Due to the fact that I am slightly amused by confusion,
The complications of life that plays this optical illusion.
The complications of which knowing the difference between love and lust,
But this one lust seems like a must...
Seeing the pale and pink, not to forget those green-ish eyes to match.
Leaves me to wonder if there were to be something, how would it hatch.
The confusion of which feelings carry on such a massive headache...
Such as one that only a few can take.

But then again, back to reality to play out a hand,
Just to take a step away from this "dreamland."
Back to that hand on which deals with love,
One that is easy to deal with when push comes to shove.
Tan yellow skin, kissable lips and deep brown eyes...
It's almost a shame that what we have will soon die.
We are not broken yet, its just a little crack...
Just know that one's complications of Life, Love and Lust is still remains a fact.

-Aj Shaus B*tch!