SLAP! Rei's hand flew to her face. She couldn't believe it. Did Akira just slap me? Did this dumb B#$%H just slap me?! Rei looked at Akira in total shock. Everyone in the hallway had stop to look at them.

Akira with her hand still in the air, and Rei holding her face, slightly looking to the side. Rei removed her hand and saw blood on it. This bitch was wearing a ring! Jack got up and started walking towards them. "Akira, are you dumb? Do you have some sort of death wish?" Rei said grimly, glaring at Akira with a smirk on her face. Then Rei licked the blood off her fingers. Akira looked shocked at Rei's dark response and nasty impulse. "Raise your hand to me one more time. I fucking dare you." Rei waited for Akira to slap her, knowing that Akira didn't know what she was getting herself into. Akira shakily raising her hand to go for another slap. Just when she was about to slap Rei again, Jack stopped her hand and whispered in her ear angrily. "What do you think you're doing, Akira?" Releasing her hand he stepped in front of her to Rei, pulling her face close to look at her bleeding, swollen cheek. "We should get that cleaned up for you." Turning back to Akira he demanded, "Apologize to Rei!"

"But, but!" She stammered feeling shamed and shocked that Jack would be angry with her enough to yell. Akira looked down at the floor with tears in her eyes, "This isn't fair to me! It's not fair! I hate you Rei!" She said to Rei, pushing Jack out of the way and getting up in her face. Rei scoffed and looked away. Akira got pissed off and tackled Rei into the lockers, "Aghhh!"

Rei snapped…

Just as the cat fight was about to get worse, Jack pulled Akira off of Rei. "What the hell was that about?!" Jack yelled at Rei as if it was her fault... "Let go of me!" Akira screamed yanking herself free. Rei looked up at Jack slowly getting up. Akira started saying, "Jack she said some horrible things to me. I pulled her aside just to talk, and she started calling me all these horrible names too. and..and.." Akira mumbled crying into Jack's chest. "Are you seriously going to believe this psycho ass?" Rei looked at Jack. He never said anything. Just shook his head in disbelief. "Fine, you know what Akira…" Who was now grinning at her. "You don't want me near him, fine! You both can go fuck each and be happy!" Rei yelled and stormed off. Jack ran after her, "Rei, wait!"

Akira screamed in disbelieve. "JACK?!" Rei yelled after him, "Fuck off, leave me alone. Don't ever fucking talk to me AGAIN!" With that he stopped and watched her walk off.

(Jack's P.O.V)

"Rei, may I please talk to you privately for a second?" Akira asked Rei. The way she sounds… something doesn't feel good. Rei looked at him unsure. He simply shrugged and nodded. I mean, it can't be that bad right? Jack watched as Rei rose and walked away. When they stopped he could still see them for where he stood, just couldn't hear much of anything of what they were saying. He watched as Akira turned to say something and Rei looked stunned. I wonder what they are saying… Akira spat some words back at Rei and Rei looked confused. Then he noticed Akira crying. What's going on? He slowly rose to his feet. Before he knew it he saw Akira's hand fly up and slap Rei across the face. At this point, everyone in the hallway stopped to stare at them. He started walking towards the girls shocked. He watched as Rei said something and Akira rose her hand up again. Just before Akira could take another swing at Rei, Jack grabbed Akira's arm. Leaning over he whispers in Akira's ear with fury demanding what she was about to do. He released her hand and gently grabbed Rei's face to explain it. "We should get that cleaned up for you." Turning back to Akira he ordered her to apologize to Rei. He watched as she stammered then burst out in frustration screaming, "This isn't fair to me! It's not fair! I hate you Rei!"

He saw Akira tackle Rei into the lockers. Rei! At this point he ran up to them, pulling Akira off of her. He looked at Rei and yelled, "What the hell was that about!" Akira started explaining things and crying in his chest. Bull shit, don't lie to me. He looked at Rei for an answer as she slowly got up looking back at him. "Are you seriously going to believe her psycho ass?" Jack, still recovering from shock, shook his head in disbelief. Rei started screaming some things that took him a moment to understand. Wait noo… that's… what? He turned to chase after her. "Rei, wait!" He heard Akira behind him, screaming his name. Rei looked back at him and yelled, "Fuck off, leave me alone. Don't ever fucking talk to me AGAIN!" Jack stopped shocked. Was she crying…? She looked so hurt. What..? He turned back to Akira and grabbed her. "What did you say to her?!"

"You don't believe me?" Akira looked at him in disbelief. Jack gripped on her arms harder, shaking her "Stop fucking around and tell me what you said to her. Why the fuck did you hit her? What the fuck did you say to her? Don't lie to me this time!"

"Jack your hurting me!" Jack let go of Akira looking her square in the eyes, "You know what, you've been acting strange lately. And I don't like it. And since you want to act like a total b***h, and lie to me on top of that then fine. Do it! But when you decide to smarten up, then come talk to me." Akira looked at Jack on the verge of tears. "Jack what are you saying? Are you breaking up with me?"

"I'm saying, I need some time AWAY FROM YOU!" he said, walking off to go collect his back from the group.

As he reached collecting his stuff he looked at Hale, "Do you know where she would have gone?" Hale looked at him confused, "Uh, the field maybe."

(Rei's p.o.v)

Pacing back and forth, Rei was furious. "What the fuck? I mean how could he seriously be with someone like her?! IS HE SERIOUSLY THAT BLIND?!" She stopped in her tracks and looked up at the sky. Taking a deep breath Rei finally decided to calm down. Dropped down to her back, letting the sweet smelling green grass soften her fall. She looked up at the sky and started laughing.

"You know, laughing like that someone else who doesn't know you would automatically think you are crazy." Rei jumped up to the sound of the voice. "Jack?!" she said startled, as he walked over to her. "Rei loo-" She brushed past him as the bell rang. "I thought I told you to stay away from me? Anyways I'm late. Bye!" She left him there sighing.

Reaching class Rei sat down with the teacher looking at her in shock. "What happened to her face?"

"Nothing!" She screamed, then she got up quickly. Looking around for her stuff, "Oh.." she said to herself. "Miss I forgot my stuff in the locker may I get it?"

"Don't worry I got you covered." Hale walked in with both her bag and Rei's bag.

"Rei go wash your cheek and get some ice then come settle in for class." The teacher said eyeing both girls down. Hale sat down and Rei washed off her cheek got an icepack and at down beside her friend. Hale whispered to her friend, "So what happened?"

"This bitch accused me of secretly dating Jack!" Hale broke into laughter. "What the hell is wrong with her anyways. I swear Akira always hated the fact that you guys were close friends. I mean you two used to be the best of friends."

"I don't know. But she doesn't have to worry about a single thing anymore. I'm done with the both of them."

"We'll now she mad with a vengeance."

"Why, what do you mean?"

"Jack broke up with her on the spot."

"WHAT?!" Everyone in the classroom turned to look at the girls. Teacher glaring and all. "S-sorry." Rei apologized, looking away slightly embarrassed.

I hope he didn't break up with her because of me.