Odoriferous- adj. yielding or diffusing an odor

There was something in the smells of autumn that made Jenna nostalgic.

Wood smoke from a neighbor's fire made her remember running around her backyard in the late afternoon sunlight, conversing with imaginary friends and singing made up songs. Even now, that memory came to mind before ones of later days.

The clean smell of fog made Jenna remember school mornings, when she'd dart from one end of the house to the other getting herself together for school as quickly as possible so she could eat breakfast with enough time to spare that she wouldn't miss the bus. Then running around with her friends before the bell rang and she had to listen to the teacher.

The smell of hot orange tea reminded her of curling up with a book, periodically staring out the window at the colorful foliage, letting scenes of swordfights and dragon flights run through her head. Autumn was when she could truly enjoy tea; she wasn't so cold that it was a necessity, but it was a nice touch.

Another odor made its way towards her as she sat on the back patio, staring up at the slowly balding tree. The smell of garlic bread enticed her to rejoin her family inside.

Jenna stood, shoving her hands in the pockets of her sweatshirt. Memories were terrific things, but sometimes you needed to live and make new ones.