Harmonie walked casually to her locker and packed up for dismissal.

"Hey Harm!" called her best friend Hailey.

"Hey!" Harmonie replied.

"You have anything planed for tomorrow?" Hailey asked "No. You?" Harmonie said. Hailey shook her head and suggested, "Want to see a movie with me and Catlin on Sunday?"

"Yeah sure!" Harmonie answered in a flash.

"Awesome! See you then!" Hailey said as she walked to her bus. Harmonie waved goodbye and walked to her bus as well. All of a sudden Hailey collapsed out of nowhere and there was an unfamiliar laugh coming from the air itself.

"Hailey!" Harmonie yelled as she dropped her things and sprinted to Hailey's side.

Hailey was knocked out cold. What surprised Harmonie the most was when Hailey begun to glow. Within a few seconds Hailey had metamorphisized into a beautiful white mare. The horse whinnied what seemed like a plea for help but Harmonie couldn't understand her.

Harmonie had just realized that they were the only students in the entire school. She was confused now. No on had passed them to go to their bus or to the car line. Harmonie heard the laugh again and became scared. Harmonie stared into Hailey's big brown eyes and saw that fear flooded them. Harmonie slowly walked toward the horse and touched her soft muzzle. The mare nickered as a sign that she felt a little calmer but still worried. Harmonie gently lead Hailey out into the bus parking lot. The lot was empty. Nothing was there! Not even a single car! Harmonie looked at her watch, it read "3:43" she was dismissed at 3:40 so why was everything gone? The laugh came yet again and Hailey whinnied in pure terror and reared.

Harmonie, instinctively avoiding the thrashing hooves, whispered calm words to the steed to try to help her transformed friend. Eventually the horse calmed. Harmonie had much experience with horse back riding, her favorite kind was bareback. "Hailey, I'm going to ride you. We'll get outta' here quicker if you let me okay." Harmonie whispered as she edged closer. Hailey stood perfectly still even as Harmonie mounted her. Harmonie took Hailey's mane firmly in her hands and kicked her side as a signal to run. Hailey burst into a gallop and passed neighborhoods by with every couple of strides. Harmonie realized after the fourth neighborhood went by that they were strangely empty. She pondered about the disappearance of everybody for about an hour before exhaustion kicked in and sent her quickly drifting asleep.