were hiding a secret.

I sighed and looked at the little girl sleeping on my couch with a thumb shoved in her mouth; I knew Alexander had someone cloned to look like him just in case this happened, but with a price on my head and no Damian I would be in trouble. I got up and pulled down an old picture of my dad and I on my sweet 16 when he got home from a business trip, he travled a lot when I was growing up and Damian reminded me so much of my dad which is why I guess I felt so comfotable around him. I put the picture back and looked back at Lawrence and he was standing near the window ready to leave, but I couldn't let him leave without some kind of protection so I pulled out an old cross bow of mine and a few arrows and gave it to him so he could have some sort of protection against the Vampires. I watched him leave and new tears started forming in my eyes as I closed the window and went to sit in my chair because I knew there was a fight coming for me and it was coming faster than I thought.

Marie woke up the next morning with a head ach and serious bed head; I brought her some juice and eggs that I had gotten from town. I hadn't eaten stuff like this since I was turned and it was hard making it because it reminded me of weekends with my father growing up because he would always make me random things. She ate in silence and the blood I had last night will hold me up for at least a month or so. I looked at the young girl and dreaded what would happen if the Vampires ever got close enough to the town and I couldn't hold them back the way I have been doing for centuries. What if they get in and make these innocent people into slaves, cattle for their own use? What if I get torn to shreds by the Vampires and made into a piece of the pavement? So many what if's and cons, my sister always looked at the cons and what could go wrong and rarely looked at things that could go right and I'm starting to understand, now after centuries of her being gone from my life. She always told me to keep the cons in mind when doing things, but I always looked at the plus side never the down side, never. But now I am. I look around my home and thought of all the things that have gone wrong in my life and how my sister was right to tell me to look at the cons more often. It's too late I mean I started the battle so I have to finish the War which would be coming in a few days. I was part of an army of Vampires fighting against those who go against code and had made friends along the way. I had been away from that for about three centuries and still knew them and I saw a very special book when I was with them and certain people are supposed to be turned. Yes, I was on the list to be turned, but in a different way and a different place and a different person. The way I was turned was a crime worthy of death so when they found out I killed him they let me join their army and trained me the way I would of been when I was first turned. I sent Marie home that afternoon with thousands of questions and went to look at some old weapons, armor, and go into the old training room to prepare myself for the upcoming battle.

Chapter Three:

I was hitting the punching bag with taped hands and did some target practice with my crossbow and guns. I sharpened a few swords that day and made more bullets from silver. Some times silver works, but I met a stupid Vampire freak four centuries ago that held a cross up to my face and poked me with it. Just so you know crosses are a joke, they don't work on Vampires unless they have a pointed end, but other wise people like that are both wasting our time and annoying us to death with the cross crap. When this is over and the people of the village are safe once again I plan to hunt Vampires for a cause and keep an eye on those who need me the most. Keeping both Lycan and Vampire in line. Maybe I'll keep the name Shadow it's grown on me over the years and I like it, but I was named Kris and only those who know me well enough know that my name is Kris and who I was before all this happened to me. I fear for these people and how they are treated by the Vampires that roam the out skirts of their village. As I was pulling out some old weapons I had used when I was with the Vampire army an old picture fell from a large sheeth of an old machete. I kneeled down and picked it up. Tears came to my eyes as I looked at the picture; it was of my sister and I on my sweet 16 before she left for the army. I closed my eyes to push back tears when I heard a knock at my door, I put the picture back and hurried upstairs and to the door. At the door way was a cloaked figure with three or four others behind them. Taking a deep breath I asked them to remove their hoods and show their faces. The one who knocked took their's off first and smiled at me.

"Kim!" I screamed hugging her.

Kim was one of the Vampires I fought with when I was with their army and a friend that I had saved many times in a fight. She promised me that she would always be there for me if I needed her for anything. I invited her in and the others followed. They all removed their hoods and I knew them all. I had fought with them in their army and for some reason they were here. They took a seat and looked at me with sorrow in their eyes.

"So I've heard you go by Shadow now." Kim said looking up at me.

"Something I accrired a few centuries ago when I returned. The children thought it was cute since I move in the shadows." I said smiling.

"I heard there was a war about to happen." She said leaning back.

"Ah that, well it's simple. I killed Alexander and now they want to kill me so inorder to do so they are going to come in great numbers and take things by force, such as the people to turn them into cattle or those who don't like that idea pets." I said sitting down.

"Well, we thought you might need some help with it so we came and there will be others within a few days." Kim said handing me a book.

"What's this?" I asked opening it.

"Something I picked up in France, thought you might like it." She said as I read a few lines.

"Thanks, but I stopped studying french a long time ago. I still remember some, but not a lot." I said looking at the lines.

"What does it say?" She asked.

"It says, Les voies de Vampires ancienne, which in other words means The ways of ancient Vampires, it's very old and will be hard to translate considering I haven't studied French in so long." I said looking at the title.

I kept reading and it read, Les moyens des vampires ont parcouru un long chemin et certains suivent les r gles anciennes et nouvelles, in english means The ways of the Vampires have come a long way and some follow the old and new rules. The rest was written in english so easy for me to read to myself. Kim and the others worried about the on coming war bacause I had been out of training for centuries and that fact that the Vampires I was going to fight were far stronger than I was made me think of the poor people of this town. I would gladly sacrifice myself to make sure these innocent people stay safe. I had always thought of my life as a mistake and the way my life was taken from me was so cruel and the way my parents must have felt when they saw that I was gone and how my room was a mess from my struggle. Kim saw the sorrow in my eyes and brought me out of my trance to ask me about the people of this village and why they mean so much of me.

"Kris, come with me." She said walking over to a window over looking the village and it's people.

"What is it?" I asked coming to her side.

"Why do you worry about their safety?" She asked looking at the humans.

"I guess because I want to hold onto whatever is still making me human in some way and the fact that most of the children count on me to keep them safe just makes it all that much harder." I answered looking down at the small children playing.

"Kris, your humanity was lost long ago and these people are unaware of what you are and it's getting the best of you. You must understand that you will never be human and you haven't been human, you drink blood to stay alive and you stay inside when the sun is out. I know you miss it and I was born this way so I wouldn't know, but I've treated you like my sister since we met and we look out for each other. No matter what happens, I'll be with you till the end." She said looking at me.

"Thanks Kim, it means a lot to me that you would be there for me. We might also have some extra muscle if all goes well." I said smiling.

"What do you mean?" Kim asked a little worried.

"You'll see." I said leaving the window.

She just looked at me as if I had lost my mind completely and that this was just a part of something that was going to end badly. I knew that Lawrence would find a way to get to Damian and help me out the best he could, but if he was injected with any silver nitrate than he would be a lyability for the most part. I have faith that he has gotten it out of his system though.

Days went by and Vampires had been coming from all around to help me with the war. It would be a great battle and a rare one at that and if it were to get into the supernatural books than I would have to think of a new name instead of Shadow, but I would still go by Kris. I had gotten my crossbow ready and swords as sharp as I could because it would be very hard to get anything done with a dull sword and I would surely be dead within the hour if they were dull. I heard nothing from the Lycans and I wouldn't doubt if they never came because most of them were taken as young pups and most were cursed with Lycanthropy so they would kill anyone even us.

Chapter Four:

The war was in just a few short days and we were far from a large enough army, but we were strong and could handle them. Training was the usual punching bag, target practice, sword fights, and some sharpening sessions. I still heard nothing from the Lycans so I assumed they weren't going to help an army of Vampires even though I helped a good portion of them to escape from their cells. As days went by Vampire sighting in the village had decressed more and more, it worried me because I was sure that the Vampires were growing greater in numbers. They were taking lives of people who were never meant to be Vampires. When the day of war came we were ready and I was afraid for the people of the village. What if we lose? What will happen to these people? How will they live their lives if we lose? I was starting to talk myself out of the battle and making it seem as if it was going to be far worse than it would be. I always fought for those who needed me and my mother thought it was brave of me, but if she saw me now talking myself out of a fight she would call me chicken and say I've lost what spunk and bravery I had. But I will not back down, I will not run, I will fight for these people and if I die so be it.

The days past by swiftly and the others and I prepared for battle against the Vampires who go against code, but there was more at stake this time and more to lose than a few Vampires. My life was threatened and Kim tried to make me stay, but there was no way she could have made me stay behind when the battle started with a simple death. The battle began with the death of a Prince and will end with the death of his followers. I put a sword on my back in its sheeth and a few knives on my legs and my crossbow was held in my hand ready to fire when I pull the trigger. I looked at all the Vampires that had come to fight with me and they were strong at both heart and soul. I looked at Kim and she was smiling at me and with that we started out for the battle that waited for us. Losing my life was the only thing that Kim was worried about I mean I saved her from many people to make sure she was never to be killed and she said she would try to do the same, but if I had anything to do with it no one will take a bullet for me. Bullet, arrow, claw, or bite, I would take it myself and for anyone else, but no one will lose their life if death was meant for me then so shall it be. Morbid I know, but my mother was the same and she made sure that I cared for those who were wounded and protect others from death in a battle. When we were out of sight of humans we took off towards the battle field and saw a ruthless army of Vampires with death on their minds and in their hearts. I took a deep breath and looked at the army behind me and before me.

"To the death!" I screamed and we charged at each other.

The battle began with screams and the sounds of tearing flesh and the sight of blood was horrifying. My sword was stained with blood as were my clothes and boots; Kim had a flesh wound and I had been hit with several arrows and clawed by them many times. Ash covered the field blood made our hands unclean and covered our faces, wounds bled and covered our bodies, scares old and new appeared on our bodies. Weapons lost in bodies and new taken for the kill; millions of lives lost and a sound that called everyone's attention and brought a smile to my blood stained face. The sounds of Lycans approaching and more tearing and screaming louder than before. Blood took the field and stained the fur of our new army recruits, but the battle was far from over. Teenagers were released onto the fields and began to slaughter the Lycans with silver on their hands; though cruel I had to protect the Lycans, so I took action and slit a few throuts and tore a few limbs. I was stained from head to toe with blood both mine and the rivels. Kim was stained with blood of the enimy's, but none of her own. We had the upper hand in this battle, but there was one thing no one, not even I, thought would happen; Lawrence was killing his own kind and my army with the other Vampires. The Vampires of the other side were gone, most no more, only Lawrence was left and he saw me and smiled and when I saw his hand it was covered in silver nitrate and he swipped his large paw over my chest sending me to the ground gasping for air. He came over to me and kneeled down to me and started talking.

"You are truely a stupid girl. I mean I thought you were smarter than this, hell I've been with those Vampires for quit some time and I thought you could smell a traitor from a mile away. I was thrown in that cell for not listening and the only way to get out and report back what you've been doing. They figured that with how strong you are killing you wouldn't be easy so they made a silver toxion that would not harm me, but would slowly and surely painfully kill you. Taking your life was all part of the plan to begin with." Lawrence said as my body began to jerk violently because the silver was running through my veins.

"How could you? I thought you were my friend." I said through my teeth and the pain.

"Well, you thought wrong." He said putting his hand on an open wound on my stoumach making me scream bloody murder.

My back began to arch and my screams louder, when I straightened out Kim was by my side and someone was holding, slitting Lawrence's throut and coming to my side. The silver was going through my body killing me slowly and I could hear Damian's voice calling me. I looked over and saw his face and made a request that would change my life and might kill him.

I took his hand and said through my teeth, "Damian, you have to bite me."

"No, I won't. I won't ruin your life anymore than it already is." He said holding my arm and Kim holding me down so I wouldn't jerk anymore and possibly kill myself.

"Damn it Damian, just bite me, please it hurts!" I screamed pulling at him.

"I can't and I won't." He said looking at me.

I screamed as my tears ran red and stained my face where it was clean. My tears were going from water to blood, I was dying from the silver in my blood and it was slowly making me weak and I could no longer see straight and I was coughing up blood and seeing red.

"Damian, please, she can't hold on much longer." Kim said as I drifted from this life.

"This will hurt." He said sinking his teeth into my wrist and turing me into something else.

I woke up and saw Kim at my side and she told me what happened because I wasn't completely checked in after Damian bit me. From what she told me after he bit me he ran off with the Lycans and told Kim to tell me that he could stand any amount of silver given that's why he survived the collors. I looked up at her and down at my wrist, he bit me and made me into something else. But the only thing that mattered was that the humans were safe and I could leave them knowing they were safe from any Vampires. Kim took me home that night and I got packed leaving only books behind for Marie to read when she came up here to be alone and read when she wanted. I took my weapons and pictures and a few books with me when I left never to return to this place, never to live here ever again. I was going to become a hunter of the night and kill those who go against code what we stand for. I was a half breed and would always be now that Damian changed my life and I think he took some of my blood in the process so he might be Vampire. I still hear from Marie, but it's only brief and she doesn't keep contact because I keep moving from place to place. Where ever I'm needed mostly. I keep watch over cities and families that are cursed to be hunted by Vampires and even dealt with a family with Lycanthropy in the bloodline, but I've only done it once or twice. I hate doing it and don't do it often. Night is the only time I can be out and see the world.

Chapter Five:

Two Thousand years later.

I had been hunting and killing my own kind for years because last time I saw the counsil they took a sample of my blood and told me it was complete Vampire blood nothing even close to Lycan's blood. But I knew that no Lycan DNA had passed through so I had nothing to worry about. My usual attire was baggy jeans and a low cut black tank top with a black cloak over it so I wouldn't freeze in the night, along with old combat boots. I was in a small town one night when a drifter came through and he seemed familiar so I kept my eye on him at night to see if I could see his face. Two weeks had gone by and the drifter was getting a little too comfortable in my town; so one night I found him feeding on an animal. Pulling a gun I held it to his head and told him to turn around slowly.

"Kris, it's so good to hear your voice again." He said looking at me.

"How do you know who I am?" I asked with my gun still to his head.

"It's me Damian. Been too long." He said extending his arms.

I hugged him and nodded my head because it had been so long since I'd seen him last. I mean not since he saved my life and scrificed his, all to make sure I lived to see another night. He kissed me when we departed and I kissed him back; this was forbidden amungst the Vampire and Lycan race, unheard of and what we did that night was unforgivable and frowned upon. The council heard of it and killed Damian the next day by giving him large amounts of silver nitrate. They let me live because I was doing right and killing Vampires who didn't follow code and killed humans as they pleased. I was left to suffer the loss of a love and partner, my mother would be upset with me because I was not married, I had lost love, and I was having a child whose father was dead and the child was a girl whom was raised to respect Vampire and Lycan law. I named her Marie and she was as ruthless a hunter as I was and still hunts with me and she never knew what really happened before she was born and she never will I'll die with it before I tell my daughter how I lived before having her and hunting my own kind. Marie always asked about her father and if he were human or Vampire, she never asked if her father were Lycan cause it never crossed her mind. I was too ashamed of what I had done to tell her and what she was and I figured out too late what I had done and was no way it was going to change the past. The past is the past and no way I can change it without looking at what I have now and the daughter that looks so much like the man I lost because or my stupidity and loss of thought. Marie's my daughter and a great hunter, but she's been showing different signs that she's not a Vampire and it's going to be very hard to explain why she's so different than other Vampires.