The Foundation Facade

Concealer, spot-stick – to barely cover up

The tiny mistakes that ruin the look

Then foundation to smother the lies and for show

Covering secrets no-one else can know


Eye-shadow to dust in the creases and lines

To smooth over, make pretty the disaster signs

Now eyeliner to define the best of the best

Draw attention away from all the rest


Mascara to entice, draw people in

Something nice to distract from war and sin

Next, the lipstick – a chemical kiss

Make us forget the freedom we miss


One hand manicured, holding out cash

Another grubby in your pocket, restocking the stash

Glossy long hair blinds you, makes you think

We can spend some more – we're not on the brink


The bright eyes and warm smiles

They don't ever mean a thing

And mask the mediocre

The disappointment they bring


It seems no-one now can hold their hands in the air

Tell us the truth – the future laid bare

They won't help us to plan, work as a team

Instead they pick apart every drifting seam


They stand there with their suits and smiles

And people around for miles and miles

Hear and believe them, so it would seem

But they hear and believe a supercilious dream.

Again, I wrote this a while back... I think it's generally about how frustrating politics can be, etc, but could probably be applied to other things too.

X =D