Have you ever shouted

And not been heard

Screamed with all your might

And it's like you didn't say a word

I'm tired of using all my strength

To try to make you hear

And being completely ignored

Like I'm not even here

So I'm not like you

So I have weird hair

So I like anime

Why do you care

You don't want to hear what I say

But you want to judge

And you want to change me

I should have guessed as much

Do I embarrass you

Are you upset that I

Try to be who I want

That I don't hide

If you could stop pretending

For a minute that you care

Then I could stop shouting

And maybe you would hear

You are so busy focusing on you

That there's nothing else you see

Do you see that I'm alone

I just want to be me

No more shouting for you

No more struggling to be heard

So if you don't want to hear me

I won't say a word

Silence will show you

How much I really mean

Because when I'm not there

Then you'll finally see


And not who you



To be