Love, What is it?

Is it a feeling or a bond?

A bond with that special person

That person you looked for all your life

That person that hold the other half of your heart

That person that makes your heart skips a beat every time you see them

That person that make you smile every time you meet his eyes

That person who name and face you can't get out your mind

That person you argue with just so he can talk to you

That person you can laugh with when nothing's funny

That person that you care for more than life itself

That person that you want in your life forever

That person that you don't want to disappear

That person is your lover

Love, What is it?

Is it pain or jealously

The jealously you feel when you find out that He is with another girl

The anger you have for the girl for taking Him

The pain you feel as your heart is breaking

The sadness as you feels tears run down your face

Your heart sink into your stomach and you can't breathe

You sit in your room crying as your love leave your fingertips

As months goes by you act like nothing happen

You still feel pain and jealously everyday

And at night you lay in your room crying

But you are happy as long as he's happy

Your friends ask you if you was ok

All you can say is yes and go on with your life

He only treats you as a sister now and nothing more

He still makes you smile

Of course He still makes you smile

But inside all you can feel is anger toward him

Love, What is it?

Is it true is it fake is it real or is it a lie

One day you and Bro was hanging out and Bro told you that he liked you

Then things got weird

You was just get over Bro for going out with the girl

Now Bro tell you this

Your head get full with questions and scenarios

You sit in your room talking to yourselves

You think of ways to break up Bro and the girl

But you know you couldn't do it

As long as Bro was happy you was, too

You lie in your bed and start thinking about the girl

You never met her

But you heard things about the girl that makes you not like her

Then you start thinking

Does the girl really love Bro?

Does the girl love Bro more than you?

Does the girl just want Bro for his body?

Or his money

You start questioning their relationship

One day Bro IM you

Ya'll start talking about things

Things that was weird but made you happy

Bro ask you what did you like about me

You say your smile and that you was hot

But you know there was more

Bro say I liked you because you was cute and funny

Now Bro really made you happy

You just want to tell the whole wide world

But you didn't and told your real bro

Your feelings for Bro grew more and now your heart ache

Because you know you can't have him

Love, What is it?

People who read this maybe know who Bro is

Some maybe not

But Love, What is it? You ask

It's how much I love Bro

How much Bro care for me

How much I spend with him

How much jokes Bro told me

How much time Bro spend with me

How many times we had talked

How much we are alike

And Bro…I love you

I love you more than life itself

I love you more than my own life

I love you more than anything in the world

And I can't live without you

I love you

And people that is what Love is.