700 years ago

I walked to the edge of the cliff where I meet him my lover. The sun was setting and the wind had a little bit of force in it but it was beautiful. I felt a pair of hands go around my waist I smiled. "I have a feeling we're going to get caught my love". I said. "It doesn't matter my love for you will never go away". I smiled Thor was the love of my life and if we couldn't be together I would happily jump off the cliff we were standing on. Touch is amazing it shows love and if you can't touch you can't live It's something no one should take for granted and I hope the future generations will know that. "SILVER!" My father screamed.

I turned around shocked and scared Thor pulled me closer to him he was going to protect me. "You can't protect me Thor he is a witch". "I will die trying you won't marry another man you will marry me". I shivered my father wanted me to marry a man who was wealthy. "My heart belongs to Thor father I want to marry him". "NO my daughter isn't marrying a blacksmith never in this world!" "I'm an angel father I have power beyond your comprehension". "You're still my daughter and you will come with me this instant". He spat.

I looked up at Thor I knew I had to go but my heart was telling me to stay. "Follow your heart Silver not your head". I nodded and pulled the pin from my hair a small dim light covered my body quickly. I changed into an angel my beautiful white gown that hugged a little to my body shimmering. My huge beautiful white wings were behind me feeling the wind. "I won't leave Thor father I love him". "You will I place a spell on you". Darkness went around us pulling us away from each other. "THOR!"

"From this day forward if you ever touch a force will come in the middle of you and pull you back and make you pay for it". "NO THOR!" I screamed. As the tears ran down my face they turned to sand that's what happens when an angel cries. The darkness faded and we ran to each then try to embrace each other but darkness pulled us back I hit the side of the local shop. "You will marry who I want you to Silver now let's go you can't touch him anymore". I ran to Thor again not touching but close to it.

"I swear this curse will break even if it's our later descendents who do so. It will break by an act of true love; love like our own and my father will be gone". Thor nodded tears ran down my face he wanted to wipe away those tears but couldn't. "The curse will break Silver and we can be together again". "I love you". I whispered. "I love you too". My father grabbed my arm as more tears ran down my face. "The curse will break". I whispered. The air carried it and Thor heard it he nodded at me as we got more distant I kept reminding myself. The curse will break it has to.