Beneath the blue,
We wait for you,
Calling for you to come closer.

Sweet melodies,
Stunning beauties,
Beckoning you to cross over.

Stranded sailors,
We're your saviours.
You'll come with us beneath the blue.

You hear our song,
It won't be long,
We'll make your desires come true.

Hands reach forward,
You come toward,
Longing to feel our sweet embrace.

Your minds are lost,
Leaving but lust.
Soon you'll vanish without a trace.

Sweet temptation,
Brings damnation.
You have become our mindless slaves.

We hold you near,
You have no fear,
As we pull you beneath the waves.

Your mind slows down,
We watch you drown,
And begin our feast when you die.

Blood dyes the sea,
From our frenzy.
On the sea bed your remains lie,
Beneath the red.