I yanked my hood back and lunged to the stage. Energy roared inside me. I finger latched around the rope, swinging me back.'' Nixie!'' Pheonix's voice was in a coarse whisper, filled with joy. I grinned and slipped the rope off her throat and let it hang on the ground.

'' Where are?'' I held my hand to her shoulder, letting me calm her with my touch.'' Han, Kikay, and Lakel brought them back to the plane. Griffin grabbed Faven. I'm taking you now. Can you fight?'' I asked.

She nodded faintly. I didn't hesitate. I clutched her hand in mine and we began to race from the scene.

'' Oh no you don't.'' Two men stood in front of us, sword and gun drawn. ''You really think you can stop us?'' My tone oozed with threats, leaking into their heads. The man drew his gun, at that same time I reached inside him. I yanked up a memory of the day his mother died. My eyes burst open. Right as his gun clicked he was sent into an oblivion of his own memory. But I was to late.

The bullet logged in my chest, sending ripples of pain through me. I collapsed in a pile. Warm blood began to spew from my chest, causing me to cry out. The sight of blood doesn't scare me, but the pain that follows does.

Pheonix's arm was wrapped around my waist, pulling me up. My insides began to shut down. Thankfully my acceptance of feeling was lost.

'' Looks like your always saving me.'' I panted. She didn't smile, just looked at me with strained eyes. My head rolled as she dragged me along, back to the jet. A dull ach gnawed inside me, the only remain dent of my pain acceptance. I was to weary to feel any worse. She stumbled, sending ripples of explosive pain to blow in my chest. I bit back a cry.

My eyes shut, but I stayed awake.'' Don't leave me Nixie, come on. Were almost there.'' Her voice was pleading, begging.'' I'm...Fine.'' My last word barley came out, more like a ragged whisper.

'' Nixie!'' Griffins voice was thickened with concern and shock. Not knowing what to do. I was pulled from Pheonix's arm and held. He carried me in where I heard Han and Kikay cry out.'' I need her in the bed room! Now!'' Han added, taking charge over expressing her feelings of dread.

Trying to hold on to life. I can't die, not yet.

I faintly felt Pheonix reach out for me, only to be reeled back by Faven and Lakel. Keep her safe. I silently prayed. I was placed on my bed. Griffin refused to leave, and grasped my hand. Hans voice floated around me.

'' Can you fade back?''

Fade? No way. I had no energy left. It took all I had to shake my head no. ''You'll be ok. You lost a lot of blood. You'll be ok.'' She whispered. My eyes shut and I drifted into the unknown.

'' Griffin?'' I asked. My little feet swerved against the hard floor. ''Boo!'' His voice shouted behind me. I turned around, my light blonde hair flailing. ''Your silly.'' I cloaked in between laughs. A sheepish smile formed his lips as he held my hand and yanked me from the room. My young laughter filled the air, mixed with his.

I was sucked back. Air flew inside me, bring me back. Warmness tingled all around me. But a different feeling, glazed my hand. heated, amazing, softness.

My eyes opened.

They locked on Griffins sleeping figure. His hand intertwined with mine, never letting me go. Then to the monitor, slowly copying the rhythm of my heart beat. My fingers began to shake as they rose to where the bullet had struck me. A hand from my heart.

I was a living miracle. I should be dead. I reached where my heart was. Thump...Thump... No, I'm alive.

'' He never left you know. It took a lot just to force him and everyone else to actually sleep.''

I smiled at Han as her slim figure appeared by my bed. '' You look like a ghost.'' She added.'' I feel like one.'' I wheezed. A small smile broke her lips. '' Is every one else ok?'' I asked hoarsely.'' Classical Nix, always asking about her family before her.''

She smiled before continuing.'' A few cuts and bruises. Pheonix's throat was rubbed almost raw, but in all none as bad as yours.'' She replied. Relief blossomed inside me. A sweet sigh escaped my lips, blowing into the air. ''I'll go tell them. You might want to wake Griffin up.'' She hinted as her figure left me.

Me and Griffin that is. I twisted my body over to face his. I winced as a sharp long struck my chest, where a long bandage was wrapped.'' Griffin.'' I reached up with my fingers and traced his cheeks.

'' Nixie.'' His voice sounded like the sweetest thing I had ever heard. Like warm delicious honey.

'' Are you ok? Where's Han?'' He asked. I smiled softly and let my hand stiff on his cheek.'' She went to tell everyone I'm ok. I'm fine.'' I replied. Doubt flashed in his eyes. Then softness consumed his expression.'' You scared me.'' He stated.'' I scared myself.'' I agreed. He shifted in his chair so his eyes were on me. '' What's wrong?'' I asked.

'' Your pulse froze. Fading back saved your life Nixie.''