Something was wrong. I could feel it, see it, and almost taste and touch it.

I was standing on the shore of the beach waiting for him to reach me. The warm sun on my face and the cool water at my feet. Then suddenly the sun, taking its warmth with it and replacing it with cold. The cool water on my feet was warm and thick, and everything was in gray scale…except the water. I looked down almost confused, with an eerie feeling. The water of the beach turned to blood.

I turned in horror trying to find him. That's when I spotted it. Him, wearing my favourite grin. That half smile, sly and almost shy. The way his face filled with colour, almost blush like. I had forgotten everything that was around me and just stared at him. That…beautiful creature. I itched to touch him, feel him, kiss him. As I tried to move to greet him, my body jerked back into place. I looked away from him to see what was holding me back, but nothing was there. Looking back at him puzzled, my favourite smile of his vanished off his faced and somehow morphed into an evil smirk.

That's when it hit me, all the depression and anguish I was feeling before. That sense of danger. I stared back at him mortified. I tired to say his name but my voice came out in a mute. My lips where moving but no sound came from them. I tried screaming and yelling, but still nothing. Tears spilled down my face, burning the sides of my cheeks. My heart pulsed so rapid, to the point where it felt like it wasn't beating at all.

Everything went black for a second… I looked again, around confused. The point of view changed. I was staring at myself through his eyes. I shrieked out as the pain over came me. I was sitting there limp, blood everywhere. Blood dripping from where my arms and legs where suppose to be. I felt dizzy, the smell of blood overwhelmed me. I cried for help, but again no sound came out. Then subconsciously I held my breath, blinking hard wishing for everything to go away. Seconds pasted, felt like hours…

"Ai!" I heard him yell, rushing towards me. I opened my eyes again and everything was back to normal. I stood there dazed looking at the handsome figure. "Ai?" He asked more calmly, "What's wrong babe?" He wiped the tears from my face, gently pulled me into his chest and held me tightly waiting for me to answer. Slowly I inhaled breathing in his scent, then exhaled. I shook my head, gathering up my thoughts and whispered nothing. I turned my head to listen to his heart beat, it always calmed me.

Especially on those nights when I suffered from sleep paralysis, or during the day when I got bad anxiety. All the more for me to wonder why he would choose me. "Jay, can we stay like this for a while?" He rested his chin on my head and said quietly, "Yes, anything that makes you happy."