I sit in my room in the dark
With a razor in my hand
Slash, slash, slash
Goes the razor on my skin
Blood goes down my arm and hits the rug
While sitting there, holding my arm I cry
Crying happy and painful tears
I cry for the pain that I gave myself and the pain that I'm releasing
And as I sit there I watch as the pain and the happiness mix together

I never wanted to do this
It wasn't a part of my life plan
But I guess you have to do anything in order to survive high school
I only did this because people was saying stuff about me
People call me "crazy"
Others call me "psycho"
Some call me "emo"
I just looked at them and laugh
But after a couple of months I look back at their lies and realize that some of them can be true
That's when the pain started and I realized what I had to do
I just picked up a razor and start slashing
Cutting deep in my skin and watch as the blood goes down my arm
At first I laugh because the pain was going away
Then after a couple of times I cried
The pain kept coming back
So I kept on slashing

As the time progresses people started to realize
That I'm cutter and nothing more
People started to ask me if I was ok or was I fine
And I would answer with lies like "Yes" and "I'm fine"
But every night I will keep going until I start to cry.

Then one day a girl got in my face
She said the meanest things I ever heard
The next thing I know I was up and out
In the bathroom crying my eyes out
It felt like I was crying for hours
I went in my bag then next thing…
I cut my wrist
It was a deep cut
Blood coming out fast
I just cover it back up and went back to class
I went in the hallway and stop
I looked at my last glimpse of light before I fell down
And then I was cover by a puddle of blood.