Curious and Sacred

Based on Plato's Allegory of the Cave.

There once was a young girl who was dragged into darkness in such a young age that she did not know that she lived in the dark. She lived by herself in a small room with a large window that stood behind her. Even though she was curious to look out, she was an obedient child. Ever since she lived here she was told never to turn her head, only gaze forwards. But she saw the images of the shadows which were reflected from the window.

Her only companions were two small dolls. One of them she named "Sacred". "Sacred" had curled blonde hair with large crystal blue eyes. "Sacred" was an enchanting beautiful doll. The other doll was named "Curious". "Curious" had long jet black hair with large ruby eyes. "Curious" was a mysteriously beautiful doll. The young girl was torn between these two dolls, wanting to play with one or the other.

One day, "Curious" told her to look behind her while "Sacred" told her not to. But "Curious" insisted making the girl turn her head to see the window behind her. First it was the light. The young girl was so enchanted by the light that she could not turn back to the darkness. With "Curious" softly clutched in her hand, she slowly approached the large window. When she peered outside, her breath stopped as she saw the wonder in front of her. She saw a wonderful garden full of flowers of every species. There were hundreds of colorful butterflies flying in the air as birds sang in the distance. The sun was shining as small rabbits and squirrels bathed in the sun. A small smile formed on the young girl's lips as she watched a beauty unfold in front of her.

But the young girl did not know that something can disappear as easily.

In an instant a large creature rolled into the scenery, destroying everything in its path. The blooming flowers withered, the trees snapped, the animals fled. Everything was lost in an instant. The young girl gasped as everything died and fled in front of her. Then out of the creatures came out men, and the young girl watched them as the men started to build. The young girl stared at the scene in awe as the men in incredible speed made buildings that reached the sky, machines that rumbled the earth and lights that shined forever. The young girl could not take her eyes off from the wonder before her, another sort of beauty from the previous. She watched as many people started to live in those buildings and the world before her was filled with life. She watched as men worked, women nurtured, and children played. She saw advancements as people started to create new ideas. The new ideas of new creations, philosophy, science, and many more which made her feel dizzy but excited. The scene before her was bursting with energy.

The world before her was filled with life, but as well as pain. She watched some children walk endlessly, their clothes ragged and dirty. They had a look in their eyes which the young girl did not understand as she watched the children die. Many more children died before her. She gasped and a single tear for each child escaped her as she clutched "Curious" tightly.

Then the buildings exploded as a loud roar was heard in the distance. The young girl's eyes widened in fear as many men holding a long stick-like machine in their hands run into the scene. The young girl covered her ears as a deafening roar erupted before her. Then she watched as the men started to fall in front of her. She heard the shrieks of pain from the falling men as blood splattered all over the ground. The world was bursting with the color of blood as the men fell. The young girl clutched "Curious" tightly against her bosom as she trembled in fear. The world was painted in blood.

Then everything went still. The world before the young girl was absolute horror. The tall buildings were in ruins, the sky was dark ashen, the bodies all dead.

Dead and Silent.

An earth shattering scream escaped the girl's lips as she watched the world before her. She kept screaming as she dropped "Curious" onto the floor.

Dead and Silent.

She kept screaming as she took "Curious" and started to strip its clothes.

Curious and Sacred.

She threw "Curious" against the wall, twisting its head.

Curious and Sacred.

With a "pop!" its head twisted off and the young girl returned to her corner. She silently picked up "Sacred" and started to play with its hair.


The young girl never turned her head ever again.