When one learns to love they gain and lose faith and trust in people.

But when you love again and learn of a past you start to wonder deeply.

All those times when the moon lit the night sky so effortlessly, what did you think about?

Waters gone dry, but my eyes can still see the blur of old water marks.

Things that were said to thee, did it feel the same when it was just us?

When did it become three?

It's not the same, ITS NOT THE SAME. Did you ever stop to think of me?

Flashes of old memories, are fading with reality.

One can pretend to understand but in reality, this one doesn't understand what is going on.

She tries to push it all out and pretend she's okay but deep down she is hurting.

Still she struggles to maintain her fa├žade and smile through it.

But it is HE who will see right through her and break her on it.

Another chapter, mystery, life story, that STILL reminds.

The complications of life is my domain.