Let me not forget to mention, by the way, that tommorrow has a habit of coming way sooner than I like. Grimacing I attempted homocide on the annoying ringing self-inflicted torture device that was spewing aggrivated noises in my general direction from the bedside table to the right of my bed.

Urgh...I don't want to go to work. Why do I do this? Maybe I should quit...Thats right, money. I need money so I can pay rent, so I can eat, so I can keep working and maybe, someday, make more money and pay higher rent and spend more on food to...Ah, I give up. I do it 'cause I do it. Its so much healhtier to just go through the motions, don't you think?

Having showered (yes, every morning and night, I like it and it keeps me sane, so no snide comments, s'il vous plaites!) and gotten myself dressed and, in my oppinion, mildly sexified, I stepped outside and into my pseudo-shnazzy car to head to work. Traffic was painful, and no matter how good the tunes were on the radio this morning I found myself in a slightly aggrivated mood by the time I made it to the office.

"Morning Ella," Marie, a 'friend' of mine, called out with a bright smile outlined in overdone red lipstick.

"Morning, Marie," I responded, "How does today look?"

She sighed for the effect as she responded to the small talk, "Busy as always, hon, I'm afraid that the boss seems to think that eternal rampaging is the key to pharmacutical success."

I flinched and grimaced in a similarly overdone way, "Suckage, but c'est la vie. Although, I must degress, 'la vie' has a far too common tendency of being a cocksucker."

At this Marie laughed with a malicious smile, "You have one thing right, my dear. But..." She leaned close to me and winked as she said her final line, " I wouldn't mind being a cocksucker myself as long as it was the bosses that I was sucking."

I opened my eyes wide and 'bad girl' slapped Marie, giving her a look that said 'oh come on, you know we aren't supposed to let anyone know that we're all thinking that!'. Naturally though, I was not. In fact I was rather perturbed by the fact that she does. But hey, its Marie, and sometimes I thought that really she'd be find sucking anythings cock. But hey, thats just me.

You know?

Nonetheless, I attempted to remove all the (somewhat) unfriendly thoughts out of my head and moved on to my cubicle where I sat down to see what annoying post-its had been left on my computer screen today. Pressing the On button on my computer moniter I removed the three yellow 'order' cards from the black plastic surrounding the screen in order to get a better look at what the business of the day was.

Job 1: Research the new over-the-counter drug being produced by CyntaX (a fellow pharmacutical company that my boss really had very little liking for and decided we should try to destroy-something about an ex-wife now dating a manager who was friends with an ex-friend and...well...whatever, the point was my boss is petty and has the drama level of a sophomore girl going through puberty and decided he felt like dragging our whole company into it this time).

Job 2: Write up a summary of the meeting happening in Miami from 8-10am today and send it to me (the boss) by lunch.

Job 3: Pick up my suit for my dinner with Mr. Farmer (a scientist working for U of M who we wanted working for us) tonight, it just got pressed.

Okay, nothing new...wait, what? What was I, a bloody secretary now. I grimaced and collapsed onto my desk with a whimper of utter exhaustion. Next to my head there was a thump as I saw a pettite pail hand placing a mug of coffee down next to my head.

"Already, huh?" I head April say, seeing thin form lean over me to read the message that had brought me to this state, "He really has no shame huh?"

Getting back up I nodded in agreement as she took her place at the desk across from mine. April continued, "You know, you figured if he needed a secretary he should just hire one."

"He has one." I stated bitterly.

"I meant an actual one, not a pitiful runt who needs money 'cause they flunked out of prep-school."

I sighed as I regained my composure, straightening up and taking a sip out of my coffee, enjoying the steam coming from the cup. I shrugged to April, after all, what could I say? I mean, I enjoyed April for her ability to say exactly what she thought without any shame, but, I just couldn't bring myself to do the same. April always told me when we went out drinking and, drunken over some wine or another, I spilled my guts to her, that if I didn't learn how to stand up for myself that habit would make people walk all over me. I just say that thats why I have her. She scoffs, glares, and, go figure, hopefully doesn't remember it in the morning. I was just happy that there was one person in my building who was not a complete and utter bitch or bastard.

I flexed my hands and focused on my work, looking at the clock. Shit, the meeting starting fifteen minutes ago. I quickly brought up the live feed online and got my pen ready for notes.

"You know that you can't let people do that to you Elly, it's not going to get you anywhere and its just going to end with a lot of drunk nights at home getting angry at your boss." April said as we walked down the street.

Shayna, cute readhead with gorgeous blue eyes and a petite but curvy body nodded in agreement, "Plus, it won't get you anywhere in your love-life either."

I looked at both of them in turn, "And just what does my personal sterness have to do with my love life."

At this Shayna looked at me with her large eyes, "Men don't want a woman who just gets pushed around, Ella Dear, you need to have some sense of strength, it gives you sex appeal, makes you better in bed."

I blinked at her. My god, how can a girl sound so sickly sweet with a london accent and look at me with those ocean eyes and yet be so...completely impure at the same time. I never understood this girl, or how she had this habit to think only about sex, but hey, at least she knew what she was good at.

After I said nothing for a second April pulled both of us forward, her long straight black hair moving back and forth with her, "Okay, okay, enough disturbing eachother with our difference in activity when it comes to the intimate side of things and onto happier subjects."

I glared.

Shayna giggled.

April turned to me and said bluntly. "What you need, Ella my friend, is a day of shopping and girliness to break you out of this depressing state your in and make you forget about life."

Shayna shook her head. "Not life, just work, LIFE is what is outside of work, not that Ella here would ever be aware of that."

"Look, I'd love to, but I really have to-" I said trying to think of some excuse, why did I befriend these sort of people again?

"Nope, no excuses, I'm with April, we could all use this." Shayna said, "Speaking of which, April dear, you need a bit more action yourself." At this I rolled my eyes.

April however, suprised me, "Don't we all." She said, at this I looked shocked, then, in some sort of accepting comrodary and for a reason I can't quite explain, we laughed.

Though I could not help but feel mildly embarrassed at the whimsical nature of the afternoon, there was something releiving about running around with my friends from store to store, singing old pop-songs from our middle school days, and laughing at how crazy we look as we did those spa-style things that they tell you are so wonderful for your skin and hair and nails are (not to mention spending a ridiculous amount of cash). In the end we collapsed at an italian restaraunt, and, feeling good about ourselves, ordered drinks and commented on the various waiters walking around. I added in the banter reluctantly, letting myself being led by April and Shayna in their charismatic rampages, reminding yet again of how Shayna seemed to be quite the 'ass girl' and how April really could be pretty damn picky. I couldn't really tell you if I thought any of them was hot, or could probably not recall any of their faces if you asked me to. But it was fun, and I wasn't thinking of work, and that was really all it was meant for.

Shayna, April and I wandered home to April's house around 1 am, with a bit more drink our blood than was probably healthy for a work night.

"You know what the biggest issue with our culture is?" Shayna rambled, falling over on me and looking very determined with her thin eyebros furrowed over her large almond eyes, "That all men fucking want from us is sex."

How ironic it is to hear her say that. But moving on I asked dutifully, "And why is that?"

"Well," She said, looking at me with a face that said this-is-so-the-most-important-thing-in-the-universe-so-you-better-be-fucking-listening, "We give men" *hiccup* "Everything they want" *trip*...*regains composure "And all they give back to us is sex."

A moment of silence and a few hiccups later she continued, "You see, its not that I have problem with the sex, I mean, some men do it kind of nice and its really wuite relaxing and so forth like I had this moment..."

She gathered her thoguhts. "But anyways," She waved her hand to dismiss her previous topic, "We give them more than that so why can't they give us more as well."

I nodded, looking rather respectedly at Shayna. I honestly had no idea she thought like that. I guess that even girls like her had their definate human needs. April through this whole thing had been quite. She had a tendency to get dazed with alcohol. Around then we hit Shayna's house.

"Bu-bye Elly, dear!" She said, joyfuly, swinging April in with her. We had decided not to risk drunken April with the walk home at this hour, while I lived nearby. As they closed the door I heard the general ruckus of them going inside, and then flagged down a cab. I didn't feel like walking.

I felt lighter, but at the same time rather heavy. Maybe it was the booze.