Torn Out

A phantom memory, you don't see

The cause lost long ago, leaving me

Without you, there is no sun

Just bitter words – gone, past done...


Coffee stains on a bedside table

A heart it bleeds – scarlet, sable

Clear panes of glass, no fog or mist

Eyes not bright, lips not kissed...


Or maybe there is sun, I'm not sure

But it doesn't shine brightly anymore

Only one toothbrush in its hold

A side of the bed – vacant, cold...


Eyes full of longing, memories swirl

Around promises, words, my fingers curl

Seedlings of regret, moments of doubt

A hole in my heart – a piece torn out.

This is sort of half-finished, I meant to write a few more stanzas, but I re-read it and decided I quite liked it as it was, so there you have it. As always, reviews are loved!

X =D