I held back a sob and tears I smiled as fake as anything. "I'm Silvia". "Do you know me?"

"Yeah I live with you do you know your name?" I asked. "Ummmm...it starts with a t". I smiled at him he was trying so hard. "Tobias that's your name don't force yourself to try and remember let it come back naturally". He nodded. "Was I with someone?" Do I lie or tell him the truth maybe he would remember if he did. "Well...sort of it's complicated". "You don't want to tell me so I don't feel bad and all that shit". "Yes you are with someone but she knows you don't remember her and is going to leave you until you remember". I replied. "Yeah I hope she's ok". "She is I promise".

Rachel and Ken came in Ken came and sat on the other side of the bed. "Do you remember me?" Ken asked. "No". "I'm your brother Ken and this is Rachel". Tobias nodded then the nurse came in. "Sorry you three it's time for Tobias's sleep". "You will come tomorrow right Silvia?" Tobias asked. "Of course I will I'll come and stay as long as you want me to". He nodded then smiled as he fell asleep. We walked out I could feel sadness engulf me I already wished he would remember. We got home and I lied on the lounge not feeling sleepy. I miss you my love Tobias's voice ohmygod it was him. Then why can't you remember me?

This was going to be a long conversation. My brain doesn't but my heart does and my body wanted you hold you from seeing you upset... I felt my eye lids going heavy hearing his voice made relief wash over me. Tobias come back to me soon please. I fell into darkness feeling happy I could feel Tobias was still with me. "Hey Thor". I said happily. "I'm sorry to hear about Tobias losing his memory". "I know but he is talking to me!" I exclaimed. "I know Silver and I went through the exact same thing. She lost her memory but I used to talk to her in my mind for hours then she came back". "WHEN?" "When the time was right".

Of course he wouldn't tell me but I would do the same. I woke up to my alarm I was happy I got first period off so I could see Tobias. I got up then went for a quick shower Ken and Rachel were waiting downstairs as I ran down. "You going to see Tobias now?" Rachel asked. "Yeah". I said through a piece of toast. I need to see you I smiled; I'm on my way now I grabbed his keys and drove to the hospital. I got into his room he was awake not letting the nurse give him pain killers. "Tobias you need these". The nurse encouraged. "NO". "Hey Tobias". I said coming in. Tobias's face lighted up I couldn't help but smile at him.

"Why won't you let her put pain killers in it will help?" I asked sitting down. He smiled at me but was very cautious to touch me I smiled he had the instinct. "I don't need them you take the pain away". I grinned at him then he realised what he had said. "Uh sorry that came out wrong..." "No don't worry its fine Tobias". "Don't I have a nick name?" He asked. Actually I don't think he did well maybe it was time to give him one. "Tobi". He smiled but I liked Tob for some reason yes weird I know but I liked it. I looked at the time I had been there for a while and I was going to be late for second period.

"Sorry Tob but I've got class soon and I need to go". "Ok see you later today?" "Yes you will". I replied. It took all of my strength to leave I really didn't want to fuck! I got to class a little late but the teacher didn't question it I sat next to Rachel as usual. "A little late what were and Tobias doing?" "Tob he didn't want to take the pain killers then I came in and said that he didn't need them because I took the pain away oh and I gave him a nick name which is Tobi for you guys but I'm going to call him Tob ok". I explained.

"Wow well ok". At lunch I went to the hospital again to find out that Tob could come home this afternoon. So I took last period off and got him out early so he could get familiar with the place. "Ok ready to go home?" I asked. "I'm a little nervous". "Don't worry no one's home until a bit later". He nodded then got into his skyline. "I remember buying this thing my foster dad and I went halves". I smiled then he grinned. "I wish I could remember everyone else". "You will Tob in time just be patient". I needed to be patient too because I wanted him to remember I'm an angel, our relationship and the curse.

My brain will remember my love... I sighed I hope so because I can't be without you for long we got to our house Tob looked amazed. "Sometimes we get people staying there is helps pay the bills and stuff". "I remember bringing heavy stuff here girls stuff for a friend". I smiled at least this was a start I drove up the drive way then we got out. "Welcome home". Once we got inside I made some tea I knew how he liked it. He was watching TV his favourite show Supernatural which I also loved.

"I love this show I remember first seeing it and instantly loved it and tried to watch all the episodes as they came on TV and buying the seasons on DVD". "Yeah I love it too that's why we have two sets of every season here because I bought my own with me". I replied. "My favourite is the one when they go back in time in season 6". "Well mine is the first one actually". We talked about movies, TV shows and music when Rachel and Ken came through the door. "Hey bro you're home". Tob nodded then Rachel smiled and sat next to him then Ken. "Well I'll show you your room". Ken offered.

"Yeah sounds good I think Silly forgot to show me". Silly hehehehehe how funny I liked that nickname though it was different. Rachel and Ken both tried to hold back they're laughter as I blushed. Ken and Tobias left leaving me and Rach then I unpinned my hair letting my other form take place. "That feels better". I sighed. "Well you might want to pin it back up they'll be coming back down soon". I could hear their footsteps so I quickly pinned it back up just in time for them to come down without a suspicion.

"Man put on a good movie or something please". I had put on 'Spirit Stallion of The Cimarron' which was one of my favourites. "It's nearly finished Rach you don't have tastes at all". "That's one thing we both agree on". Ken said. "HEY you're my boyfriend you're supposed to be on my side". "Rachel babe you don't have good tastes and I've told you that before". We all laughed as we watched the end I smiled that was my favourite part. "So who's cooking dinner tonight?" I asked. Rachel and Ken looked at each and pointed to each other. "Fine you two can cook together I don't feel like take out".

"FINE!" It was mine turn to hold back a laugh they got up then went into the kitchen. "Silvia". I turned to Tob he said my full name and seriously shish not good. "What's wrong?" "I want to touch you but I have an instinct not to do you know why?" He asked. "Yes I do but Tobias you're not ready to know when you remember more I will tell you ok". He nodded disappointed I put my face in my hands oh this sucks. "Silvia are you ok?" I went to my hair when Rachel screamed at me. "Silvia don't!" I sighed then calmed down she came over and hugged me. "What's going on?" Tob looked left out Rach put her hand on his shoulder.

"Tobi there are things you have forgotten that are very important to you just as much as Silvia but a lot of these things you aren't ready for and if we tell you at the wrong time you could crack". Rachel explained. "This is so fucked up I wish I could remember all I know is that I had a perfect life except for one thing which affected me every fucking day!" Which was ME! I'm trying to make my brain remember but it isn't working. I wanted to comfort him but I couldn't it would make things worse. Just let it go naturally Tob as much as I didn't want to say that but I knew it would be for the best.

Alright I love you yicks what do I say to that hang on he just said he loved me! I sighed tears welled in my eyes Rachel wrapped an arm around me. "Shhh just do it". A sob left my lips I began to cry I let myself for once in my life I let myself break down. "I have to let it out". "Tobi you need to go". He nodded then went upstairs with Ken; Rachel unpinned my hair and it fell freely. "He has to remember soon he has to". Rachel hugged me tightly I sobbed again man I would cry for hours. Three hours later my tears dried up and I was ok Rachel had stayed by my side.

Tob and Ken came down with smiles on their faces I pinned my hair up quickly Tob gave me a weird look. "You look better". Ken said. "I do I feel much better". "Where did all this sand come from?" "Well who knows really?" I asked. Tob smiled at me then we ate dinner which kinda was burnt but only a little. "So school tomorrow Tobi you ready?" Ken asked. "Yes unbelievably I think it will be fun as long as I see you guys". He was looking at me when he said that which I knew implied he only meant me. That night I was lying in bed unable to sleep then I heard my door open. I shot up to see Tobias standing there looking a little out of it. "I had a dream".

I gestured for him to come and sit when he did he continued. "You had wings and when we tried to touch we got flung across the room. I knew it is a memory because it was real". "Sometimes things you wish for come in a dream that seems so very real but they aren't". Someone kill me now I hate lying and my wings wanted to unfurl right then and there. "You're lying just show me you can trust me". I unpinned my hair my instinct told me to trust him my body changed. Tob gasped a little shocked as he tried to touch my wings the electric shock went through us. "What the fuck?" "Stop swearing you hardly swore before Tobias".

"I'm sorry I'm just amazed". "You knew before you lost your memory". I replied. He nodded then laid his head low ashamed from what it seemed. "Tobias things have changed and I know that you've changed don't worry soon enough everything will come back". Tobias smiled at me then I felt sleepy. "Sorry I would like some sleep". Tobias nodded then went to his own room I felt a little disappointed he didn't stay. "THOR!" "What is it Silly?" "Don't call me Silly only Tob calls me Silly". "And I'm his ancestor so I can". I sighed whatever. "Whatever but Tobias is acting weird he is swearing more than usual and he seems so unlike himself". I replied.

"That's because he can't remember his old self which is why he is different". "I miss the old him". "You showed him didn't you?" "Yeah but he doesn't know I was his girlfriend". I replied. "Ok well let him figure that out by himself ok". I nodded. "Wake up Sil". My eyes fluttered open to see my Tobias's face boring into mine inches away. "Morning Mister". He smiled then he sat back thank goodness. "So today's school ready for it?" I asked. "Yeah I guess so". "Don't worry Tob you'll be fine". He grinned at me then we went downstairs I looked behind me to see Tobias checking me out!

"Make it half obvious Tob". "Well short shorts suit you very much". I blushed man I needed to get over my little fear. Ken and Rachel were racing around getting everything ready I smiled. "Calm down you two shish its only school". "Well excuse us for trying to make Tobi feel more comfortable". Ken snapped. He looked tired and agitated. "Ken go to bed Tob will be fine with us girls today get some rest you need it". I looked at Rachel she looked the same goodness they worked themselves to the bone. "Go you two to bed NOW!" They ran upstairs I smiled then gave Tob some food and we were off in his beautiful car.

"You'll be fine I think we have the same classes all day". Tobias nodded then we went to school where all of our friends were waiting. "HEY you guys". The girls came and gave Tobias hugs as the guys shook his hand. "They're our friends Tob you'll be fine with us". He smiled warmly at them all then we went inside. The day turned out good Tob was fitting in good again everyone was like normal. "Well today was good you guys want to come to our house to hang out?" I asked. "Sounds like fun wanna go?" Liv asked Ethan.

"Sounds good we haven't hung out in a while". I grinned then we all went to my house well our house yeah whatever you want to call it. We turned up the music ordered pizza and had a wonderful night. Tob was glancing at me the whole time as we were watching a movie. I went upstairs unable to take it any longer I couldn't be in the same room as him. "Silvia sweetie". "No please just leave me alone". Rachel closed the door I locked it and lied on my bed tears leaving my eyes and turning into sand. "Everyone just leave me alone". I whispered before slipping into the dark.

It was blank no Thor no bad dreams just me and emptiness. The next morning I woke up feeling normal not hungry or anything just normal I guess. I heard a knock on my door I ignored it I could hear voices then they walked off. I need to see you please oh Tobias sometimes I wish I could. Just leave me alone I let my hair out I wish I could fade away. Silvia my love please I have to see you I sighed I'm sorry Tob no just...no goodbye. A sob left my lips I hated this I just wanted to go away forever.

"Silvia open the door". That was Tobias's voice no way was I going to let him in even though I had no idea what day it was. "NO leave me alone!" "I'll break down the door Sil I'm serious". He replied. "Fuck off Tobias!" I screamed. I heard bangs I couldn't care less until the door fell on the floor and Tobias came in. "Ohmygod". He came running over to me I felt weak it was hitting me at once. "Just leave me alone". "You'll die and I won't have that". "WHY!" I exclaimed. "Because I have feelings for you". I looked up at him stunned.

"I don't care get out and fix the door on your way out". "You've been in here for five days Silvia I won't let you stay in here any longer. You look so pale and unhealthy I've never seen you like this". He replied concerned. Tears left my eyes I didn't want to reject his help but what choice did I have. "Just please Tobias leave me be". Tobias called Ken who came up and picked me up I screamed out but Rachel silenced me. "We're doing this for you". Images of Silver came in my mind with Thor carrying her. "Put me down". I protested. I was ignored as Ken put me down on the lounge. Flowers were on the table my favourite daisies.