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Chapter Twenty-Five

"Here's your Caramel Macchiato, Ms. Blake," my nerdy, but cute PA Heath said, handing me the hot cup. He adjusted his glasses on his face.

"Thanks, Heath," I began, "but you can call me Kirsten, okay?"


Heath blushed and hurried off, probably to find something to do for another producer. He was like a servant for every producer on set—the life of a PA must suck. And he also has a huge crush on me; it's quite obvious. He gets me coffee even when I don't ask. Call it love or call it duty, but I sense a bit of chemistry.

Despite the good fortune that has been thrust upon me, I will never forget what happened in that elevator. Or the events that followed.

The gunman was identified as Joey Oden, a disgruntled teenager who didn't get a second audition. That's it. No psycho serial killer. Just some guy who wanted to be an actor.

I didn't read any more about him. I just couldn't bring myself to because of what happened to Howard—whose funeral was a week after.

The nightmare was dragged out for weeks in all the papers and magazines. One headline after another, like nothing better was going on in the world. Just opening a paper gave me flashbacks of what happened that day.

What made it worse was that some guy wrote a book about it called Save Us: A Tragic Elevator Situation. I was interviewed a few times just so the book would be more legit. It even was a best seller for a few weeks. A few people even wanted me to sign their copies, which I politely declined.

What was even worse than that was a film company picked it up and created it into a movie. They called it Stuck in an Elevator, which personally I think is a terrible title.

I never did read the book or see the movie...and I probably won't either for that matter. There was no way that I was going to relive those moments. Besides, in the movie, they used a really perky actress to play my character. I'm not perky. Just seeing the teaser trailer showed me how a perky Kirsten Blake would look. It didn't look good.

However, my life is getting back on track. I don't have nightmares anymore, especially about Damien. I think I finally laid him to peace in my mind, as well as in my heart.

The ringing noise rang through the set, signaling a break for the cast and crew. I moved my headset to my neck. Breaks are my only chance of getting to hang out with everyone, other than the occasional party.

"Hey, Kirsten," Leo said, giving me a hug after stepping off the living room set. I returned it with enthusiasm.

Everyone on the elevator was guaranteed the part they wanted in the show Roomies, with the exception of Annie. She was taken to court, but because of her mental instability, she plead insanity and was taken to Bellevue Hospital to work out her issues. Luckily, the producers of Roomies agreed that after her two-year treatment program, she could get a starring role in the third season.

Yes, Roomies is already predicted to have a third season, even though only the tenth episode has been filmed. Ratings have been pretty good to us. The show is, to put bluntly, the shit.

"Hey, Leo! Your character's addiction to cherry cough syrup was very convincing to me."

Leo got the part of Eric. Being the first Asian lead in a young adult show, the ladies all fell in love with the character and Leo himself. However, the only girl he is seen with at the end of the day is Aria.

"Kirsten!" Darla exclaimed, running towards me and giving me a hug from the side. She pushed a couple stray hairs from her face.

Instead of being Kaylee, the part that Darla would have, like, killed for, Darla instead picked the part of Mona. If she was being generous and had a change of heart or just couldn't memorize all those lines, no one knew. And with a few acting classes, Darla became an actual, half-decent actress. Still, she tends to overemphasize some words.

"Hey, Darla! How are you?"

"Ugh! You won't believe how much of a bitch the actress who plays Kaylee is. She's, like, Satan or something."

"Did somebody say my name?" Ike asked, coming from what seemed to be nowhere and putting an arm around my shoulder. "Or am I not Satan anymore?"

I can't forget Ike, whose character Donny became a favorite to everyone. Everyone loves his humor…and Ike's humor for that matter. Ike even said that he didn't mind playing a gay character. He even said, "I don't mind kissing a dude." I didn't make that up.

"No. Darla's just complaining about the Kaylee person," I explained.

"Who? Shana Lee? She's hot! I would love to play with her—"

"So, Kirsten," Leo began, interrupting Ike's comment, "Aria and I are going to go out tonight, probably supper or something. And Darla and Lara are joining us. Do you want to come to?"

"Definitely," I said. I turned to Ike. "Ike, do you want to be my date again?" Every time we'd go out, no matter where, Ike and I always ended up being together. That's what we get for being single and ready to mingle.

"Well, of course, Ms. Producer," Ike said, kissing me on the cheek. I felt myself blush. Ike wasn't that bad anymore. After everything, I liked him more and more every passing day. Would we make a cute couple? I don't think so.

And can't forget me, Kirsten Blake. I didn't become an actress in the show. Instead, I became a producer—co-execute producer to be precise—which I believe is more fun than doing all the acting. I'm one of the people in charge of running everything. I'm also in charge of most of the people on set. And with the script…if I don't like it, I can change. I have power, just like when I made my documentaries.

"I got a call from Annie yesterday," Darla brought up. "She's doing great. She can, like, actually touch a surface without cleaning it with disinfectant. And she's off a couple of meds."

It seems strange that Annie would call Darla, especially with everything that went on. But, with both Darla and Annie's change of heart, they actually became friends.

"That's great," I said. "She'll be out of there before you know it."

"Just don't give her a gun," Ike teased.

"Shut up, Ike," I teased. "Don't bring that up."

"My bad."

"Everyone get back into your places," I heard my headset go off. I slipped it back on.

"Okay, guys, time to go. But tonight sounds good."

Everyone hurried to their places. I took my seat next to the director—Scott Monroe. He's a pretty decent guy. Not to mention he can have his moments.

"Want to say it?" he asked me.

"Yes please!" I exclaimed.

When everyone was set up and ready to go, I held the clipboard in my hand. With one move, I could start a scene. I could make some TV magic.

What happened in the elevator was a life-changing event that maybe a few people go through, most not even as close to terrifying as what happened to me. All of us—Leo, Ike, Darla, Annie, and I—were at a breaking point. But we managed to get through. And that made each of us, in one way or another, stronger. Braver. Even a bit fearless. It changed us for the better, as it did for the worst.

I cleared my voice. I took a look at Leo, Ike, and Darla on set. They smiled and I returned one to them.

"And action!"