GorE MY DeatH

take my head rip it off and watch the blood leak out

see the dark red cover the bright pale floor

watch it stain the innocent of my eyes

but you didnt want me to have feelings like you did

so tear out my heart, dig for my lonely soul

cut me through until you find what you seek

slice past the hard bones that protect the inner of me

cover your hands with my colour, roll in my blood

cry while you cant find the object that tends to run away

because it wont turn back and take your mudering hands

burn the soaked letter i left for you behind, but it wont catch a light

pour me in oil, lay beside me and light your cold cigarette

feel the heat presher aganst your body

suddenly we'll become the fireworks that spread across the sky

hopefuly this might be one of my crazy ideas on how i'll die...