'' Pheonix?'' I continued to gaze at the sky with tears threatening to escape from my eyes. Our blimp was floating in the white fluffy clouds. It was gray, like most things in Skyland. Faven placed his hand on his shoulder and softly spun me around. I looked deeply into his soft turquoise eyes, light enough to drown in. ''I'm fine Faven.'' I murmured. He pulled me into a hug and held me against his chest.

I felt the soft beating of his heart. He ran his hand through my fire like hair.'' Come back to bed Feather.'' He pleaded into my hair. I nodded into his chest as he gently led me to bed. I pulled the soft sheets up to my chest and breathed into them. He slipped in next to me and wrapped his arms around me. I placed one of my hands behind his neck and smoothed his light brown hair.

My skin warmed where he held me and tingled slightly.'' I'm sorry about them Feather.'' He said using my official nick name.'' Me too.'' I choked out. Warm and salty tears spilled from my eyes as the memory over took me.

We were all laughing. Mum, Dad, me, Faven, Mellie, Sean, Spin, and Note. I'm an the only child left in the nest so I had them around a lot. My mother set a tray of cookies down on the table as Faven put his arm around my shoulder. Note brushed mine with hers and made a ohlala face and I laughed. Her peachy pale eyes were glazed with playfulness. The warm, luxuriouse flavors of the warm deliciouse cookies wafted over to me. I breathed in deep and leadened back.

Then our door was busted down.

Mom and Dad stood up as five soldiers stormed in. ''Can we help you with something?'' My father asked.

Faven pulled me closer as my gaze narrowed and swept from the men to my parents.'' We need you to come with us.'' A husky voice rasped in reply.'' Why?'' I asked with a threat in every letter as I pushed my chair back and stood up.'' You are all under arrest for the violation of rule number one. No expression of any kind including hair color, Music, etcetera.'' He replied. I stood, in absolute shock. Silence clung to the air. I decided to break it.'' There is no such law.'' I glared so hard my eyes burned. ''Not when Porte was president. President Dnel has issued a warrant for all of your arrests.'' He corrected. My mouth dropped to the floor. Dad flipped the table on the guards .''GO! Now! Take the blimp go to Dazes! She'll explain everything!'' My mom demanded.

I wouldn't budge. Mellie grabbed one of my arms and Faven grabbed the other. They pulled me out and put me on the blimp. I squirmed and thrashed out of their grasp. Millie ran over.'' Spin take the wheel.'' She demanded. He raced to it with horrified blue/green eyes as I raced to the door. My feet stormed against the pavment. Faven followed and caught me by my waist, pulled me back. He held me to his heart as tears poured out from me. Then a gun went off, twice. My chest constricted. I couldnt breath. ''No!'' I cried as I fell to my knees. My heart stopped. I felt my self slowly break and crumble inside.

'' There's nothing we could have done.'' Favens whisper brought me back from my horriric memory. I looked up at him. Anguish, despair, and fright swam in my eyes. He pulled my body closer to his. I fell asleep to the slow rise and fall of his chest and his fingers taming my orange/red/black hair.

My chest rose faster. I looked into the dark eyes of someone.'' Who are you?'' I whispered. Her sleek and strait dark brown hair shook as did her head. I repeated the question again.'' Daze.'' She replied. This cannot be my sister. My sister with raven black hair and bright, green eyes. My older sister.'' Mom, Dad, and I are dead. Go to my house, get rested and ready. Nixie will contact you. Ask for her aid. You have a world to save.'' She said.'' I thought Skyland was the only one?'' I asked.'' No. If he succeeds he will kill us all. Go now! Do what I said!'' Then the dream faded.

'' Pheonix! Comon snap out of it! Wake up!'' I woke up to Faven shaking me. Everyone was staring at me. I felt my forehead. It was freezing cold and dripping with sweat. I sighed and let the cool air chill my lips as they surpassed them.

'' Daze.'' I gasped.'' Why what happened?'' Spin asked with narrowed eyes. Just so you know Spin is in love with her.'' She's been.'' I dropped my head. Faven squeezed my hand lightly.'' She's been changed. Dehoped. And, and, and, dead.'' I replied shakily. Dead came out ragged and peirced my heart. I shivered and went closer to Faven. Spins eyes darkened and his sister Millie's grass green eyes flashed of concern. '' She said to go to her house. She's dead and so are mum and dad. And if we don't stop him, the entire world will be worse.'' I continued. His head dropped and I picked up utter dread racing through him. His eyes, his heart.

Note closed her eyes tightly and leaned onto Sean. Millie turned into Sean's chest and sighed deeply.'' Comon, were not far away.'' I pleaded. Spins Blue green eyes had been hidden by his blonde hair. He does that when he's going to cry. Faven and I walked away from them and to the pilot room. There really isn't a wheel its buttons and a screen.

Its touch screen. All you have to do is type your location in and it will drive you there. Well float you there. I put my hand on his shoulder and leaned toward him. '' She's dead.'' Escaped my lips. He nodded and put his face in my hair.'' Its ok Feather. I'm here.'' He murmured in my ear.

'' I know you are Faven. I just cant believe I have finally lost everything.'' I stuttered. ''Not everyone. Were still here.'' He corrected. He pulled me close in an act of attempting of comforting me.'' I know. I cant loose another person. I just cant.'' I replied. He nodded slightly and pulled my face to his.'' I love you.'' He said.

'' I love you too.'' I replied. He smiled with half his lips. I longed to put a finger to them ,feel how soft they were. Kiss them. Have everything fade away. Forget everyone who I loved. Note the past tense.'' Pheonix please.'' He begged.'' What?'' I asked as I let my gaze set on his light brown hair. Just don't think about it.'' He replied.'' Its hard.'' I admitted.

I glanced at my bag. It glowed like fire. Nixie.'' Its Nixie.'' I gasped. She needs help. Where are you Pheonix? She sent her message just the way I told her. I held my little pendant. It was a wand.

Were on our way to my sisters. You know where. I sent my reply to her with the pendant and smiled.'' Well Spin the second love of your life is on her way.'' I teased. He had a thing for this girl Kikay. He chose us over love. I'll be in debt to him forever wont I? My pen light up once more. When will you get there? Were only a day or two away. I thought about it. Same. I sent it to her and the pendant dimmed.'' One day.'' I announced.

One day until my past catched up with me. Nixie and I were apart of a small and secret group. It was nothing big. All we did was what the people inside the law couldnt.

We were all taken from our homes when we were fifteen. But that was atleast five years ago. Nixie and I were the only ones to make it out alive. They were all killed by the same person who made us the killers we were, the president. Nixie and I escaped them.

Were the only ones left that we know of. We seperated and I picked up my gang. Aka Faven, Millie, Sean, Note, and Spin. My family, all I have left. Now more then ever.

'' Yes Spin, you can breath now.'' I snickered at Spin. He glared at me lightly before walked out. Millie gave me a pleading look, before following him. My family is comeing whole again. Once I have Nixie back, I'm whole. I felt antisapation rise inside me. A small smile esaped my lips.

'' Note? Sean? Can you guys go fix up some lunch?'' Faven asked. Note smiled brightly and nodded, towing Sean behind her. I turned to Faven. ''Tell me. I know your holding back. I know you two didnt go to school together and you didnt go through a buss accident together, and you didnt save each other. Spill.'' He begged. My eyes shut tight. No one, not even Faven knows. Emptyness surged through me.

'' When I was fifteen, I was apart of a small group of people that did jobs outside the laws range for the president. Her and I were co-leaders. Thats how I know her.'' I replied.

He arms held my waist line close. I felt his soft breathing dance across my hair.

'' I always knew you were lieing.'' He stated. I laughed softly.'' I'm glad I told some one.'' I added. His arms tightened around me, my only saftey from the dangers of the outside world. My enclosure from harm. The place I'm loved.

'' I love you.'' He murmered into my wild and ferociouse hair.'' I love you.'' I whispered into his chest. '' I cant believe you told Note and Sean to cook. Were going to need alot of asprin and our stomach are going to be in so much pain.'' I said.

'' Now that you mention it, I really didnt think it through.'' He agreed. My eyes rested dazily on the wall. My mind raced with questions and information. My heart screamed the awnsers, but I couldnt hear them. They were bloked. I could feel them. I tasted them and their sweet texture.

'' Whats wrong?'' Favens eyes burned into me intently. As if trying to read me.'' Its just I have so many questions.'' I said.'' Like?'' He pried.'' I really dont know I know their there. I can feel them. I just dont know what they are.'' I replied.'' Ohh. Dont worry Feather. Your fine.'' He cooed. I nodded into his chest. ''TIME TO EAT!'' Note called. My stomach already began to hurt. Time to eat, and then I'll taste it again later.