Author's Note: So it looks like this is my fourth story. Please feel free to correct me on anything. Tell me what I'm doing wrong, and how I should improve. Thank you for reading my enteries. Hope you enjoy :)

-Dream Starts-

"Rei!" Jack pulls her aside by her arm, pulling her close to him in a corner of the hallway. Pushing a few strands of her long brownish red beautiful hair behind her ear. Puzzled she looks up at him then blushes realizing how close they're faces were. "You've been avoiding me, why?" He asks looking her in her eyes.

Next to them was the stair chase, they hear the door open but they don't look. Jack signals Rei to keep quiet as they wait for the person to pass by But little do they realize its actually Jack's girlfriend, Akira spying on them. Akira leans on the door hiding, to listen to their conversation.

"I don't know why you're sneaking around for. And I'm not avoiding you. Why do you want to talk to me all of a sudden anyways. Ever since you started dating Akira our friendship died." Rei spoke normally, remembering how they always used to play fight and argue before he started dating. She looked away trying not to let him see the hurt in her eyes. He reaches up with his hand and touches her chin and slowly pulls her face to his. "I'm sorry," he says before kissing her.

She pulls back and pushes him into the wall at the same time. Now in view of the door, "Wha-" then looks at Akira who now has tears in her eyes. Akira turns around opens the door and runs down the stairs. "Akira!" Rei runs after her."

-Dream ends-

Rei sits up confused. "Shit that's like the 10th dream I had about Jack liking me." She puts her head in her hands. "Ahhh what am I going to do. This needs to stop!" Looking at the clock seeing its 7:40, she throws the blanket off of herself rushing to get ready for school. Taking a shower she has no time to brush her hair or straighten it, so she wore it curly for the day. Her hair curly alone came down to her waist. Rei brushed her teeth and put her uniform on.

She was 17 years old, cultural background was mixed, 5'2, 34 B cup breast, she was pretty normal.

Heading to her first period class which she shared with Hale (who was brown, taller than her by a lot, C cup breast younger then her by two months but still 17).

As class started they sat down. "God, I barely made it." Rei whispered to her friend. "I know you got here right when the bell rang." "Omg, Hale I had another dream about Jack and me. This is getting ridiculous!" Hale looks at her friend sizing her up, "Maybe you're secretly in love him." Rei took a moment to think about it, "No, I don't think so. He's always the one confessing to me. Or making the intimate move."

"GIRLS!" both Rei and Hale jumped and looked at the teacher, I am trying to teach class, talk about personal matters AFTER. They looked at each other then looked back at the teacher and said in unison "Yes, Miss."

Class continued and they got they're work done, Second period flew by quickly and now it was time for lunch. Hale and Rei met up at they're lockers got they're lunch and headed towards they're group of friends. They walked slowly, Rei whispered to Hale trying to look as normal as possible to her friends they were approaching, "I don't want to eat with them right now. Not after that dream, its just building up stress. What if I do something stupid?" "Don't worry about it, they seem to in they're world right now we can sit with the others."

"Hey guys," they both said smiling, everyone greeted them back and they sat down and ate lunch. Akira got up to throw out her garbage and looked back at Jack noticing he was staring at her. She kept her eyes down and leaned over to Hale whispering lowly, "Don't make it obvious but he keeps looking at me. Do you think I should avoid him, I mean its not like he would notice anything but just to give myself some time to think?" Hale looks around the group stops at Jack for a spit second then looks back around the group and puts her head down as Akira comes back and sits beside him. "Yes he was staring at you but that could be for a lot of reasons. And If I were you I would avoid him for a bit." The bell rings and everyone goes their own direction except for Akira and Jack, heading the same direction, and Hale and Rei. Rei walks Hale to class not caring if she was late and the two love birds do the same.

Wondering around in the hallway Rei starts thinking. I wonder how long I can keep this up? She stops and turns looking out the window, admiring the the scene before her. She then realizes someone is behind her in the reflection and that someone was Jack! She looks down as her heart starts beating faster, closing her eyes tightly contemplating what to do. Shit! Should I turn around and say hi, or just pretend like I never noticed him and walk way. What if he calls my name? Ahhhh brush it off and uhh… say I am late for class, that's right.She looks up blushing so hard that anyone can noticed the red on her coloured cheeks. She looks back at they're reflection and notices him studying her. Just walk away. She told herself.

She took a step to a side in away where it looked like he wasn't noticed. She made a run for class as she hard him say "HEYY!"

"YOU'RE LATE!" The teacher accused. "Sorry Sir!" "Take your seat, we're on chapter 4." She sits down and opens her text book. Unable to concentrate she sits there in a daze. Why was he staring at me? Was they're something on me? Ughhh! If I didn't have any of those dreams I wouldn't be freaking out!She puts her head on her desk looking out the window. After a while she starts daydreaming about Jacks looks. His brown eyes, tan skin. He was asian. Huggable, black hair (which he now wears gelled up since he cut it). He was funny, yet annoying, cute, nice lips. A few inches taller then her. Then there was Akira, skinny, model like tall (they're size conflicted), brown hair, barely any chest, but she was pretty, half Asian and half white. "REI!" a book slams down on her desk, she jumps up and looks at the teacher. "Yes!" "You come in late, and now you are daydreaming in my class? Please excuse yourself." She looks around looking at all the faces staring back at hers then looks back at her teacher "Yes, Sir. I'm Sorry, please excuse me." She grabs her stuff looking down and leaves.

With 20 minutes to kill until her next class, she heads outside into the field and lays down on the grass with the warmth of the sun on her. Feels so good! She smiles to herself. She then closes her eyes, listening to everything surrounding her. "Wahhhhh, I don't mind spending 20 mins of class like this everyday." She says to herself rolling over. She suddenly gets up felling the sudden shift in the air, someone was watching her. The wind blowing her hair to one side she looks around her, unable to see anyone she looks around in front of her squinting her eyes looking at the trees.

-Ba-Bump- Her heart skips a beat as she sees him. What is he doing here? Was he watching me this whole time? No there must be some explanation…maybe he was here before me just ask him. Her heart sank to the thought of approaching him. He sat there at the trees staring back at her. He got up and started walking towards her, she sat there frozen in fear. Then the bell to last period rang, she jumped up took her things and ran.

Jack stopped in his steps watched her run and turned back to get his things mumbling to himself. "Damn…"