Glace- n. Ice placed in a drink to cool it

After three months of summer with maybe two weeks total of days that had hit over ninety, it decided to wait until school had started up again to have a week of straight ninety to a hundred degree weather.

Life, Kayla decided, was a complete and utter bitch.

Looking to see if they had any ice in the freezer, she nearly broke into a victory dance when she found two complete trays. Dumping half of one into a large cup left over from a Giants game, she placed the trays back into the freezer with reverence before looking into the fridge for the drink part of her afternoon beverage (or as she was thinking at the moment, her savior). Lighting upon an unopened bottle of raspberry iced tea, Kayla removed it from its home among various take-out cartons she should probably take to the garbage. Or she would, if that didn't mean returning to the inferno.

Kayla poured the drink into the cup, downing the small portion that wouldn't fit. The cold tea was merciful on her throat. Tomorrow she was catching a ride with Jennifer- walking home in this heat was paramount to torture.

Carrying the cup into her room, she set it on her desk, using a folded tissue as a makeshift cup holder. Now she just had to turn on the air conditioner and she'd be set to start the mountain of homework she'd been assigned.

Yes, Life was a bitch, and junior year was going to personify that in every way possible.